I-Love-My-Straight-Friend & I am Straight!

Accept it, guys! We all go through this phase once during the course of our pink lives but most of the times, we overcome this I-Love-My-Straight-Friend (ILMSF) syndrome. Now though the concentration of those who kept on suffering from this ILMSF syndrome is not stratospheric but it is still alarming… This would be very unwise if we’d limit our likings and crushes-on-first-sight to pink people only. But why do some of us develop this kind of attraction to our otherwise harmless friends? We need to seek answer for this very punitive question…

One irony of this doggy-dog g world is that we have changed the meaning of many words… Because of their out-of-context usage, their connotations and thought has been changed as well… Many gay words have become gay. The meaning of many words have been adulterated by this ongoing phenomenon! The most disrespected and abused word in our orgy gay world is “Friend”. In our conversations (which are mostly unidirectional and the only destination that people seek during these kind of conversations is SEX), if you offer someone a friendship then this doesn’t mean at all that you are preparing yourself to stand by you friend in all warms and colds (and all the formalities and requirements of a good friendship) it simply means that you want to do sex with the person and want to stay in touch with him so that you could do it again (as many times as both of you like)… This simple word friend and it’s negative usage has contributed to this dilemma of ILMF!

If your friend (or classmate or neighbor) is sweet to you and he spends time with you then this doesn’t necessarily means that he is interested in doing sex with you. After all, you are not just made for sex and not every guy that looks at you or wants to spend his time with you is not a sex-o-pathic monster! Then sometimes, it is not all about our narcissism. I have been seeing people (and trying to soothe them) who have developed this ILMF syndrome just because their friend (who is not cute, not good-looking, not sexy & everything as we want to see in an ideal man) is sweet to them! WHY you have to think about someone who is sweet to you in that way? He might be sweet to you because he thinks you as a good human-being. There can be one million other reasons except for that he is gay and he is concealing this secret from you!

These kind of problems surface often in our lives but guys why don’t we just accept that every second person in this world is not gay? Why don’t we just forget about Floyd’s theory of bisexuality for a while and think ourselves as a normal human who is in this world to do something positive for the inhabitants of this planet? The bad jokes that people crack on us is because being queer has become synonymous with being cheap and sex-freak! People think that being queer means that you’d be doing sex with every other guy whom you come across.

Then we have another set of people. They usually come out to their friends and end up being lovelorn. Because these friends are straight so they end up doing brainwashing you.  They try convincing you that you are just paving a path towards Hell or that HS is mental illness etc.  This isn’t true! Homosexuality is not a mental illness. You are not going to hell just because you sleep with men! God is not so stupid to judge people on the basis of who sleeping with whom. There are other many terrible things such as theft, bribe, terrorism, hatred etc etc which are more viable for hell then this sleeping-with-men thing. So please stop thinking that.

This is very normal that you have developed crush. Even straight people develops crushes on their girl-friends (not girlfriends), teachers and so many other people who are unreachable. Crushes shouldn’t take the form of obsession. Once you start feeling obsess with this crush then this means that you need to give your attitude a special attention. Of course, your straight friends need to and should live straight lives. By luring them into sex doesn’t make you a good friend. It rather makes you a sex-freak who thinks of nothing but sex. Now you are not only guilty of marring your good friendship but you have also done a despicable act of pushing your friend in the pit of regret of defiling the sanctity of friendship.

This will make you worse than what you have been feeling before. The hatred of your friend would be much more fierce than his disapproval of you as something else. Now why shouldn’t you just accept that straight people are desperately straight as you are helplessly gay? This is the time to move on and let them go! Please.


One thought on “I-Love-My-Straight-Friend & I am Straight!

  1. Speak to u later :P says:

    well you speak from one point of view?

    what if you are NOT a sex freak gay…
    and the best straight friend u have, who doesnt know your gay(or maybe does), is actually curious…and keeps playing with your mind?
    The world’s gay….and striaght men are even more so scared of questioning their sexuality, but subconsciously they are drawn towards other male friends….
    im sure a straight friend finds other straight boys handsome and goodlooking, and may openly say it too…and some may not speak out loud.

    so how do u justify getting over some one when a guy is completely head on heels over you? yet claims he is straight, and doesnt want any sort of serious relationship….
    but still he is physical, admires you, spends nights over, texts, shares best memories etc? what is a gay man suppose to do about that?

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