Two Sharifs Folly

Well, people in Pakistan are either fools or they pretend to be naive. Everyday I see different dramas done by two Sharifs and I get not only disappointed but also surprised that people are so foolish that they are not even able to do simple arithmetical calculations! Before I land into the details of the mockery of public done by two Sharifs, I will remind you all of what happened in 1998 when Elder Sharif blasted 5 nuclear bombs.

Rupee plunged to the lowest levels (and never actually recovered from the damage) and Sharifs laundered their money to Foreign Banks and froze accounts of Pakistanis having no connections with Government or Powerful Establishment or Politicians. People lost their millions! I remember PTV’s khabarnama and News Caster Khalid Hameed announcing the news of the sharp plunge in the value of Rupee against US Dollar.

The news went on like this: aaj rupiye ki qadar mai dollar k muqabalay mai kammi dykhi gai. Qadar kam honay ka matlub ye nahi hota k rupiya chhota ho gaya us ka size wohi rehta hai. Qadar kam honay se rupiye pe koi farq nahi parta ye waisa he rehta hai”. Meaning “Today devaluation of rupee against dollar is observed. Devaluation doesn’t mean that Rupee goes small. It’s size remains the same. Devaluation has no impact on Rupee. It remains the same.”

Can anyone see that? Pakistanis are fooled and jokes were told to them by Nawaz Sharif during khabarnama of PTV that was only channel of Pakistan back in 1998! Nawaz Sharif made a jest when Dollar reached the highest point and rupee was all time time low! Can anyone see??? This is not only folly and mockery of general public he and his brother make! We will talk about some very famous mockeries one by one. All cannot be written as a whole book is required to be written on this.

(a) Sasti Roti Fraud: Sasti Roti Scheme is the biggest fraud I ever saw or read about. It even surpassed Yellow Cab Scheme of Elder Sharif. The mockery of public that Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif made makes me teary and I feel disgusted on the limited wits of people to understand the dirty folly that Sharifs made! They jested with public and snatched their food and fooled around with them. Let’s see how did they fool around.

 Well, a normal roti (or common loaf) weighs 300 grams. A normal Pakistani man’s diet is 2 rotis every meal (that is 300 x 2 =600 grams per meal or 600 x 3 = 1800 grams per day)

Shahbaz Sharif’s Sasti Roti weighted 100 grams this means that a man who eats 2 rotis per meal (600 grams) needs to eat 6 of those Sasti Rotis and if he won’t eat 6 of them then he will be deprived of 400 grams from his meal and apetite. Let’s talk about the money. During that scheme normal roti costed about Rs 4 to 5. This means that two normal rotis will cost (5 x 2 = 10) and if one would eat till he gets satisfied then he needs to eat 6 of those Sasti Rotis that means 6 x 2 = 12 it is Rupees 12! He has to pay Rs 2 more to satisfy his appetite. These days a normal Roti costs Rs 6 even by today’s rate, people were paying as much they are paying today for Sasti Rotis. Two Sharifs just splattered Sasti Roti on public’s face!

The much touted Sasti Roti (cheap bread) scheme of the Punjab’s `Khadim-e-Aala’ (chief minister) has caused irregular expenditure of Rs1.06 billion from the national kitty, reveals an audit report of the Director- General of Audit, Punjab.

The Punjab Food Department has conducted financial irregularities of Rs514.914 billion in non-budgetary and other matters in FY2008-09 while it also did not settle paras of Rs60 million of the last financial year.

The observations are largely related to Chief Minister’s major schemes that include of Sasti Roti, irregular expenditures on budgetary and non-budgetary items, purchase of jute bags at higher rates and higher wheat transportation contracts to the favourite parties are some of major financial irregularities of the Food Department.

Coalition government of PPP and PML-N in Punjab had budget of Rs209.361 billion in 2008-2009 and its total expenditure for the whole financial year was Rs 215.032 bn.”

This should also be underscored that Sasti Roti Fraud’s main beneficiaries were PML(N)’s supporters and big flour barons involved in creation of artificial flour crisis in Pakistan. This should also be mentioned that Two Sharifs are also involved in smuggling the Pakistani wheat to international market and buying it back in higher prices. Sharifs stole from the flour and huge financial irregularities were seen but Chief Justice didn’t take any suo-motto action due to secret deal between Sharifs and CJ during lawyer movement.

(b) Daanish School System Fraud: Daanish School system according to PML (N) and stooges of Two Sharifs is a School system that envisages free education of A Class standard to the children of poor! How pathetic! Whole argument is lame and stupid in itself. Punjab Government and Chhota Sharif is involved in the sacrilegious murder of different schools of Punjab province. We will explain this folly a bit more but let’s talk about the fraud of Daanish School System first.

 The School system itself is a political move lacking the notion of general charity and humanity. Smaller Sharif doesn’t tell media and illiterate people about the cost of this bound-to-be-a-failure project. Let’s tell them now. Do we know that Smaller Sharif reduced the number of Schools in Punjab from 65000 to mere 40000 and among 40000 schools nearly 31% are operational and almost 20% are just on papers? Do we know what smaller Sharif did  to show the primary school enrolment in government schools equal to 90% +? No we don’t! Sharif merged the schools of one district and forcefully enrolled the students to one particular school. A field survey of the merged schools show that some schools that have been merged are more than 60 miles away from each other. So what students are going to do? Educationalist (loyal to Pakistan) fear that the School Drop Out rate will increase exponentially in Punjab because students will not travel distances as large as 60 miles! So who Smaller Sharif is fooling here? To show 100% enrolment in schools, he is closing down schools and creating Ghost Students! Shame!!! And still to understand this folly some of the stern supporters of Two Sharifs are counting this move as a great success? Didn’t we have enough Ghost Schools that now Smaller Sharif is creating ghost students too?

Well, does anyone know the massive cuts Smaller Sharif did in education budget of the province? Free Books that were distributed all over Punjab to every student of every constituency are just now limited to Daanish Schools of Smaller Sharif! So this means that only the stooges of the Two Sharifs will benefit from the free books! Rather to appoint new teachers and fill the empty slots, Smaller Sharif closed down schools and said that he has filled all the vacant slots of professional teachers in the province. Another factor is that Two Sharifs came up with this joke during the time when the demand of a separate Saraiki province is at it’s peak. Smaller Sharif selected the districts of Southern Punjab for the execution of this project to deter the supporters of Saraiki province. This is a matter of shame because any of us who has travelled to South Punjab is witness to the most pathetic living conditions despite that large revenue and agricultural products such as cotton are grown in South Punjab. Smaller Sharif jested with public again by twisting the figures and facts to show that Schools in Punjab are showing more than 90% enrolment and Daanish School System! Heavy funding is directed towards the Daanish School and funding of the government schools (some of them even lack basic facilities such as bathrooms and furniture) is reduced to an alarming level. We should know that Khadim-e-Aala didn’t cut his personal expenses and the expensive of his entourage of advisers and ministers. Education is being murdered in Punjab by Smaller Sharif and no one is paying any heeds. Just like Islamabad-Lahore Motorway that was built on the loan with sky-rocketing mark-up and the money of Qarz Utaro Mulk Snawaaro.

(c) Bringing back money to Pakistan Fraud: Another fraud that Two Sharifs did to grab the public attention was published on the last pages of daily newspapers.

 Shahbaz Sharif said that he bought back few crore rupees to Pakistan that he invested in London when he was exiled by Musharraf (in reality he escaped by doing a secret deal with ISI and Mush Government). It is a matter of shame. Does anyone know how much money Two Sharif owns? They just bough 2 crore PKR to Pakistan. What about massive investment in Saudi Arabia? Oil Refineries in UAE? Properties worth millions of USD in Dubai and Europe? What about money in foreign banks? Where is it? It is a jest that Two Sharifs made with the public. Both Sharifs own billions of US Dollars and have massive investment in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and in United Kingdom but what did they bring to Pakistan? Few crore rupees?  On one hand Sharifs are closing down schools in Punjab and creating ghost attendance in government schools and on other hand Elder Sharif didn’t even say that he is responsible for his own security. More than 88% of the resources of Lahore Police are utilized in protection of huge Sharif Family. More than 350 policemen are deployed in and around of Raiwind State only. This is other than Sharif Mansions in Model Town and some secret places. What about exemption of Raiwind State from taxation? Two Sharifs are not even able to pay proper taxes. I am paying more tax than Elder Sharif. What about it??? And we are mesmerised by the jest of Two Sharifs that they bought few crore rupees to Pakistan???

How long will you fool us? How long will you loot our country and make jests with the people’s sentiments? What is the difference between you and Taliban? Taliban are bombing schools and you are closing them down and handing them over to your stooges that are using precious school buildings as cowsheds! Shame on you!!!


2 thoughts on “Two Sharifs Folly

  1. The trend of their Political Career in three decades is enough to prove their dishonesty and insincerity towards a country that has given them a lot and made them what they are today. I wish people in Pakistan realize what our country actually needs. We need a LEADER, not another high class “CHOR DAAKU” who uses the people/public to get votes and then wave off into thin air.

    The time is ticking away, let’s not get too late!!!

  2. fahad says:

    How much did u got paid from establishment or other political parties???the sasti roti scheme was very successful and beneficial for a poor man and i am one of its eye witness,the figure u mention of weighing common roti is wrong!!! its weights for actually 200 grams…besides this they have opened small restaurants for poor people to eat as much as they can in just rs 10…AND hello!! the no.of schools and colleges made in their era in punjab and in rwp by sheikh rasheed are still the same although they were thrown out for 10 years and other political parties including army as usual took the government..!! AND we should not forget the past when Pakistan was at its peak of success when mian brothers made their government and just after their exile, Pakistan is going down sec after sec

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