Child Rapist Nabbed From Sialkot

Today a news caught my eye on the national page of Daily Dawn. The scribe jubilantly wrote about the recent breakthrough in the mounting kidnapping cases in Sialkot district. The scribe has revealed that Punjab Police has unearthed a “serial child rapist”. Preliminary investigations showed that he too was the victim of “Sodomy” during his childhood. Police has asked the court for the physical remand of the accused to dig deep into the facts. However, the family of the accused has denied all allegations leveled against him by the Punjab Police.

Though, it is just a news but it has open wide doors for us to envisage that what kind of image we possess in our society. Right from the beginning, the scribe kept clung to the point that he was a serial rapist who molested children to avenge what was done to him in his childhood. This is true that certain individuals who call themselves Pink have went through child abuse during their childhood and their childhood has been marred but it is not entirely admissible.

And what are the credentials of Punjab Police with respect to this case? It is not a secret that we all see what has been happening in our society. We come across several uncles who are throwing bate to fish young “twinks” to fulfill their lust appetite but the blame cannot be placed on their heads only. We have seen that even in our gay lot so many young lads (who are mostly deprived of the lavish lifestyles due to social constraints) are willingly joining the “escort business” to pocket enough cash for the new fashionable cloths and shoes.

These days word “escort” is so in in North. Very surprisingly, I came across a young boy aged 17 who is deeply inspired from the Hindi flick “Laga Chunri Pe Daag” and he is trying to imitate what Rani Mukherjee achieved as prostitute. This shows that what kind of impacts Hindi Films are producing on our society. Our young kids are getting inspiration from a Prostitute and making it an excuse to “earn” cash through escort business.

The story of the film itself was a complete disaster. To my wits: one can earn decent money to have adequate livelihood through the professions which are deemed to be healthy. Of course, I am not emphasizing on the Social Norms here but we all acknowledge that we have to live by certain social norms no matter what. The cliche  “Pious-Slut” explains it well. Of course, I don’t say that we are extremely pious: pray five times a day, wakeup for Tahajjud or something but we remain confined to the certain moral values that we deemed correct for ourselves.

To see that the glass is half filled we can also think that escorting is a lucrative business. That 17 years old boy was earning thrice as much as I make in a month. =P But still the idea of sleeping for money with someone gives me goosebumps.  But if you are desperate enough for the money then this new “escort” business is not a bad idea… At least it pays well… =)


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