Thy Exodus You-Know-Who

After many days, maybe a year, I saw you again… The encounter was not physical but virtual… By seeing you on Facebook ignited a spark in me. The spark of the same intensity! Remember? My passion for you? But this time, the spark was not a demiurge of love that blinded my wits, it was realization of fact that how worthless you were… World sees the face and eyes covered with D&G shades but no one has seen what is behind the veil of serenity. The ugly face that you posses is hidden behind a mask. What do you think? You can get away with all this? As God lives, you are paving the path of self-mortification. This doesn’t pain me at all! It, actually, delights me…

I hardly believe in Zodiac-Luck. But I do believe what has been written about my star by Astrologists. Yes, I have realized your worth. I know how worthless you are… I know how destroyed you are! I just know! Why I thought what I thought? You are a demon! Maybe demon is better than you! How long will you hide yourself? But who cares? Your future is evident like Sirius! It revealed to me what would be your future…

Worthless, worthless, worthless
So you shall be called

You ARE worthless… Unworthy of anything… Anything that couldn’t be measured! Love, knowledge, enlightenment,  poetry! Everything that is immeasurable has been taken away from you… Five years down in line, you shall be sad (as you described that if a person is not happy then he should be sad. There is nothing between delightedness and aloofness)… So be it! Aloofness, emptiness, despair and self-mortification… My blessings for you!


2 thoughts on “Thy Exodus You-Know-Who

  1. You-Know-Who says:

    It amazes me. It amazes me how someone can cook so much in his head, all the reasons, all the stories, and think so right about himself that he thinks whatever he thinks is true and it justifies cursing, abusing the other person for life! I wonder when you used to speak ill about every guy you had before me and how bad he was, I wonder now what it really was.
    Just think of the reason I come back to your blog to know of you the little much I can, even when I know there is nothing good about me here. And I think you shall know whether I was that of a worthless bitch to be cursed. I never had any ill feelings for you and never for any cooked up story in your head about me will I have any ill feelings for you. If cursed I am to be for life, I will be. You don’t need to do it, it will happen to me no matter what.
    Just maintain your grace please, because graceful is how I remember you (even after the night you blackmailed me to meet you outside my home, because no matter how horrific it was, I still try to understand the feeling that made you to do it) and I, for one, wouldn’t want anyone to think otherwise about you, not even myself.

  2. Enchant of Hope says:

    Well, thanks for visiting my blog but it doesn’t matter what you think about my posts. I believe in freedom of expression so I don’t disapprove your comments. However, we hardly had chance to exchange views as — as I said before — there was nothing tangible between us. All was what I was “cooking up” in my head and there was no reality in the exhibition of what-so-ever you have been exhibiting. So… it doesn’t matter to me… What do you think about me (or you think otherwise) or what other’s think. And, of course, what others think is none of my business. You know yourself how guilty you were and are so I cannot say anything. Your conscience is best judge.

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