IMRAN KHAN EXPOSED: PTI’s Manifesto Exposed and Ripped I


A New Beginning

The PTI agenda of resurgence articulates the long neglected aspirations of our people and spells out the vision of a modern Islamic republic that advocates tolerance, moderation and freedom to practice the religion of one’s choice. We look to the future with hope and confidence as we set Pakistan on a course to political stability, social harmony, and economic prosperity for all.


Though he wrote what he wrote but we will see if he is just bragging or has some real plan! Following article will scrutinize the policy document of PTI and Imran Khan section by section and will determine that PTI and its agenda is just foolish like Imran Khan!


The PTI is not merely a political party; it is a broad based movement that

embraces the interests of all Pakistanis. A people whose cultural and ethnic diversities blend into common goals and aspirations for a just society based on a democratic culture and the rule of law.


With the start it means that it is also embracing the rights of Christian, Shia, Ahamadiya and Hindu Pakistanis. But, well, the line speaks clearly that PTI will put an embargo over the freedom of people by establishing a theocratic-cum-communist State where Nazi Party (read: PTI) will be the lord and others will have to embrace and accept it. Nazi Party of Germany and Hitler had the same agenda to unite the people of diverse Germany under the banner of Nazi Party. Only people who opposed that were Jews and Hitler conducted a grand genocide of Jewish Germans in order to ensure the Nazi hegemony based upon the concept of communism. PTI has given the same agenda. Well, though he said that he will cater to the needs of all people who are culturally diverse but let’s see how. This 31 page document must have clauses ensuring the equality of all Pakistanis and their right to be on the top-slots of this country. Let’s see how.


The PTI is determined to provide a credible new leadership that can restore Pakistan’s political and economic sovereignty through building a new bond of trust between the government and the people. Only through the active participation of the people can we collectively mobilize our human and material resources to forge ahead on the road to a confident and self-reliant nation.


Exactly! Mian Azhar, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Khursheed Kusuri and Ahmed Raza Kusuri are credible and new leadership! Yes, there has been lack of trust: Agreed but isn’t it the case that the Lotas of PTI they are emigrating into it en-mass were part of nearly all previous governments and on top slots? They also provided their input in putting Pakistan on the path of destruction. How suddenly they become new and credible leadership? Imran Khan and PTI Trolls have no answer!!!


 Our Ideology

Pakistanis crave dignity and self-respect. Any hope of recovery from the multifaceted crisis engulfing the nation remains illusory without reviving the self-esteem of the people and restoring their confidence in the political leadership. We can achieve this by following the Principles of “Unity, Faith and Discipline” as expounded by the Quaid-e-Azam.


This is pathetic! Well, people in Pakistan are not suffering from this fairytale dignity and self-respect crisis! They are suffering from Identity Crisis and lingering on to decide whether they are Muslim first, Sunni first, Pujabi or Sindhi or Pashtun or Balochi or Pothohari or Kashmiri first of Pakistani first! Without deciding this golden principle, it is a wild goose chase to see any reform. Imran, you are now contradicting yourself here. Quaid for sure laid down his golden principle of “Unity, Faith and Discipline” and he has explained his principle in his First Speech in the First Session of Constitutional Assembly of Pakistan that Pakistan would be the state where Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims not in religious sense but in the eyes of State. He has clearly divorced the religious interference in the affair of State. However, you spoke about Zia’s concept of Religion first and to make Pakistan a theocratic state. Interpretation of Unity, Faith and Discipline is that all Pakistanis should stop seeing them as Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Ahamdiya or Shia or Sunni but start thinking themselves as Pakistanis! Religion comes second and in personal capacity! It is none of my business or your business. Well, it is an ideology of Truly Secular State embracing the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. Well, what you did is that you introduced hotchpotch into this sacred principle! We will see how! So it is a lie on your behalf that your manifesto is ‘expounded’ by Quaid. You are not an inch close to Quaid’s vision!


PTI is committed to transparency in government and an across the board accountability. It believes in federalism and functional autonomy of the provinces, based on the spirit and fundamental principles of parliamentary democracy as envisaged in the 1973 Constitution.


The first principle is that transparency should be introduced in the budget spending on defense. Where is it in your manifesto? I didn’t read it anywhere! Not at all! Talking about autonomy, 1973 Constitution has failed to grant functional autonomy. Here you again stuck to Zia’s ideology and your ideology is borrowed from good-old IJI of 80s. If you really wanted to Follow Quaid, you would have mentioned explicitly that provincial autonomy will be granted to all provinces (functional or those that would be functional in the future) according to the Fourteen Points of Quaid-e-Azam. He said, “Form of future Constitution will be Federal with the residuary powers vested in all provinces.” Where is the mention of residuary powers to be vested in all provinces in this whole manifesto? And, by the bye, which Constitutional version of 1973 Constitution you are talking about? The one that was diluted by Zia to suit his Islamist interests?


Our strength lies in our people. Human development would thus remain our highest priority. Pakistan has rich and diverse cultures including those of the minorities. We must nurture and allow every opportunity for this diversity of culture and traditions to flourish.


Just few lines before this, you said that you will determine the future goals of Pakistan on Quaid’s principle of “unity, faith and discipline”. Now you are contradicting yourself that minority communities in Pakistan have separate culture. The reality is that Minorities have same culture as of the Muslims living in the geographical areas under the jurisdiction of Pakistan. The only difference is that they don’t practice Islam. I don’t see difference in the cultural of a Christian Punjabi or Hindu Punjabi or Ahamdiya Punjabi from Muslim Punjabi. So why you have to lie on face, Imran & PTI Trolls? If you really wanted to follow Quaid’s vision then you wouldn’t have EVER differentiated between minority community culture and majority community culture! Shame!

Every true and democratic government’s strength lies in her people. However, people doesn’t mean selected few of majority community of Lotas. I don’t trust you. There is sizeable number of people who abhor you for being a Taliban sympathizer and a flopped cricketer! So will you kill me? Yeah, I just remembered, you unleash PTI Trolls over me!


Our family values bind our society. Despite the grinding poverty and injustice that beset us today, it is the structure of the family that provides the net that keeps the social fabric intact. The present dismal state of women and children in terms of their access to health care, nutrition, and education cannot be ignored. Investment in women and children would ensure that the family structure remains intact and future generations are brought up in a healthy and secure environment.


Vanni, Child brides, marriage with Quran and forced marriages are also family values in certain parts of our country. You didn’t intend to say anything on this? Well, not to mention few of your hardcore Trolls believe in stoning the girls who marry with their choice! Well, yes agreed to the other points regarding healthcare and education.


Our Mission

Whilst establishing the rule of law and ensuring protection of human rights through an independent and honest judiciary, strive for the social development and economic prosperity of our citizens, especially the poor and underprivileged masses.


Well, to me it looks that you will develop some systems where most harassed and unprivileged minority of our country, Ahmadiya and Hindu, will be taken care of! Let’s see!


Our Goals

• Establish Pakistan as a truly independent and sovereign state that becomes a source of pride for our people.


Can you describe what does independence and sovereignty mean? To me a Sovereign is the ruling party of the country who should be elected from the grass-root level (not from the plush drawing rooms with sips of Dark Label brandy of Plush Farm houses of Chak Shahzad)… So you are saying that Pakistan is not the source of pride for our people? For me it is because I belong the a family who sacrificed everything for this country. On the contrary, you and your trolls belong to burger class of this country and you are getting hefty investment from agencies. Dah! It is not even a secret!


• Strengthen state institutions to promote democracy and complete political, economic and religious freedom for the people.


Well, yes. But which institutions? S Wing of ISI? And by the way, talking about religious freedom, well, your track record on this freedom is not good neither is of agencies. But this is just the beginning. We will see where you are taking us!


• Provide an accountable and efficient government that ensures the protection

of life and property of its citizens.


Does it include Army and ISI?


• Launch an Education Revolution to promote universal literacy and raise the standard of education in our schools, colleges and universities.


Yes! But how?


• Ensure the availability of adequate Healthcare services for all citizens.


Yes! But how?


• Highest priority to povery alleviation through policies aimed at creating more job opportunities and enabling ownership of assets to the poor.


Yes! But how? And how you will create jobs? Ownership of assets to poor? You are talking about some French Revolution or you are voluntarily giving away your enormous properties to poor farmers living in the area?


• A merit based system that provides equal opportunity for employment and upward social mobility for all, specially the working classes


This was copy and pasted from PPP’s manifesto of late Benazir! The question remains same. HOW?


• Create an environment which encourages the private sector to grow and create greater wealth and employment opportunities.


Is it a joke? So you are again embracing and resurrecting the policies of Shaukat Aziz who privatized huge State Giants such as PTCL? This was Musharraf’s agenda and copy pasted from there. Talking about wealth: you said few lines above that you will try to create a society where wealth will be in the hands of everyone not few selected ones. And here you are ensuring that wealth doesn’t go out from Chak Shahzad?


• End the VIP culture by setting an example in simple living and an austere lifestyle.


Any common man is able to meet you or Qureshi or Mian Azhar or Kusuri? Even your residence is guarded by guards displaying automatic weapons! And austere lifestyle includes high profile parties that you attend and private Jumbo jets that you use to travel from Multan to Karachi? Actions speak louder than words. Remember this golden principle: NEVER try to implement things on these people who you don’t approve for yourself and your children who are legal heirs of Goldsmiths through MS Jamaima Khan.


• Eliminate draconian laws that give unchecked power to Police and the

Agencies or which limit the rights of Citizens.


Can you explain which ones? Hudood and Blasphemy promulgated by Zia ul Haq? But you are talking about the laws ensuring security of people from Taliban, JuD, Sipah Shaba and HuT. So they are draconian but the laws such as Blasphemy and Hudood are not? That is not Insaaf! You are debunking the real draconian laws here! What is your take on Hudood and Blasphemy laws that have been condemned internationally? Why you didn’t mention them? You wanted to resurrect Quaid’s principle of Unity, Faith and Discipline, right?


• Eliminate draconian laws that give unchecked power to Police and the

Agencies or which limit the rights of Citizens.


Agreed! But HOW?


• Promote regional peace and strengthen our relationships with friendly countries.


I have a link of Tehran Times in which you declared America as enemy no. 1. PTI Trolls, I will mention that when you will ask for it while blasting in comments. Well, if you are talking about Saudi Arabia then this friendship and animosity with America are mutually exclusive. Name one country that is friends with Americans and enemy with Saudi Arabians? If you are talking about China, then, well, it is your just imagination that China will put herself at stake for Pakistani Ghairat! By the way, China has now new problems with the demise of Kim of North Korea and new emerging block of pro American and Western Countries in East of China. So this also goes null and void. Now two remaining are Iran and Russia. How will you face the wrath of Taliban and Sunni terrorists who call Shia Kafir while embracing Iran? And, of course, wrath of Saudi Arabia who wants a strong Israel in the region [Relax PTI Trolls. Read Wikileaks] for Wahabi hegemony in the region? Then Russia. Oh leave it. Russians still have all records of what Zia and his prodigal Children did with her!



The fundamentals for a free democratic society and democratic culture cannot flourish without strengthening the vital state institutions which are-the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary. In Pakistan the credibility of these institutions to deliver has been undermined by successive governments while corruption at the highest levels has made them a focus of public scorn and ridicule. The PTI would restore the credibility of vital state institutions and their moral authority to govern through a process of reform.


Can you please define what is Executive? Is COAS and Spy Master executive? You spoke about following the fundamental principles of 1973 Constitution but, alas, here we are reading what Musharraf did in his agenda and in the manifesto of Q-league. Well, so you are talking about resurrection of National Security Council of Mush? 1973 Constitution have very clearly stated the duties and limits of all three organs of state. Well, I remember you called in a program of Geo TV that Media is fourth state organ. AS you can read the writing on the wall that your hollow promises of the land of flowing milk and honey are just promises so you backtracked on this line! Oh Sad!


Constitutional Reforms

The 1973 constitution is a unique and historic document, because it was passed unanimously by the Parliament representing all political parties in the country.

The subsequent battering that it took has left it in tatters. There is a need to go back to the beginning and revive the Constitution in letter and spirit, by doing away with the amendments and laws which go against the basic structure and spirit of the federation and the vision of the Quaid-e- Azam.


Can you please explain from where this tattering started? It started in the dark era of Zia ul Haq. Come on, Khan! Have courage to call spade a spade. You haven’t given a single word over illegal amendments made by Zia in Constitution. They include insertion of edited Objective Resolution, Islamic Clauses and other things. Have courage. Though the Constitution was passed unanimously by the then assembly but there were reservations on it from Baloch nationalists. You haven’t spoken about them! Come on! Have courage to call spade a spade! Well, if this Constitution is really translating the vision of Quaid? This is a debatable Question. Quaid has vehemently stated that Pakistani Constitution will never be theocratic so, well, as we see that this Constitution even defines Muslim, restrict the top slots for Muslims and encourage religious extremism by declining the rights to Ahamdiya, Christian and Hindu Pakistanis. Quaid’s vision on Constitution was very clear. But Establishment of whose agent you are have killed everyone who wanted to achieve that. Want to know who? Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan. Not to mention that Mujeeb along with other elders of All India Muslim League were declared traitor and killed and we witnessed breakup of Pakistan not long ago. Actions speak louder than words! You have just took that para from the manifesto of Zia ul Haq.



By promoting a culture of tolerance and cooperation amongst the political parties, within and outside the assemblies, we shall strive for priority to legislation benefiting the common man and curtail the Presidential powers of promulgating ordinances that benefit only a few. 


First line of this paragraph is agenda of Zardari called politics of reconciliation. You are so against him and you are following his agenda? That is shame! It is just play of words on your part. Why shouldn’t we support PPP then if you have to follow the same policies? Talking about Presidential Ordinances, well, will you annul the ordinances issued by Zia ul Haq too? You haven’t given answer!


Judicial Reforms

Repeated interruptions in the democratic process have lot to do with the failure to strengthen the judiciary. The PTI proposes to take following measures to strengthen the judicial system:


True but see how realistic are your proposals!


• Set up a Judicial Commission to recommend and approve judicial appointments in the High Courts and the Supreme Court and to draw up a code of ethics for judges and to undertake their accountability;


Yes! Agreed! But what will be the composition of the Commission. Same has been said by PPP and PML (N) and Q League. The real issue is composition that you have not provided. Answer How not What!


Vacancies in the superior courts would be filled up and sufficient number of courts and judges provided at the lower levels for easy access to justice and to clear the backlog of cases pending in courts.


Yes agreed! But again the justice is obstructed by British Era Police order and other laws that you cherish. You haven’t given HOW you will achieve that. All you said are words. Not actions! Talk about actions!


• The parallel judicial systems such as special judges will be dispensed with;


Well, how laudable is your mockery of the common Pakistani mind! Parallel Judicial Systems are not special judges of Anti-Terrorist Courts! They are Jirga and Shariah Courts run by Taliban and Tribal lords. You are talking about doing away with Anti-Terrorism courts but not with outdated Jirgas and Shariah Courts of Taliban? What about the parallel Judicial System of Nizam-e-Adal in Swat and Qazi Courts? What about Federal Shariat Court having undefined jurisdiction and powers? They are parallel judicial systems! And to talk about the real issues you are using play of words??? You are acting like when you acted while delivering the speech on the occasion of 1992 World Cup! Play of words! We need to eliminate all parallel judicial systems such as Jirgas and Shariah Courts if we really want to deliver! Well, I just remembered, how can you utter such a blasphemy! You confessed in Salim Safi’s show that you are afraid of Taliban. This means that you are coward and you don’t deserve to become a leader! Well, this spike is blessing of agencies!


• The appointments to subordinate judiciary will be made only through Public

Service Commissions, which will be made autonomous.




• In order to attract the best lawyers to accept judicial appointments, emoluments of judges will be raised and appropriate facilities provided.


Move on, buddy! Please come up with something of your own! This is resurrection of Musharraf’s Treasury Bill that he promulgated after deposing CJ. Plus I am smelling that you are trying to put into Judiciary yours and Establishment’s blue-eyed-boys. Why? Because you have not given the composition of Judicial Commission that was the real issue!



• A Panchayat System, with specific rules and regulations, would be introduced at the local level to perform primarily as arbitration forums and as Small Causes Courts;

Now this is really cheating. So a Panchayat or Jirga or Qazi Courts are not parallel judicial systems? You were talking about elimination of parallel Judicial Systems before and now you want to enact another parallel and very harmful system of outdated Panchayats and Jirgas?


• The legal aid system for impoverished litigants with good causes will be strengthened;


Worst thing is that you have not explained the good causes here. Well, you are trying to legalize Agencies involvement in Judicial Systems by strengthening the so called impoverished litigant with money? Who will decide the good cause? You haven’t explained again!


• Additional court buildings and facilities will be provided where required and the existing facilities improved and modernized.




• Court procedures will be simplified and streamlined to avoid unnecessary expenditure and delays in settlement of cases.


Agreed but how?


• The legal education system will be reformed to raise standards and facilities for higher legal education.


Agreed but how? FYI, you PTI Trolls, Pakistani Constitution and Legal System including Pakistan Penal Code is very much similar with Indian Constitution and Indian Penal code as both are forms of Government of India Act 1935. But mentioning India is a sin, right? And you become RAW agent when you do so like you trolls are doing with Asma Jehangir!


Electoral Reforms

Elections in a democratic society are critical milestones to further strengthen the democratic process. They provide a sifting course through which the quality of leadership progressively improves. Without major reforms, there is little hope that more elections under the present institutional framework can ever propel an honest leadership that this country so desperately needs. To ensure free and fair elections with maximum turnout, the PTI proposes to institute the following electoral reforms:


Yeah! That’s why we are having PTI Tsunami with the help of agencies.


• Strengthen the Election Commission’s capacity to enforce electoral rules and regulations by ensuring complete administrative and financial autonomy. Appropriate administrative powers across the country shall be given to the chief election commissioner for the election period.


Agreed but now this means that the person of Chief Election Commission should be a neutral and untainted. This again calls for a free and fair criterion for the selection for Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan. You haven’t described what will be the criterion for this again!


• Provide for easy registration of voters instead of the current cumbersome process.


Agreed but How?


• Easy access to voters list for people to check their votes, by putting these online and displaying at convenient places.





• Ban appointment, transfers, and promotions of civil servants after the announcement of the election schedule without the permission of the Election Commission;


Agreed but again it calls for the transparency in Election Commission with special emphasis on the person of CEP. You haven’t explained how he will be selected.


• A person convicted of any genuine criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment would be barred from contesting elections even if an appeal is pending in any court of law;




• Those who have had loans written off and resorted to deliberate loan defaults would be barred from contesting elections.


Plus a special inquiry should be done on the funds of the party and their sponsors who are donating sums as large as 20 million Rupees in single go to party. If found that the Party sponsors are corrupt or from the people whose loans have been written off or they have been convicted in any criminal offense, even appeal is pending in the court, the party chief should be made ineligible to contest elections. If found that the donors are agencies, the party chief should be treated with high treason case!


Strengthening the Federation

Federalism by definition means a form of government in which the constitution distributes powers between center and provinces including the power to promulgate laws, collect and share revenues, and maintain law and order. True devolution of power can only start with giving due autonomy to the provinces as envisaged in the Constitution.


Agreed with the definition of Federation.


The PTI believes that citizens of the four federating units have equal rights to education, health care, economic growth opportunities, and justice. To date, the revenue sharing criteria for all finance awards was based purely on population. In a federation where the federating units differ widely in terms of per capita income, population density, administrative infrastructure, ability to raise taxes, and fiscal discipline, it is not fair to base the revenue sharing formula on population only.


The present resource distribution formula deprives the people of some regions and provinces of their self-sustenance needs and condemns them to perpetual poverty and poor quality of life. The bulk of provincial resources come from taxes collected and distributed by the federal government. Without equitable sharing of resources between provinces, the impact of devolving powers to the provinces and the districts would be of little consequence. The PTI intends to strengthen the federation by introducing following reforms;


Partially Agreed. FATA, PATA, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan should also be included and full provincial status should be given to GB. This is true that the formula of the distribution of resources is the main problem but it is not only the tax! Natural Resources of provinces are the problem in Balochistan. Let’s see if any of your reforms have anything to say about it.


• Provincial autonomy as envisaged in the constitution will be adhered to in letter and spirit.


It is not enough. Constitution envisages all the natural resources located in Provinces as the property of Federal Government. This gave rise to the Balochistan unrest where Baloch nationalists see the proprietor status of Federal Government over their resources as plunder of their natural wealth. Any truly Federal Constitution (such as that of USA or Canada or Brazil or India) envisages that the natural wealth located in the jurisdiction of a province is the property of province not Center. However, a reasonable percentage which should not be more than that share of the province should be levied over the natural resources of a province to make them useful for the other Federating Units of a True Federation.


• Allow greater administrative autonomy to the provinces in the appointment of key civil servants such as; Chief Secretaries, IGs etc.


Agreed and I believe it doesn’t ensure the autonomy again if you see from Baloch or any nationalist Point of View. This should be that no outsider will be made Chief Secretary or IG or would be appointed to any top slot of the province unless he has domicile of that province. True administrative autonomy can never be achieved with the Establishment and agencies’ choice servants in the restive provinces! And another important point is that Police of the province will comprise of the domicile holders of that province only. It will curtail the Police Brutalities to a bit. You haven’t spoken about real plan. Your plan is incarnation of Musharraf’s plan of Provincial autonomy! Come up with real thing. Don’t fool people.


• The outdated FATA administrative system will be done away with through appropriate amendments in the FCR based on the wishes of the people of FATA. .Powers in FATA shall be devolved to lower level in conformity with the system in the settled areas. .Party Act shall also be made applicable to FATA areas.


The real issue is that FATA Act or any special Act for FATA means that you are accepting that FATA is not part of Pakistan. Areas that are called FATA should not be Federally Administered. Instead they should be made a separate province and all outdated laws that empower maliks and tribal structure should be done away. British wanted a spring of mercenaries for their Army to control India so they came up with FCR Law and Sandeman Reforms. Now we are a sovereign nation we need people’s empowerment not Malik or Sardar’s empowerment to control people. Or it is that you want to nurture good Taliban to have strategic depth in neighboring Afghanistan and India as envisaged by Olaf Caroe and then our Agencies and Establishment! Well, party Act and Malik & Jirga System are two different things. So you want to control people by inducting maliks in your Lota-dominated party? Please talk about real democracy!


• The NFC shall have a permanent secretariat with sufficient financial resources to conduct independent economic and other surveys as may be required from time to time


If you would have really loved Pakistan then you shouldn’t be burdening State with another useless government department. It should be that Provinces should collect all taxes and pay Federation just 5% of their total revenue to meet Federation’s monetary requirements in addition to percentage (that I think shouldn’t exceed from 40%) on natural resources. We don’t need to burden our cash starved economy with another useless bureaucratic hitch!

Level of human development in each province would be an additional criteria for determining provincial share of the divisible pool;


How clever! You have proved once again that you are master of fooling people. If Human Development is to be made criteria than Punjab automatically gets the Lion’s Share! It is like 2+1+1 instead of 2+2. Both are the same. Please come up with real plan! Don’t fool the people!


• The Federal Share in the net proceeds of divisible pool taxes would be reduced in line with requirements determined through studies and surveys


Again if real autonomy according to Quaid’s Fourteen Points and other documents is to be given then the question of Federal Share will not even surface!


• The task of assessing royalties for provinces will be entrusted to an independent body;


So you are again adhering to Status-quo? Another body and another quo! Please get real. Talk about giving the economic autonomy to the provinces that is the real issue.


• Provincial finance commissions would be strengthened for fiscal discipline, resource mobilization, and resource distribution within each province


Status quo again! Get Real!


Local Government

The newly created local government institutions have been turned into a political tool in the hands of the government. The system perpetuated by giving total power to one individual; the District Nazim, who is not directly elected by the people, will be reviewed and replaced by a system that is equitable and is in accordance with the aspirations of the people.




PTI shall strive towards creating a set of local institutions in which people can repose their trust and confidence. Citizen’s and Community boards would be created to monitor the delivery of services. This will bring government closer to the people and make it more responsive and accountable. The PTI proposes the following specific reforms.


What? Citizens and Community Boards? Are you kidding? How these boards will be selected through another election? Or if they would be selected then who will select them? This is contrary to what you said that these bodies will be made free from the political interference. Well, good as it sounds but are you trying to resurrect Zia’s local government system in which he had Community Boards designed by Agencies? Get Real! Talk about democracy not feudo-cracy!


• Local government institutions will be accountable to the Provincial assemblies;


I think you were talking about making them free from political interference. This is not possible as Constitution grants every citizen of Pakistan to align him or herself with any Political Party of Pakistan. Like we have PTI Trolls aligned with you, Imran, and they attack and abuse everyone who isn’t with you. And you are contradicting your own words by saying  that you will make them accountable to Provincial Assemblies. Of course the legislators of Provincial Assemblies belong to Political Party (except for Lotas they change loyalties wherever they sniff power like you got many). So did you actually read the manifesto before writing it or just published it as it is received from GHQ?


• District Nazim will be elected from amongst the Town and union Nazims who are directly elected by the people;




• Responsibility and authority of each tier of the local government will be clearly defined;




• PFC’s in all the provinces will be required to allocate and provide the required funds directly to all the local governments instead of routing these through the district nazims


Then what is the function of a Nazim? Why do we need to burden our system with Nazims when they don’t have any function instead of convening meetings, eating pastries and attesting forms!


• Financial transparency will be ensured in awarding and implementation of projects.


Agreed but how?


Administrative Reforms

The reform of the bureaucracy is essential for efficient service delivery and implementation of socio-economic development agenda. Civil service reforms would be instituted to provide all necessary support to the civil servants to perform and live a life of dignity and respect. Necessary checks and balances would be put in place to hold them accountable for their acts as custodians of public trust. The PTI would introduce the following reforms in the civil service:


Agreed partially.


• Public Service Commissions (PSC’s) would be made fully autonomous administratively and financially. Political appointments in PSC’s will be discontinued. Such appointments will be made purely on merit and in a transparent manner.

Agreed on autonomy but what is financial autonomy? How PSC will generate funds? Through concerts and pop music?


• Appointments to the civil service at all levels would be made by the public service commissions. No exceptions will be allowed;




• System of examinations conducted by the public service commission shall be reviewed to ensure that equal opportunity was provided to all candidates from all parts of the country. The present system that tends to give preference to those who come through the educational systems that is largely available to the elites will be eliminated..


If you talk about giving real provincial autonomy to provinces then this might had some meaning. You didn’t talk about real autonomy. But agreed that reforms should be introduced. By the way, the present CSP examination system is designed in such a way that it judges the cramming ability of the applicant not the mental ability and people who are very good at cramming top CSP exam (or CSS whatever you want to call it). Your last statement is baseless without any grounds. Most CSPs are from government institutions whose agenda is cramming!


• PTI shall ensure that the Government undertakes appropriate career planning exercise for the civil servants in order to improve the fast deteriorating levels of governance at all levels and ensure that the bureaucracy delivers the required services to all sections of the society effectively and efficiently.


Which servants? Present ones or future ones? And the million dollar question is HOW?


• Introduce minimum tenures for senior civil servant posts such as federal

and provincial secretaries, chief secretaries, IG and DIGs etc;


Oh please! Come up with something of your own. It is Musharraf’s idea and BTW why don’t you have balls to take the name of the post of Chief Justice or you remember your loyalties? A Rejoinder: your dream team proposed the same to Mush in order to secure his government!


• Enhance access of information to the general public to the maximum extent feasible by reviewing and revising laws and regulations concerning confidentiality;


Does it include Army and agencies too?


• Give constitutional protection to public servants to perform their official functions and protect them against political interference;


And interference of agencies too! You forgot or Establishment didn’t let you write that?


• Re-train the bureaucracy to meet new challenges.


You haven’t explained about the operational cost here!


Police Reforms

The security of life and property of citizens is one of the primary responsibilities of the state. Without this fundamental protection, investment and economic growth is not possible. The police system in Pakistan has suffered due to political considerations over-riding merit and due process of law.


The PTI proposes to transform the police system, which is based on coercion to a service oriented police by instituting the following reforms:




• Set up a Permanent Public Safety Commissions at the Federal and

Provincial levels to reform the police system;


Ok and?


• Legislate to expunge or modify laws which give unfettered power to the police to arrest citizens.


Here your emphasis is on the laws dealing with terrorism. You haven’t spoken about the laws of Sodomy and others. But, well, agreed partially.


• Ensure recruitments on merit and develop a training system that orientates the police towards helping citizens.


Agreed but you haven’t spoken about the British Era Police Act. The act was designed to rule and suppress the people. In your whole Reform Part, you haven’t given a single reference to ensure the golden rule of police.









It summons all reforms that we require for our Police. You haven’t given any plan for the reforms to protect the citizens of this country. Instead your whole emphasis is over protection of Terrorists andTaliban. By the way, do you include agencies in this arresting business reforms too?


• Legislate to provide security of service to police officers and thus free them from political interference. At the same time set up a system of accountability to ensure that the police do not violate the law or the rights of citizens.


Agreed. But interference from Army and Agencies should also be curtailed. About accountability: agreed but HOW?


• Increase salaries and facilities commensurate with a decent standard of living.


Agreed and make minimum qualification to join Police’s lowest rank as Bachelors with promotions depending upon the internal system or examination system.


• Equip police with modern arms and communication facilities;




• Give greater importance to setting up of CPLCs, to increase interaction of the police and citizens;


The million dollar question is that this CPLC (Citizen Police Local Committee) will be selected or elected? If selected then what is the need of local bodies? And if elected then how you will ensure so many elections at the same time? This means that whole country will be in the state of elections throughout!


• Modernize and upgrade police stations to become user friendly centers for help to needy citizens;


Agreed but How?


• Improve the conditions in our Jails to make them function as Correction

Centers and eliminate the practice of police torture;


Agreed but how? What about torture of agencies?


• Rationalize and reform the intelligence gathering agencies to refocus on intelligence gathering against crime rather than chasing political opponents.


Agreed and they should be given under the Nazim of the local body in order to fight real crime and terrorism. A special Commission should be set up directly under the Parliament to review the progress of agencies. All agencies should be accountable for their actions. No agency should be allowed to maintain any political cell. If found that agencies are running political cells then those responsible should be tried under high treason and maximum capital  punishment allowed in Pakistan should be given to them.




Corruption and Accountability

Corruption is endemic in our society because it flows from the top. A major reason for this is the centralization of authority in the hands of the top administration officials. Discretionary funds at the disposal of top political officials are misused for political patronage and to oblige supporters. Lack of transparency in government and increasing defense and administrative expenditure create greater opportunity for corruption. The accountability mechanism is not only weak but is being used for political ends.


Yes agreed. Reform starts with home. Start with your Lotas such as Kasuri!


To reduce corruption and make the accountability process more credible, the PTI


• Revise the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) ordinance to make NAB a completely independent body. The head of the NAB would be a person of unquestioned integrity while other members would be from the higher judiciary, retired civil servants, eminent lawyers and citizens with unblemished records. The post of chairman NAB shall be provided constitutional protection.


How they will be selected? This is the question. And what change you are talking about? Every government said the same! Ahtisab Ordinance of Nawaz Sharif’s era had exact same words! Come up with solutions!


• NAB shall function under the administrative control of the JUDICIAL



Judicial Commission’s task was to select judges, right? Let’s agree for this for the sake of argument then still you have not said anything about the composition of this Commission and criterion of the selection? Give us plan don’t just hit and run!


• Strengthen the role of Public Accounts Committees in monitoring government financial transactions;


Including agencies and army. Why you always miss them?


• Discretionary funds at the disposal of high officials will be subjected to

proper audit by the PAC


Including Agencies that you missed or it was not written by agencies themselves as they wrote your manifesto like that of IJI of 80s and PML (F) of early 50s.


• Make the government contract awarding system transparent by making the concerned regulatory authorities autonomous, effective and efficient.




Reduce the role of government by revising rules and regulations and doing away with ineffective and unproductive government departments.


Including political wings in agencies and wings designed to protect terrorists.



Poverty prevails among the masses and there is little improvement in the social indicators. Universal primary education is an elusive dream. Access to basic health care remains poor with infant mortality rate one of the highest in the world.

The present population growth rate of 2.2 percent is still amongst the highest in the world. An estimated 8 million children suffer severe malnourishment. The government’s estimate that 63 percent of population has access to safe drinking water is unrealistic. Social sector development would thus receive the highest priority from PTI.


Ok and then?


Poverty Reduction

Independent estimates place poverty incidence in Pakistan at between 30 to 35 percent. Government claims about poverty reduction and that economic growth has trickled down to the poor is not credible. Economic growth does not always benefit the poor. If the growth in output is achieved through capital-intensification of the production process, employment growth is unlikely to match output growth. Further, if growth occurs in sectors that provide salaried as opposed to wage employment, the poor are not likely to benefit.


Ok agreed so?


Various microfinance schemes have been launched, but there is no evidence that microfinance has led to reduction of poverty. On the other hand, research has shown that ownership or access to assets is the single most powerful variable that reduces poverty and contributes to economic empowerment of the poor. Rural poverty incidence among families owning some land – even as low as one acre – is 17 percent, which rises to 32 percent for families that own no land. Similarly housing and employment are important poverty reduction variables in urban areas.



Ok we read that in textbooks what is your plan?


In terms of poverty reduction strategy, it is shown that in rural areas ownership of assets (land and/or cattle) reduces the chances of being poor by 55 percent. In urban areas, employment is shown to reduce the chances of being poor by 45 percent.


Ok what is your plan to reduce poverty?


Fiscal policy also plays a very important role. The current fiscal policy structure is unjust in the sense that the poor are subsidizing the rich by carrying a much larger responsibility of tax payments through indirect taxation. The tax structure shall be made more equitable.


This means that you will promulgate Tax on Agricultural Land as you yourself said that ownership of lands in rural areas reduces the chance of poverty by 55%?


Our poverty reduction strategy will focus on:

• Rural land reforms, such that the maximum numbers of rural households own a minimum-specified area of land.


This is very bad! You are embracing Jagirdar Culture. Where is the change? Minimum specified Area? What is that minimum amount? Will they pay tax on their possessed land or livestock?


• Urban land policy, such that state and military controlled land in urban areas is allocated for development of housing estates, with on average 3 marla/80 square yards plots.


And you exempted your Big Farm House along with the estates of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Mian Azhar, Khursheed Mahmood Kusuri and Javed Hashmi in rural reforms while exempting them from tax. But you confessed that people who own land in rural areas have 55% chance that they aren’t poor and, well, they aren’t in fact. Where is the change?


• The share of direct taxes in total tax revenues is raised through taxation of wealth and capital gains.


Chalo! You left the agricultural land and exempted it from tax! When you will not count agricultural land as wealth and capital then the only population that you will burden is already burdened salaried class of this country. I pay 100 times more tax on my 166 Sq yard house in Islamabad than your big rural 300 Kanal farmhouse in Bani Gala! Where is the change? If you were a real leader then you would have spoken about the taxation over the agricultural land but how can you? Your Lotas themselves are Jagirdars of this country. You cannot piss them off because you want to ‘prove’ to people that you can become Prime Minister of this country! Shame!


Education for All

The quality of public sector education at all levels has degenerated. Children from households in the top 20 percent in urban areas showed gross enrollment two and half times greater than children from the poorest 20 percent of rural households. Overall the gross enrollment rates for middle level (classes 6-8) have decreased. It is indeed shameful that only 16 percent of children aged 10-12 attend middle level schooling. There are approximately 175,000 Government schools in Pakistan that offer substandard education, inadequate teachers, facilities and materials. A cost effective model is needed to raise the level of education across this massive school network.


Ok first of all with the population of 8 crore, 175,000 Schools are less than enough and out of these 175000 that you mentioned, many have been destroyed by Taliban and some are Ghost Schools even in Punjab! Rest what you said is required, I agree to this. But let’s see what you have proposed.


Unregulated growth of private sector primary education has led to a system of educational apartheid. Quality education has become an exclusive preserve of the elite thus forcing the majority to perpetual ignorance and poverty. While the rich send their children to expensive English medium schools, the majority poor are forced to send their children to antiquated Urdu medium public schools or Madrassahs. As a result, despite the huge increase in population, the proportion of students attending government primary schools declined, particularly in the urban areas where the private sector now accounts for almost half of primary enrollments.


Ok agreed but it just came to my mind that where are your children, Imran, are studying or where Shah Mahmood’s children or Mian Azhar’s children have studied? By the way, isn’t it Khursheed Kusuri’s family who owns the chain of two School Systems that started elite school system in Pakistan (Beconhouse and City)… So will you hold Kasuri accountable for BHSS and City?


Quality of higher education has also deteriorated with exodus of qualified professionals and continues to decline in the professional capacity of faculty members. Applied research is almost non-existent. For a country of 160 million, there are only 85 universities with approved charters, of which only 8 in the public sector and 18 in the private sector, are degree awarding institutions.


Ok so?


The PTI is determined to launch a national education movement based on equity to achieve increased access and improved quality of education at all levels. PTI proposes to:

• Abolish educational apartheid by introducing a common core syllabus for all schools;


In Beaconhouse and City too? What is Kasuri’s say on this? Former is owned by his wife and later is owned by his sister.


Progressively increase state spending on education from less than 1.5% to five percent of the Gross Domestic Product;


Just 5%??? And you are spending 80% directly and indirectly on defense? 5% is not even peanuts! Where is the change?


Lay emphasis on teacher training by setting up standard facilities in all districts to ensure the availability of sufficient number of local teachers in each district


With 5%? Or it will be the bag of Amr the Clever of 2 Rupees wali stories?


• Launch a national literacy campaign by mobilizing all segments of society including, fresh graduates, unemployed youth and retired educationists to achieve 80 percent functional literacy;


With 5% of the budget? How you will pay the unemployed youth?


• Ensure access to primary education for all children by adding schools managed by local councils.


Right and who will hire teachers and how will you ensure that they are trained?


• Reduce the dropout rate at elementary level by offering incentives in the shape of free text books, nutrition support through mid-day meals, and stipends;


With just 5%??? Hello! 5% is nothing for your promises!


• Set up an elite education service by offering market salaries to government teachers at all levels to attract the best and make teaching the most sought after profession again


But you have allocated just 5% to Education and wrote “five” not 5 to fool people. How? How will you pay with just 5%?


• Make universities fully autonomous to be managed by boards comprising educationists, philanthropists, and eminent citizens and ensure academic freedom to faculty members;


How? It also places students’ rights at  risk as many teachers become personal with students and take revenge with grades. The suggestion is good but please share the plan of action too. How? And you are just giving 5% to education, just a reminder!


• Establish a public university in collaboration with the private sector in each district.




• Design and implement a scholarship scheme for top students from each board examination;




• Formulate a policy to encourage greater public-private partnership in expanding the network of educational institutions and in improving their standards;


Agreed but how?


• Create an autonomous monitoring authority to check and provide feedback on the quality of education at all levels;


And ensure the rights of the students. These days, universities have very unrealistic policies of attendance and leave management. Students are not given leaves when required and then they are barred from appearing in exams thus placing their future at stake.


Offer tax incentives to industry in general and agri-based industry in particular for investment in vocational and technical education in the rural areas.


Ok now that’s a good point. Agreed.


Healthy People – Healthy Nation

The PTI plans to revamp and upgrade the public health care system in Pakistan in line with its slogan “healthy people, healthy nation.” by putting in place following reforms:


That slogan is not even original!


• Progressively double state spending on health; establish a threshold for setting up of basic health units in order to extend the facility to the village level.


How much we are spending currently? According to World Bank we are spending $18 per year on both education and healthcare per person. If you divide them equally, then this means that it is $9 per year per person and that is equal to Rs 810 per person annually. You are saying that you will double it to Rs 1620 per person annually. Is it a joke? Where is the change! That is Rs 135 per month on each person! How lame! And congratulations for fooling people by using word ‘Double’. If we really want to improve healthcare in this country then we need to increase the healthcare budget at least 50 folds! Well, how can you change, Imran? Agencies won’t let you!


• Target to achieve100 per cent immunization of children against preventable diseases;


With Rs 135 per person per month? Yes! Kar he na lo!


• Policy emphasis on preventive healthcare particularly in communicable and infectious diseases, reproductive health care, pre and post-natal health care to drastically reduce infant mortality rate and under-five mortality rate;

• Ensure universal access to clean drinking water in all villages and urban slums by setting up water filtration plants;

• Improving sanitation through better sewerage and drainage schemes in urban areas

• Decentralization of healthcare services with greater management and monitoring role of local councils over basic healthcare centers particularly with facilities for mother and child care;

• Introduce tele-medicine in upgraded rural health centers and hospitals using Internet and telecommunications infrastructure;

• Revise the pricing policy for drugs including import duties and levies to ensure that essential drugs are available at affordable prices;

• Encourage private-public partnership under a policy which provides affordable healthcare services;

• Institutionalize the autonomy of Government hospitals

• Introduce low-cost health insurance schemes and concessional healthcare schemes for the elderly and poor

• Bring accountability of doctors, para-medical and non-medical staff in their professional duties at Government and private hospitals and healthcare centers by formulating a policy in consultation with their representative associations.


Actions speak louder than words! You are just promising Rs 135 per person how you wil achieve all this? You are not directing any real funds and just repeating mixture of PPP’s health policy with that of Ayub Khan with a pinch of modern touch!


Population Welfare


The continuing high population growth rate is a major national concern and strain

on national resources. Rapid population growth means greater development

needs and stress on the existing physical infrastructure.


Right! But your beloved Taliban have decreed that population growth is blessing of Allah so will you initiate another dialogue with them?


The PTI will launch a national campaign on population welfare and make it an

integral part of the national health policy. Greater access to quality education

would go a long way creating greater awareness on population related issues.

PTI will:

• Launch public awareness campaigns on population welfare and reinforce

Programmes to reduce the population growth rate from 2.2 percent to 1.6



How with Taliban? Another dialogue with Mullahs? Federal Shariat Court and many prominent Mullahs have declared this Family Planning as  sin and unislamic!


• Introduce integrated comprehensive population welfare Programmes to

improve the impact of existing projects by expanding coverage and

improved management;




• Introduce modern family planning methods that allow women increased

options on family planning services;


Right! What’s about Mullahs and Taliban of whom you are blue-eyed-boy!


To Be Continued… 



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