About Us

Two People from different regions (obviously from north and south P.K.)
No we are not sleeping together; not even planning to. So hold your horses!

Why this blog was created? Frankly, it was just, well, was kind of fashionable to have a blog. However, certain issues that grab our attention but are not that expressible in front of public made us keep writing and raising our voices by the virtue of this blog… What you’re going to read here? About everything, I must say. Well, about Desi Political Scene, Taliban, Homosexuality, religion and everything that we would feel is worth discussing…

There is a room for improvement as well. Usually we believe in Freedom of Expression and democracy but we have a notion of cultural decency too… What I want to say is that you can comment anything on any post but with decency…  Typically, Closeted masters in expressing his views about different issues in a very light way so it’s his job to add posts dealing with the issues and to make you smile…

The name chosen for this blog “Pious-Sluts” has a little significance. We’re living in a closet. Sometimes in the closet of culture, sometimes religion… We’re pious and sluts on the same time… Just to expose the hypocrisy, you see… Let’s see how readers would come up with us!!!

so here you go, ‘About us’ section is done..


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. nirobartonaad says:

    Wow! I liked your write ups specially about the radicalisation of Pakistan in the name of the Holy Islam. Pakistanis have been taken out for a ride I presume. And they seem to be enjoying it very much. Your expressions regarding the hypocrisy of Tahreeq e Insaaf and JI and Hizbut Tahrir were simply great! Keep it up!

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