Congratulations SAMMA TV! You did it!




Dear Samma TV,


Thank you so much! I am so indebted by your sheer and genuine concern for morality in Pakistan. Thank you so much for bringing up the real issue into public eyes that is gays! Of course, these gay men are responsible for all evils prevailing in society such as beheadings, blasts, robberies, extortion, electricity and gas theft and load-shedding. So it was very necessary that you should bring this evil into limelight so that people see the real cause of our all evil are these gay men who live in oblivion.

Well, should I remind you of your myopic approach towards Homosexuality where you made an inhuman serial killer a religious hero who went a bit out of way to cleanse this society from the garbage that is unable to control the desires associated with flesh! Wow! I want to salute you! Have you ever wondered that the guy who killed three other guys is a monster? What’s worst that you made a patient of necrophilia a hero! Wow! I must laud your efforts for actually shifting the blame onto victims. Isn’t it what this society told you? Like we have our national leaders and Islamist barons demanding that if a raped woman cannot bring 4 male eye-witnesses she must keep her silence or die!

So should we die too? No we won’t! Even the genocide and extermination attempts from last 2000 years didn’t wipe us out from the face of earth so who is this Serial Killer? Well, obviously it was not a shock for you to discover a clandestine gay world thriving just under your nose. Everyone is aware of the presence of gay Pakistanis but no one knew how to reach them or to connect with them. So by flashing the images of Manjam on screens for whole 45 minutes you have made a new history where the characters of the screenplay were not paid actors, they were real life people! Worst, they were killed by a man whom you glorified!

I want to ask you that in this country where you cannot even openly profess your religious beliefs and where you can be killed for even mourning Prophet’s grandson, where hyenas are sniffing the smell of blood of Ahmadis and where you are not even safe in Schools, Hospitals and maximum security military bases then what should happen to these gay men? Do you understand what you have done? This wasn’t media’s first assault over gay Pakistanis. Several news channels have been tracking down gays and even televised fake raids over gay dens in Karachi. But you have topped in homophobia by bringing the real stuff.

I want to ask you, if you are straight, did your mother tell you to get attracted to women or you felt that way during your puberty? Have you ever thought that these gay men are professionals and highly qualified and are doing work for the betterment of this country. So who will be responsible if someone actually takes up arms for gay holocaust in this country? Oh yeah! You will be extremely happy, I am sure. You might be flashing breaking news tickers claiming that it was Samma TV that first told everyone how to reach gays in Pakistan.

So you even surpassed Maya Khan! The witch of Moral Policing Land! What should I say to you? So do you think that glorification of a serial killer and transforming him into a religious hero is right? Maybe someone would get up from Red Mosque in Islamabad and name some mosque after Ejaz like a mosque has been named as Mumtaz Qadri Mosque in this city. Maybe we get a new terror outfit named after Ejaz such as Ejaz Brigade or Jaish e Ejaz. Well, what do you care? You didn’t even care that victims of this homicide were someone’s sons not some demonic entities. You didn’t even care that the families that were already grieving for the loss of their precious sons would be devastated after knowing that they were gays. You don’t expect that they were out to their families. Oh what a shame! What a tragedy! Woe to those who don’t care about hearts of others. So the religion that you were mentioning again and again in program didn’t teach you that breaking one’s heart is even worst that tearing down Holy Kabba? So you didn’t know even Allah’s name is Sattar that is Keeper of Secrets or purdaposh and you went blasting someone’s personal life on satellite television to whole world.

What it had to do with you where they stuck their penises? It wasn’t your business. If you have to decide everything then where does God go? It is useless to talk about it but let me tell you that you are successful. Yes, people are hiding now! They don’t know how to escape the clutches. Clutches of whom? Do you know? Not that of Serial Killer but of media and new barrage of a brigades that might be ready to find a Launchpad for their attacks. More killings, more blood, more pain, more agony but more ratings and a Hell loads of breaking news! After all it was all business and nothing personal!

But let me tell you that even if you look into your own employees and those cute male faces that you flash on your screens (obviously for ratings), many are one of us! You should have been really genuine if you had started it from  the Army Major who was Ejaz’s first victim. Well, but Army is Almighty and Powerful like a god so you didn’t mention lest ISPR condemn you too for giving Army a bad name and you too become a Pariah like Geo TV! So let me tell you this straight on your face that being gay was not a choice, it is nature! Let me tell you that pedophilia and that Ejaz was sexually manipulated during his childhood has nothing to do with gays. Let me tell you straight that HIV and diseases HAVE NOT been started or are only transmitted by gays!

However, none of your business! You needed ratings and that people flip back to you for more sensitizing and incredible stories! May God judge you! We are not almighty like Army and connected like Geo and there is no one standing behind us! We have decided to speak out over this injustice and criminal glorification. Yes, you were wrong! Yes, you compromised life of all of us! We don’t know now who to trust. Not for just sex but also for emotional support! We will fear, at least for some time, that there is a serial killer or an undercover cop watching us! We will fear that now some corrupt Policeman will threat us and demand monetary or sexual favors from us in return of our security but you don’t care. After all it was only matter of business and gays are not humans! Well, in this country there are no human beings so that’s why they are killed every now and then like mosquitoes. So what? More killings, more sensitizing stories and more ratings!

May God be judge between us! My heartily condolences to the victim’s families!


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