Stalkers, Get Yourself a LIFE!

This is an apropos to all those who put in quiet a lot of effort to track others… And then there should be some thrill in the life so if you are not doing anything then what is better than stalking? Stalkers are addicted! They are addicted to the dope of Stalking so they love to stalk at others… But we need to see that what can we do regarding stalkers? Oh please! Don’t shoot the messenger!

I remember a friend of mine’s blog regarding stalking. Well, it gave him shivers and he was so right – trust me – one can do many better things in life rather than stalking. Then all the Stalkers claim to be discreet. Discretion is not just that you don’t tell the name of person with whom you have been sleeping with whole year, it has more to do with the information of the person who is at your disposal. Discussing people you date and every single detail of what position you took in bed and how he spanked you makes you a pervert not sociable. If you are so much careful for your own name to not get public, be careful for the other person’s name too. Empathy, has you ever heard of this word?

Well, Stalkers act like sweet sixteen bimbos with nothing in mind and nothing to do in the world. They stalk at you for different purposes. The fun factor is the most stunning. Many Stalkers are lovely lovelorn who habitually stalk on their ex-boyfriends to keep a protecting eye on them. To those I would humbly request: MOVE ON! This is not the end of the world. By Stalking at your exes you are not doing anything that deserves a serious Life Time Achievement Award. Your exes have moved on long ago so there is no point to stick to them in any case.

Stalkers have many ways to attack. Their usual strategy is to use social networking sites. By creating fake profiles, you cannot deter others especially your exes. This rather shows that you are so idle and worthless that you need to take pseudo-covers  of models to talk to the people who are least interested in you. By creating a fake profile with the fake pictures of models or other people is very pathetic, trust me. This shows that you are not comfortable in your own skins.

So does stalking make you really socialite or desirable. It makes you a bitch… A bitch is not only defined as a whore who sleeps with everyone on whom he can lay hands but Stalkers are mega bitches. A normal bitch does sex and forgets about it while Stalker not only does sex but also follows the person and stalk him for no good. Stalkers, life is very small and there are a lot of people with whom you can sleep and do better things rather than stalking over others.

There are stalkers who come in the category of  Loyal to the Master than Master himself (shah se ziyada shah k wafadar). Yes, you got it right. They stalk for friends or for those friends who are committed. They stalk at their friend’s boyfriends to make sure that their friend’s boyfriends are not cheating on their friends. Friends – on the other hand – gives a damn to their freelance service. These kind of stalkers are usually jealous of their friends. They think them as competitors to their entity in this small g world. Of course, it is not unusual if two friends are sleeping with the same man. Sometimes, it becomes very hard to digest for some people that their friends are sleeping with better people than them so they end up stalking over their friend’s partners to create misconceptions between their friends and partners.

These kind of stalkers put a lot of effort to ascertain the credentials of others so that they could create misconceptions between their friends and their friend’s boyfriends. What do they get out of this? They just don’t want to think. Maybe they are not capable to look out from their own small and narrow world like the frog of the well whose everything is in the well.  So they cannot think that other people are free to do whatever they want. By stalking at them, you are just wasting your own time…

So all those stalkers out there! I wouldn’t advice you to stop stalking. I would recommend to keep on stalking and in the end when you end up with disgust then Get Yourself a LIFE!


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