The Eid Bonanza & Pastor Jone Terry’s Eid’s gift

Finally, the religious fever is over and people are back to the square zero. Dates are again back on the dartboards and MIRC GPK channels are again thriving. Yes, the Holy Month of Ramadan is over and we are back to our square zero. The thing that I don’t understand is that why do some of us abstain from their actual behavior during Ramadan? I am not talking about abstaining form the sins such as lies, theft, bitching, gossiping, manhandling elders, manhandling children etc etc but I am talking about being gay.

During the Holy Month, many people turn straight as they think that exhibiting their true nature would be an offence to God. How? They have no answer. Either they stay quiet or they choose to stick to the point that being queer is a sin and they refer to nothing but the oft-ill-quoted parable of Sodom and Lot. This madness was not enough! We witnessed a horrible act by a mad pastor Jones Terry who lives in a previously unknown small country town of Florida.

Pastor Terry decided to burn Quran on the anniversary of Sept 11 attacks on NYC World Trade Center. The real circumstances are still shrouded under mystery that how did these towers come down so systematically? They came down exactly in the way when an old building is blown up to clear the site for new construction. However, I am not landing into any controversy or anything that could give an edge to Taliban. In my views, they are worst than the animals. As the only difference between animals and humans is apathy and mercy for others which, obviously, Taliban lack.

Why did Pastor Terry with shady past and ill reputation chose to burn Quran and held the whole world hostage? We know the answer. It was just because he wanted to gain the cheap fame. And there you go: media gurus made him famous and now even us know about this Pastor who only leads congregation of  51 people. Out of whom many are skeptic of his activities inside the church and his dealing with the Church’s money.

The fancy trick played by Pastor did what he was intending to do. Meat-headed Muslims especially in Pakistan took streets and destroyed their own property. Even the country has been struck with the worst ever natural calamity, our people felt the incident as an excuse to loot their own people. And the role of our police is laudable! They did nothing as ever to control the barbarian crowd just like the way they didn’t do anything when the crowd was beating Hafiz Mugheez and his brother in Sialkot. However, you will always see the police in the places where there is no light or in public parks or near colleges where their only intention of presence is to extract some money from the innocent boys and girls who are dating each other. Our Police is an utter failure and most corrupt entity of our already declined system. Their motto is not the public interest. Their only motto is bribe! Police is present on the locations mentioned above not to protect public: it is there to get bribe if they lay their hands on someone.

However, Pastor Terry did see from his own closeted world-view (just like Taliban) the verses which (in his views) are inciting Taliban Zealots to conduct suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism but he didn’t see what was invoking him to burn someone’s religious doctrine whereas less than 10% of Muslims adhere to the extremist ideology. The incident became a blessing for Taliban and their allies in Pakistan. Pastor Terry should be congratulated that he added the fuel to the fire and gave another ample “proof” to Taliban and their extremist allies such as Jamat-e-Islami and Hizb-e-Tehrir about “How much west and Christians hate Muslims”. On the occasion of the Last Friday of Ramadan just a day before Eid ul Fitar, Hizb-e-Tehrir openly distributed the propaganda pamphlet outside ever mosque of Deobandi sect citing that Pastor Terry did that on purpose and showed the reality. Thus, Pastor Terry not only became the reason of more hatred but he also placed his fellow Christians in danger as well.

The funniest thing about these incidents is that whenever someone wants to hold Muslim world hostage and to do collateral damage to the infrastructure of any Muslim Country in Pakistan, he just draws a cartoon of Prophet or does something that could have incited Muslim sentiments. Muslims have become like asses and sheep. Their ability of thinking has been suppressed by the  Mullah who on every Friday brainwashes the masses and the illiterate masses take every world of Mullah as the Word of God. Taliban are the worst creatures even worst than the swine itself. They misquote Quran and show the image of Islam as a barbarian religion. So if Taliban are right about their interpretation of the Holy Book then Islam is a barbarian religion. Far it be from me to be a Talibani Muslim!


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