Yes, you matter!

The struggle for importance is important. We all need importance and that’s why we seek people who might give us importance but the struggle for importance can take many turns. Like when we see our loved ones giving more importance to their friends or anyone else we feel the pangs of jealousy and no matter how calm we are, we somewhere in ourselves name it as debauchery and deception. But this is not deception always… Sometimes it is necessity and sometimes it is supposed to be like that. Then the battle of priorities is always been here in different forms. We all like importance and we want people to notice us. Some of us keep this urge restrained to the loved ones only while others becomes a laughing stock for people.

The battle of importance goes on everywhere: in friends, in offices, in houses and where not? I don’t know why? When it comes to be, I hardly place myself into any competition and I avoid pitching myself into some battle of priorities. But then last night I happened to hear a very strange thing from a friend of mine. He was very sweet as ever but he told me that one of our other friends is kind of carried away with our newly sprawling friendship. I was astonished because to me, that friend was a good friend and the other friend was kind of best friend. I have learned that if you keep these small things in your heart, they become a wound which will inflict pain always.

This is not the class of psychology but human emotions are so complex that they have lost the sense of complexity and we presume them to be simpler than what we actually consider simple or trivial… As a matter of fact, I ain’t going to keep any grudge for anyone because I know that somewhere in our mind (as much as we avoid it) there is a thing which is called the battle of priorities. We need to get out of this phase as soon as possible.

This battle is fought with attitudes, with hearts and with less strength. Of course, we know that we will not be able to leave those who are close to us but we decide to pitch ourselves in the battle of priorities… Now this is the time to inform all those who felt ignored that yes they matter to us! Yes, you matter!

Like international suit-up day (13th October: envisaged by How I met Your Mother’s writer) we should also observe international Yes, You Matter Day so that we could send flowers or cards to those who feel neglected by us in our daily life. I suggest that every 1st November should be “Yes, You Matter Day”… 🙂 Any suggestions?


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