Shisha Ban in Pakistan is AGAINST Tobacco Control Laws

Pious Sluts



From past many months, it has been regular practice of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Islamabad to raid the Shisha Cafes operating in the city. Several Shisha Cafes were raided. Smokers were apprehended and the Smoking Apparatus was confiscated along with Tobacco. Indeed, smoking is injurious to health and there is no doubt about it. The matter of concern for me and many like me is that why Shisha is considered as taboo and adult smokers are molested by the Police?




Section 5 of the Smoking Ordinance 2002 (LXXIV of 2002) states, “No person shall smoke or use tobacco in any other form in any place of public work and use. The Federal Government may, however, issue guidelines for permitting designated smoking areas in premises or places where adequate arrangements are made to protect the health of non-smokers.”




Similarly a notification (S.R.O. 653 (I)/2003) was…

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