My Intellectual Property has been stolen!

Recently I was cruising through Manjam and I came across a profile with name Kittycat93. I was astonished to see that the profile has been displaying my words in it’s “About Me” section. Deeply stunned, I scrolled down and read whole of it. I was shocked to see that in the end Mr. Kittycat93 wrote “by me” and shamelessly claimed my words as his own. I was disgusted to the core that how can someone steel what is child of other’s brain? All of my words are precious to me because they speak of my innermost desires and I trap my feelings in those words. It is a shock to see that and I am regretting that why didn’t I check that profile before!

It has also created a deep sense of mistrust in me because now I am afraid that anyone out of the blue can come and steel my poems or words and can call them as his own. It is a matter of great concern. Though there are laws that protect intellectual property but I don’t know if they are applicable on online forums and communities. Whatsoever was the case, I reported that person abuse and I asked few friends to do the same.

If you have respect for intellectual property and you are on manjam then please report “kittycat93” as abuse and write in your opinion that he has stolen someone’s intellectual property.


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