Imran Khan EXPOSED: Where is the change?

Dear PTI Trolls,

May Peace be upon you!

By the way, you have given a very rosy picture of Khan. He is nothing of what you wrote above in the light of facts. Not even as cricketer. Waseem Bhai and Inzi are many times better cricketers than him. And you missed the whole point. Where is the change? Change doesn’t happen with Lotas. And you haven’t said a word about problems of Pakistan… THE REAL problems. Let me shed some light.


(1) Pakistan is facing electricity shortage whereas Pakistan has world’s largest rivers and huge energy potential both in renewable such as wind or solar and conventional such as coal. Thar has Trillions KG of coal reserves over the ground. And it is expected that there are more underneath if explored. BUT Pakistan is facing 8 hours power outages even in winters. Why? The answer is not that Zardari did it or Musharraf did it. The answer is that Provinces are not ready to share her resources with center due to differences over the sharing of resources with Federation. KPK and Sindh are against KBD. What is Imran Khan’s say on this real issue? Has he given any plan that how he will change? Where is the plan about the distribution of resources with Federation? PTI Trolls say that Imran Khan will make consensus over the construction of Big Dams such as Kalabagh Dam and Attock Gorge Project… Isn’t it what we have been hearing since 1960s? Where is the change? How will you create consensus? With Solomon’s Book of Wisdom?


(2) Pakistan is suffering from gas shortage whereas country has world’s largest untouched gas reserves in Balochistan, Sindh, KPK and parts of North Western Punjab. And due to royalty issue over natural gas, Baloch separatists have emerged. They have just one demand: Federation should stop exploiting their natural wealth. And what is Imran Khan’s say on this? Few weeks ago, PTI Trolls were calling Talal Bugti as a patriotic Pakistani and when he hushed Imran Khan away by calling him ‘agent’ of Establishment, PTI Trolls called him traitor! What is Imran Khan’s say on Balochistan issue? Issue is the same: distribution of resources and autonomy from Center. Imran Khan has nothing to say about this problem and he has no plan. We have been hearing from all previous governments that they would resolve the differences with Baloch nationalists but none has done anything practical. Imran Khan has nothing to say about how he will resolve the differences. So where is the change?


(3) Imran Khan talks about spending ‘more’ on Healthcare and education but on the same time he also shouts much about doubling the current defense budget. Question is how will you divert the Healthcare and Education budget while keeping the current defense budget intact? Pakistan’s largest chunk of budget goes to defense. Again he has not presented any real plan that how he will divert the funding towards these critically important sectors while keeping the current spending intact? So where is the change as we have heard these hollow promises from all previous leaders too?


(4) Imran Khan’s foreign policy is an ’embryo already dead’. He is riding the wave of Anti-Americanism but my question is that how he will run the country without foreign aid? America is not alone and isolated in the world. Whole Europe (save 2, 3 countries of Eastern Europe) are with her. Animosity with America means Animosity with whole Europe and American friends including Saudi Arabia. We have seen how Saudi Arabia left Husn-e-Mubrak or Zaini Ali when Uncle Sam turned against them. So how can we afford animosity with USA when our country is being run on aid with no real GDP of her own??? Animosity with America means stoppage of all direct and indirect aid from all the countries of world. Even Chinese economy is based on American economy so China will never go out of way to defend us from America if it is on the cost of her economy. What is Imran Khan’s say on this? Reports circulated in papers that Imran Khan and PTI met with Ambassador Munter and told him that Imran and PTI are ready to work with Americans. Well, is it change then? We have heard the same from all governments since 1954 but no one actually did anything. So where is the change?


(5) Imran Khan says that he will tax the rich. But we know that most of the rich are big rural land owners (including Khan) and Ulema have already ruled out imposition of Tax or Zakat on Agricultural land and landmark judgment of the Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Qazalbash Waqf case (Qazalbash Waqf v. Chief Land Commissioner, Punjab and others – reported as PLD 1990 SC 99) on August 10, 1989 (made effective from March 23, 1990). The judgment was split 3-2 in favor of declaring the various questions rose on land reforms as un-Islamic. The composition of the Shariat Appellate Bench is such that it has five judges, three from amongst the Judges of the Supreme Court and two ulema judges from the Federal Shariat Court. The ulema judges on the bench were Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani and Pir Karam Shah (Mufti Muhammad Karam Shah). The two ulema judges were of the opinion that the said reforms were un-Islamic.  So Imran Khan will lock horns with Islamists who deem Tax on agricultural land as against Islam along with land reforms? Well, Imran Khan is blue-eyed-boy of Islamists and Taliban these days so how he will implement the land reforms that are pending since 1949? The reason: Islamists are against any land reforms so will he tax already burdened salaried class of this country that are already buried under huge tax? Where is change? All previous governments did the same! PTI Trolls said that Imran Khan will divert maximum work force towards agriculture. How? Well, when the land will be possessed by big Zameendaars then how will you divert maximum workforce towards it? Will you support Mazara culture? So where is the change?


(6) Imran Khan’s policy about FATA is flawed. PTI Trolls talk that he says “Even British didn’t succeed in occupying FATA”. The only book that all PTI Trolls quote is ‘The Pathans’ by Olaf Caroe. Whereas when you read the book, reality is otherwise. British Crown needed a spring of mercenaries that she achieved by keeping Tribal Areas of North West Hindustan illiterate and away from civilization. Imran Khan talks about reintroducing infamous FCR ordinance of British Raj over FATA and Sandeman’s Reforms in Balochistan. Where is the change? Why don’t we realize that FCR or Sandeman’s reforms were designed to benefit a foreign invader who occupied and ruled Hindustan without any right! Imran Khan has not given any plan that how he will cull the militancy and Jihadi export from Tribal Areas with FCR! Well, change is that we should implement educational reforms in FATA and Balochistan and give Balochistan their rightful share of royalties. But what Imran Khan has said over this issue? Nothing! So where is the change?


(7) Imran Khan, in the beginning, promised that he will bring new faces in politics. But, sadly, his team is all old. Well, its 90% of the team of Musharraf (who he hates so much). Musharraf didn’t make his policies alone. It was his team that gave the input and Pakistan started to pave the path on which we currently are. So where is the change? For example look at Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri. He was FM of Pakistan during the time of Musharraf and he made critical decisions regarding foreign policy including giving permissions to Americans to use Pakistani bases and all the deals of War against Terrorism. If he was such patriotic and ‘clean’ then why he remained with Musharraf since his last days? Same is the case with Mian Azhar and other politicians. Some are leftover of Zia’s bash with CIA during CIA-sponsored Afghan Jihad of 80s and some are leftover of the legacy of Zia’s prodigal children and Musharraf so where is the change???


(8) Imran Khan’s career as Captain is also not clean. It has been tainted by match fixing and other personal affairs of him that are not worthy to be discussed so it is foolish to see him as clean. Yes, he has not been tried. But again is our country a game that here we try new faces with old team and such kind of stuff? It is looking like 1971 and what’s Imran say on this? Nothing!


(9) Imran confessed today on a program of Salim Safi on Geo News that he accepted donations as large as 2 million from ‘Donors’. Who are these donors? Aren’t they the same as those of IJI of late 80s? So where is the change? Imran Khan has not come clean over his enormous properties and plots especially the one that he accepted as ‘gift’ from Sharifs during 80s. So where is the change? Isn’t it same status-quo? Why our eyes are closed?


(10) Imran Khan is afraid of Taliban. He confessed it on Jirga by Salim Safi on Geo News today. So if a person is afraid of our real enemies who have killed scores of innocent Pakistanis then where is the change? Sadly our country is blinded by the conspiracy theories where Pakistan is Damsel in Distress and whole world is wolf! Reality is otherwise! He is supporting Taliban and Taliban deem everyone who is against their vision of Islam as ‘kafir’. It is not even a secret! They have taken responsibility of many atrocious acts of terrorism against Pakistanis. Our previous governments were also nurturing Taliban during good old days for strategic depth inside our neighbor’s territories and Imran Khan promises to do the same. So where is the change?


I want to know!


10 thoughts on “Imran Khan EXPOSED: Where is the change?

  1. HnA says:

    you are talking as if he has come in power and end up ruining this country more. your biased opinion shocks me. yes our country is no team that can be played with, thats why we voted for zardari didnt we? because we knew he was all so fair and honest? grow up! the brief summary of above is that he hasnt given a proper road map. i find this less of a crime than corruption. even if he took a ‘gift’ from nawaz sharif, which i dnt believe, it was for his hospital which is noble cause. i see a hospital where poor are treated, i see a university where poor are given international education. i see a world cup, a thing to be proud of. i dont see corruption, i dnt see money laundering. i dnt see a murderer. you wanna know whtats the change? why dnt you just wait n let him come in the power n till then keep your opinion to yourself. blame him when he comes in the power and end up failing. oh and im no PTI worker, im a citizen of this country who can finally see a ray of hope.

  2. RK says:

    Writer came up with logical questions and this PTI Troll is doing nothing but repeating the rhetoric and not giving the answer. It is usual behavior of PTI Trolls.


    Murdabad Imran Khan
    Murdabad PTI

  3. HnA says:

    murdabad? seriously? parhe likhe jaahil log. its an old saying ‘jaisi kom, waise hukmaran’. such thinking, zardari is good for us then.

    • RK says:

      Yeah, “Jaisi Qom, Waisay Hukamran” that’s why your Taliban Khan has hordes of Lotas and PTI trolls are blind without eye-sight to see ex Mushi Team of dirty Lotas. Inqilaab don’t come with Lotas…. You need courage for them; no lotas!

      Yes, Murdabaad Imran Khan
      Death to PTI & PTI Trolls
      Daykho Daykho Kon Aaya
      LOTO ka FIRON Aaya!

      • HnA says:

        i’d rather talk to someone who has valid points than cheapness. so who are you gonna vote for this time? oh i forgot, you dont vote do you? you just sit infront of the tv and complain about others ruining YOUR country but too lazy to do something about it yourself so dont talk about courage.and instead of getting into a pathetic debate with me go do something worthy. MY vote is for imran khan and no matter how many such articles are posted, and how many illetrate ppl say crap about him, its gonna stay this way.

        • RK says:

          Why are you blasting with loud bang, PTI Trolls? LOL if you are so gaga over the article then you shouldn’t be posting and how you are going argue as you don’t have any points just stupid lame arguments and you have run short of them too so now you are rolling on your back in agony and eating dust and licking the shit of Lotas like Imran Khan! LOL And, well, I love my country so I will vote and side with those who are talking about real issues and have real game plan unlike Sita White’s rapist Imran Khan! And, of course, you can vote for Madari and then cry over the demise of Pakistan as history will be the best witness! Don’t bang with loud blast, troll! Have some logic and reason rather than personal attacks! If you don’t have them then keep licking the shit! LOLX




          • HnA says:

            did you know that all the people who have recently joined PTI were all members of tehrekk e istaklal? in case you dnt know what it is, google it. including javed hashmi.. and for your extra information nawaz sharif was in tehreek e istaklal too but its leader never got the chance to come up because of too many corrupt politcians ruling. hence the party got dispersed. and there is no difference in what PTI says and what tehreek e istaklal used to say. hows that for inofrmation? im a phd qualified person, i can beat you in arguments i just dont talk to people who cant see beyond there own nose. ive been voting for pml n all my life but i have the brain and common sense to see whats going on and i dont attack any party in any article, GOD knows i have the material. this is not democracy, this is pure baghairat pan. so kindly dont show me your true colours.

            • Dr. Kazim Khan says:

              If you would be really a sane and genuine person you wouldn’t be bragging about your PhD. I wrote this just to inform you and to spill the beans of the fake idea that all literate people are supporting this fake Khan that I am PhD in neuroscience and I have also done my other PhD in Human Psychological behavior and sensory responses from Brain. Useless to recall what I have done or not. The crux is that the person whom you are calling change is in league with all those used people.

              His slogan was that he would bring change with new faces, whereas, he has not provided even a single new face. The pioneers that joined PTI in the beginning have left him. Many of those who wanted to speak out about the links of Taliban with Imran and Imran’s freehand to terrorists and sympathizers in PTI were threatened.

              Foolish people such as yourself can argue till the end of the times and I am so sure that after the disaster of Imran, you are going to worship him again as cult! Just like Bhutto cult, Zia cult and many other cults…. Unfortunately this problem has become a national behavior that we blame others for our problems. Just like Imran Khan is fooling people and telling them wrong reasons for real problems.

              All I can say is that grow up or see what happened to Yugoslavia and the last leader of that doomed country.

            • RK says:

              If you would be a real deal than you wouldn’t be bragging about your so called lolly polly PhD… HAHHA…. However, whatever you said is not the answer of the questions raised by the blog! Where are the answers???? We are sick of Lotas and soon you will know too when you will be begging in the streets for the loaf of bread with your Lolly-Polly PhD in your neck! And where will be your leaders? Most of them already have dual nationality or are in position where their children or kin can sponsor them! Look at Imran Khan or Shah Makhdoom or Mian Azhar or Azam Swati…

              Aren’t you ashamed? You hate Musharraf so much yet your dream-team has 99% Lotas who remained with him till the day he resigned! Shame seriously shame! And it exposes another ugly face of our society. Lolly-Polly PhDs of Pakistan like you cannot make difference as you got your Lolly-Polly PhD with cramming and licking the balls of professors! I have seen how people like you get degrees… No one is illiterate here but I will not boost about my degree here.

        • You again proved to be ignorant. You did not answered any of the questions the guy asked you. Be logical and come up with valid arguments. Two wrongs cannot make one right. IK has shown his true colors now. All corrupt and notorious politicians joined who were licking musharraf’s balls once. So he should not claim to be a revolutionist but a typical corrupt politician who has been flip flopping.

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