Terrorists in Islamabad under ISI Nose!

Well, it is not happening in some remote tribal area located in some remote mountain rage. It is happening just under the nose of ISI and Government of Pakistan. The episode speaks volumes about the inability of government to curtail growing extremism and militancy in the settled areas where Government of Pakistan enjoys full power and authority. From many days, I was noticing strange banners enacted on all the main roads of mainly Sector I-8, I-9 and I-10 in Islamabad. The banners read “Tauba ki Manadi” that means announcement for repentance. Well, I did ignore those banners like most of the people. During these days Hizb-e-Tehrir was distributing the pamphlets outside nearly every mosque of Islamabad and calling upon people to openly declare rebellion against government and armed forces and establish an outdated caliphate!

Fools don’t even know that Caliphate itself was not a honeymoon affair! Even the companions of Prophet were not agreed upon any of righteous caliphs. Usman was murdered. Omar was slain and there was a scuffle between Ammar bin Yasir and Abdullah bin Aamir when Usman was made Caliph. There were wars between Ali and Ayesha, Ali and Muawiya, Ali and those who refused to accept Musa Al-Ashari and Amr ibn Al-Aas as judges to decide the fate of Caliphate! There was war between Hassan ibn Ali and Muawiya and so on!!!

Anyway, coming back to story. Dawn News – that unlike Jung group of newspapers is pro-Pakistani – published a story on the metropolitan page few days ago. The story described the plight of an ailing mother over the loss of her son to extremism. As it said, the mother blamed a certain women whose name is Maimoona of running a Taliban Recruitment Centre with a pseudonym of Tehrik-e-Islami. These women go house to house and ask housewives and other women to attend their daily (or weekly) DARS (a religious lecture) and brainwash them to send their sons to the male off-shoot of their Tableeghi Jamaat (Preacher’s Party). The lady also blamed that the male relatives of the Nazima of TI are active members of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and are sending the teenage boys hailing from Islamabad to North Waziristan for the training of suicide bombings. The mother of Adnan, a BSC Engineering student of University of Engineering and Technology Chakwal, said that her son started to attend the male Dars of Tehrik-e-Islami that is organized by Abdul Rauf who is teacher at local School and also relative of Maimoona, Nazima of Tehrik-e-Islami.  His son along with 40 boys between  16 and 22 years of age were taken to special seh roza by Abdul Rauf. Then she received a call from her son Adnan who was crying bitterly on phone. He told his mother that he is in trouble but warned her not to discuss it with anyone as he fears her life. Then the phone was powered off and she never heard of her son Adnan again.

She didn’t loose the hope and went to Maimoona. Maimoona warned her of dire circumstances and told Adnan’s mother that her son had become a mujahid (A jihadi terrorist) and will not return without embracing martyrdom. She was desperate so she went to local Police Station called Police Station Sabzi Mandi but Police refused to register any case against Maimoona because of her influence. I am very convinced that Maimoona had strong links within Jamaat-e-Islami so Sabzi Mandi Police Station refused to register the case as Jamaat-e-Islami, Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba and other Islamists consider I-10 and I-9 as their strongholds. (I think because mainly lower middle class and uneducated people live there).  Well, then Adnan’s mother approached a serving Army General and told him her plight. Due to influence of the General, Sabzi Mandi police registered the case against Maimoona and arrested her. To my utter dismay (and as expected) local anti-terrorism court acquitted her on bail and main accused disappeared.

Adnan’s mother told journalist that she reached Abdul Rauf whose own son was killed in a drone attack in Miranshah and Abdul Rauf told her that Adnan is well and alive. Next day she received a phone call from an anonymous number informing her that Adnan’s letter is in her porch. She received a letter that she refused to acknowledge as Adnan’s because “it was not in the handwriting of Adnan”. Then after few days Abdul Rauf and other members of Tehrik-e-Islami threatened her of dire consequences if she wouldn’t let go Adnan. But as a mother they didn’t deter her love and courage. After few days she got another letter (this time computer printed) informing her that Adnan has died but she still hopes that Adnan is in North Waziristan.

This is very alarming that Tehrk-e-Islami is recruiting  teenagers from Islamabad’s I-10 and as Adnan’s mother accused almost 40 of them are under training. I myself saw banners enacted by Tehrik-e-Islami in Sector I-10 and I myself saw few members of Tehrik-e-Islami. At least 4 men came to me and asked me to come to their Daras that I refused and they looked into my eyes and said “looks like you don’t know much”… This is happening not in some tribal area but under the nose of Pakistani government and ISI. This is happening in the middle of Police Station Sabzi Mandi, Police Station Industrial Area, CPC I-10, CPC H-10, CPC I-11 and few Kilometers (1.5 KM exactly) away from Police Headquarters Islamabad. Now one can jolly well see the credibility of the agencies and police to curtail extremism and militancy orchestration in I-10.

I see a very surprising increase in the mosque attendees of one particular mosque in I-10/2 called Masjid-e-Salman-Farsi. The Imam of mosque was member of Sipah-e-Sahaba before. These days he has joined Jamaat-e-Islami. Everyday brainwashing sessions happen there and teenagers are recruited and then eventually sent to North Waziristan. Salman Farsi Mosque is becoming another Lal Masjid. Jamaat-e-Islami is involved with face-savers of Taliban and Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba is running a campaign of protecting the ground interests of Taliban. It is no surprise that in the main football ground, opposite to Salman Farsi Masjid near Rajpoot Market in I-10/2, it is written on the wall, “Namakharam Fauj Murdabaad”. This means “Death to Traitor Army!” and “Taliban Zindabaad” that means “Long Live Taliban”.

We are seeing that Couriers of Taliban are operating freely in I-10 and delivering the conversation of Taliban to people. It is no surprise to me now that after Lal Masjid operation our maid told us that there are relatives of Lal Masjid Mullah Ghazi’s wife in Gali no. 2 in I-10/2 and they were telling the stories of Lal Masjid as narrated by Umm-e-Hassan and some girls of seminary were staying with them. This is same Umm-e-Hassan who confessed that they have male and female suicide bombers in Lal Masjid. Another issue is that this cell of Taliban was a sleeping cell but now it is active and running recruitment and other operations of Taliban. This is also very important that since Lal Masjid Operation and Fall of Musharraf, street crimes such as mobile snatching and looting has increased vehemently in I-10/2 particularly. I am seeing clear indications of Taliban involvement.

This is, however, surprising that police is not taking any action against Tehrik-e-Islami. But, as scribe wrote in Dawn, police do believe that Tehrik-e-Islami is the public face of TTP and does recruit teenagers for Taliban and many of them have already been used in suicide bombings in and out of Islamabad. Police also believes that Adnan’s mother was member of Tehrik-e-Islami but after disappearance of Adnan, she left them . But this is not surprising that Police and intelligence agencies are either sleeping or protecting the VIPs of Islamabad. Rehman Malik is not taking any action against Tehrik-e-Islami and Hizb-e-Tehrir (both are Public Faces of Taliban). Courts are acquitting terrorists scot-free and anti-terrorism laws actually favours Taliban and terrorists because they were designed to punish RAW’s terrorists not Islamists’ Terrorists. This is because during 90s and 80s our Security Establishment and Taliban along with other extremists were having a passionate love-affair. And ISI and Army were raising private militias to protect “strategic interests”.

Time is running out! When shall we wake up? Or we would just sit in plush drawing-rooms with expensive Persian Carpets under our feet and discuss Pakistan like the recent episode of Gossip Girl!!!




7 thoughts on “Terrorists in Islamabad under ISI Nose!

  1. humble says:

    such a great analysis…. i wish people in pakistan could wake up from their slumber… and this reminds me of one more thing.. plz be safe….

  2. Y Khan says:

    I don’t know why Imran Khan and PTI are supporting the Taliban. Listen brother – I am from Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and my village is not too far from South Waziristan. I have seen first hand the devastation these taliban have caused in my province. I do not want the same devastation to come to Islamabad and other parts of Pakistan. Please raise your voice and stop this!

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