Sacked Minister Jtoai regrets his less corruption…

Dearly beloved, greatly cherished and heartily admired Cabinet of Prime Minister Gillani and President Zardari achieved another  milestone when ex-Minister for Defense Production Mr. Jtoai who hails from Balochistan fired at the broadside and regretted that his province has less share in corruption. It has been on the front page of Daily Jung and prestigious newspaper Dawn. As ever, Jung went pretty far away in PPP bashing, however, Dawn took the moderated stand and elaborated the actual content of the sacked minister’s statements.

Minister deplored that corruption is “not equally shared” and suggested that all provinces should have “equal share in the corruption” which means that he regrets that his home province of Balochistan has done less corruption than Punjab or Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa. The matter of concern is that the high-ups and the stalwarts of government (such as those of PML(N)) think that it is their natural birthright to do corruption and to deprive the country’s exchequer from it’s money.

This statement is not new. The politicians sitting in Balochistan have history of issuing such kind of ridiculous statements. Not long ago, Mr. Raisani, CM of Balochistan stated that degree is just a degree; fake or not, doesn’t matter. Then Mr. Raisani backtracked from his statement and pooh-poohed it by saying that he was “joking”… I salute Mr. CM’s sense of humor! Then why did Prime Minister sack Jtoai? This is an important question. We see that Mr. Jtoai not only deplored his less corruption but he also categorically pointed out (very rightly) about Chief Justice. Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who hails from Faisalabad has been appointed Chief Justice of Pakistan on the domicile of backward Province of Balochistan (which made him eligible in the special quota for the backward provinces). The torchbearer of justice and accountability himself  is accused of forgery and it is true. Mr. CJ is holding a fictitious or fraudulent document which made him a Baloch.

Last but not the least: an Anti Terrorist Court of Rawalpindi has acquitted three masterminds of the suicide car attack on Danish Embassy in Islamabad. The Judge acquitted the accused on the basis of the “lack of credible evidence”. This is funny! Anti Terrorist Courts should be renamed as Pro Terrorist Court or Taliban Qazi Courts as they always acquit the goons of Taliban. I don’t understand that how can Anti Terrorist Court acquit those who were even identified by the security cameras of the Embassy herself? There is a big question mark on that.


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