Geo Exposed: Indian Propaganda on a Pakistani Channel

Once again Geo TV proved that it is not on the side of Pakistan and it wants slow yet painful demise of Pakistan. Well, even American President who is very happy to take credit of the execution of Bin Laden is giving credit to positive support from Pakistan and Australian Prime Minister Ms. Julian is thanking Pakistan for its sacrifices and support to the international war on terror. Only two countries of the world along with a Pro Indian lobby in USA are desecrating and bashing Pakistan: India and Afghanistan as ever are critical of Pakistan and suggesting to the world that International Community should launch an offensive into Pakistan because head of Al-Qaeeda was found living 800 m away from most prestigious Military Academy of Pakistan Army.

Of course, it is sole Indian agenda to malign Pakistan whenever she finds chance but the matter of great concern is GEO TV in Pakistan. We have elaborated earlier and explained with great detail that how Geo TV is carrying on its RAW Agenda that is mainly anti Pakistan. I was not surprised to see when Media Mullah Kamran Khan did his whole special show over Osama Episode and there was a strip that was the theme of his show saying: Ab to maan lo k Al-Qaeeda ka Markaz Pakistan he hai! (Believe it now that the epicenter of Al-Qaeeda is Pakistan) The whole show was unidirectional and Media Mullah Kamran Khan along with many conspiracy theorists proved that ISI has been protecting key Al-Qaeeda figures and the center of terrorism is not located on the Western Side of Durand Line but it is located on the Eastern Side of the porous border.

Isn’t it what Indian Channels like CNN-IBN, NDTV, AAJ TAK, Star News and Zee News were saying the whole day? It is so obvious that this theme was designed by RAW and other anti-Pakistan elements in Indian Establishment in the wake of the demise of Osama that too in an important cantonment of Abbottabad and Indian media was expected to do this Pakistan bashing but for Pakistanis the shameful role of Geo TV is deplorable and sacrilegious. Unlike other Pakistani channels, Geo TV didn’t create a panel that would have supported Pakistani stance but it rather openly professed the Indian Theme the whole day. It has been spreading despair in the society and was professing Indian demand that a ho-pursuit weather lead by Americans or by Indians should take place inside urban Pakistan.

Well, this coming from India should be termed as gibberish but isn’t it the matter of concern that it is coming from no other than Geo TV? Isn’t it another proof that Geo TV is an Indian Channel, funded by RAW, and is serving as mouthpiece of dirty Indian objectives regarding Pakistan? Isn’t it a matter of great concern that Geo TV is providing ample base to Indian led propaganda machine that Pakistan should be attacked like Iraq or Afghanistan? Isn’t it Geo TV that suggested that a hot-pursuit of terrorist inside Pakistan is option on cards? How long we will fool ourselves and see this Indian Propaganda Mouthpiece?

Where is justice league now? Why CJ is not taking sui-motto action on this serious allegation that is direct threat to Pakistan Security? Why is CJ quiet? Because CJ’s mouth is tapped by Geo TV when it offered its unprecedented help during Lawyer’s Movement Saga? But it was on what cost? It was on the cost of Pakistan! It was on the cost of integrity of Pakistan! So why don’t we get bothered that Indian Dossier on Mumbai attacks contained information directly provided by Geo TV?  We need to wake up! Before it gets too late! And – trust me – it is getting late!


One thought on “Geo Exposed: Indian Propaganda on a Pakistani Channel

  1. GEO is more likey PRO INDIAN then israeli. I wouldn’t mind if GEO promotes Israeli shows and news and may be stories that build Pak and Israel relationships. However, with India is like you are shooting your own foot. GEO Network not just promotes Indian culture but they have all good news about india and all negative, degrading, and failure stories of Pakistan. The only question if I were ever get a chance to ask GEO network that “pick a day of their news and tell me how many good stories you have broadcasted about Pakistan and India, how many bad stories they have broadcasted about Pakistan and India in a given day.” If they agree to take this challenge and prove me wrong I’ll promote GEO Network. Prove me wrong if I have a monkey, dog or cat they can be good, loyal and understanding to you but can you train/educate/friends with INDIAN????

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