Blogging for Cause: End Media Blackmailing–Marzi ka Darzi

Fashion Designer Shahzad who runs an outlet called Marzi ka Darzi in Phase IV Commercial Area, DHA, Lahore is, first of all, not an ordinary tailor. These ordinary tailors are basically labors and needy men & women who are charging Rs 300 to 400 for Men’s wear and Rs 400 t0 500 for ladies’ wear. This man, Shahzad, is a fashion designer who has been graduated from prestigious National College of Arts and runs a fashion outlet with his wife and charges Rs 25000 to 30000 for men’s wear and Rs 30000 to 40000 for ladies wear. This man has been heard on different private channels and other fashion mags and he works only for class. This means that he only fleeces elite class of this country.

A shop-brawl between the wife of the Adviser to Governor of Punjab and Mr Shahzad exposed another ugly face of our frenzy-creating media. Mr Shahzad has come to many news channels particularly Geo TV and and misguided people that Adviser to Governor Punjab is threatening him of dire consequences and police has registered a fake case against him. Well, I don’t know the family of Adviser to Governor in personal capacity but their dealing with people is good and just. It is a well-known fact. People who has been dealing with the family of Adviser to Governor say openly that they are very good to them and they always paid them well and on time.

A good analysis of the brawl between Shahzad and wife of Adviser to Governor Punjab can be deduced from many different stories that Shahzad has been propagating on different news channels. The reality is otherwise; Shahzad has not only stole several cloths of the family of the Adviser to Governor but also denied receiving payments from the family of Governor in advance. Mr Adviser paid Shahzad at least 35000 Rupees for the order he placed. Shahzad not only illegally confiscated the fabric but also denied receiving any payment. It is a sheer lie on Shahzad’s behalf. This is to mention that when Begum of Mr Adviser went to receive her order from Marzi ka Darzi, Shahzad and his wife not only denied giving her her order but also shamelessly confessed that the fabrics that she gave them for tailoring have been damaged with hot iron. The lady was obviously very pissed and asked them to refund her advance deposit along with the original price of the fabrics.

Shahzad said that it was not the policy of Marzi ka Darzi to refund advances neither MKD takes responsibility of loss or theft of the fabric. It made the lady really mad and she threatened Mr and Mrs Shahzad that she will go to police and register a case of fraud against them. She was taken lightly and Shahzad told her to leave the shop or else he will call the guards to “throw her out”. Obviously, the lady became instigated and she told them that her husband is Adviser to Governor and she will use his full influence if they dared touching her. On that Mr and Mrs Shahzad told her that if she dared registering case against them then they will respond with equal mud-slinging and will use their influence over media and will make them look dirty. They also told her plainly that her husband would lose his job in case they would go to Geo TV.

The desperate lady called her husband and he rushed to the scene and took her wife and went to the corresponding Police Station and registered the appropriate case against Mr and Mrs Shahzad. Rather to appear in court and defend himself, Shahzad went on TV that portrayed him as poor darzi who has been harassed by some high profile personality. The frenzy became so serious that Shahzad did personal attacks on the family of Adviser to Governor and told people all lie!

This is a matter of shame that our media has been blackmailing people and people like Shahzad are misusing their influence over media. Did any news channel ask Shahzad that how much tax did he pay in current fiscal year? No one did! There are few good men in politics and Mr Adviser is one of them. This mud-slinging and blackmailing should have sent shock waves across our judiciary and they should have taken suo-motto action on this but, alas, no one did! Geo TV and some other news channels enjoy dirt throwing on anyone who is associated with PPP or Zardari. Well, news about the massive irregularities by Two Sharifs never came on Geo or any other news channel as breaking news neither did the case of a serving Colonel of Pakistan Army who had beaten an award winning musician and his wife so savagely that their eyes were all sore, incited anything on any news channel.

It is Pakistani Media. They blackmail those who have clean hands. Why didn’t any news channel followed the events of the beating of an Award-winning Musician by a serving Colonel of Army? Because it doesn’t matter to them as long as the Colonel is serving and enjoys close ties with Core Commander and Two Sharifs but the case of poor Adviser has been portrayed so that the culprit became innocent and innocent became guilty! We stand in solidarity with you, Mr Adviser and people like Shahzad can, at least, not stir us! We call spade a spade not star! May Allah Almighty help you. Amen

I am adding some links so that readers could investigate if he is poor tailor or a fashion baron!


4 thoughts on “Blogging for Cause: End Media Blackmailing–Marzi ka Darzi

  1. KAT says:

    First of all Mr. Shahzad is not a fashion designer Please correct your self.
    Second he is not charging that kind of amount you wrote ( Rs 25000 to 30000 for men’s wear and Rs 30000 to 40000 for ladies wear) Com’n be a practical person who ever you are.
    Mr. Shahzad and his Mrs are not VALENTINO GARAVANI. or TOM FORD (world Famous Designer’s name for your knowledge) have you ever personally experienced them if not do it on this EID 🙂

    And why you are blaming media, if they are showing the right picture to the public, and you think they are black mailing people. Sorry poor & innocent People sitting in Governor House with clean hands. 🙂

    According to you it is just dirt throwing on PPP and Zardari. Why you are making this event as political one. A person having authorities, influence and backing of ruling Governor is still innocent WOW,

    GOOD Game Mr/Ms. Relitive .. …

  2. Enchant of Hope says:

    I am glad that Mr Shahzad came to defense but reality is reality and whole world knows how much does he charge and what did he do. Thief and fraud needs to be treated in the way that it becomes example for others. 🙂

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