Imran (read: Taliban) Khan exposed: Failed Policies of Imran Khan an introspection and analysis

PTI Trolls and Goons of Immi K have this one habit of targeting people and threatening them that they will deal with their freedom of speech and expression soon when slipped into power. PTI trolls have given a blueprint of their future plans and have said that they have answered all the woes of the people. The reality is otherwise and beyond the truth as PTI and Imran (read: Taliban) Khan has been just promising lofty promises and making empty vows. We will have a deep analysis of the policies of Imran Khan and will refute each of it through logic.

(The excerpts taken are from a comment of a PTI troll who is being blessed officially by PTI and has been closely following the blog. The response was carefully written and well researched and catchy jargon trick was used to pooh-pooh the reality!)

We will give a brief policy line of the PTI and how they refute to other people. PTI is basically working on a four point agenda:

1. Propagate Imran Khan as Political Messiah

2. Do personal attacks and threat people who talk sanity about him

3. Try painting his opponents as kafir ghaddar who are non sincere to Pakistan and fool general public.

Imran Khan has not only hired professional singers and musicians such as DJ Butt but also mimicry masters to entertain the crowds during Dharnas and other protests. In reality kids who turn up there belong to burger class of this country. We will have a detailed analysis of the PTI’s general policy and will refute it with logic and reason. We are thankful to our readers for the promotion of this blog.

Section A: Imran Khan wants freedom of speech, expression and religion to be taken away from people:

Let’s analyze how this sweet coated poison pill is given to the people and Taliban Khan and his fleet of elites plan to dance in the pool parties in their farmhouses when scores of people will be lashed in public by Taliban over non-issues…  We got a comment on our article from PTI. The commentator has been freely professing his policies of suppression of Freedom of Speech under the pretext of freedom of Speech. We will analyze the comment and will refute it with logic and reason.

I absolutely love how people such as yourselves claim a higher level of understanding on all issues facing Pakistan and then start passing edicts from your blogging pulpits. Most of what you have said are not facts but opinions and as you have a right to yours Imran Khan and PTI supporters have a right to their views without you passing sweeping judgements about their political, religious and personal beliefs.
Let’s see where it is taking us:
PTI is seeing that people like the writer of the article where that comment has been posted assume themselves on the higher level of understanding and start passing edicts from their blogging pulpits. This means that Imran Khan is promising secretly to curtail Blog Scene of Pakistan. Let’s analyse if any judgments were passed about Imran Khan and PTI’s religious, political or personal beliefs or not?

Taliban flogging a man for shaving his beard. What's Imran say on that?

Imran Khan openly supports Taliban and justify their suicide bombings, terrorist attacks and atrocities as reaction to American invasion of Afghanistan.  As stated earlier, we need to analyze if this is the case or nor or PTI troll has just used the old trick of deceive and rule. There is no need to give even a single reference of the apologies of PTI and Khan for Taliban. This is not even secret as they profess and propagate their views openly under the pretext of freedom of expression. Imran Khan’s personal beliefs can be judged from the life that he lived as a cricketer. He has always divided and ruled the team as captain. He went as far as claiming the victory of 1992 world cup as his own personal achievement that was not so. He received huge condemnation for that not only in Pakistan but across the world. So what are the personal beliefs of Imran Khan? The answer is that he is an agnostic who thinks that it is better to side with Taliban if you really want to rule Pakistan for few years and who has seen what will happen next? Imran Khan has been siding with Taliban and justifying their atrocious acts by terming them a mere reaction. We see that he had never visited any shrine ever thus he is alienating Barelvi population of this country because the renounce violence as instrument of policy.

We have seen in the past that Zia ul Haq bred Taliban with CIA money and Saudi Arabian logics of Aal-e-Saud and Wahabi

Zia in Camp David on the occasion of signing agreement of growing Taliban

Islam. Americans kept funding Taliban since they saw the demise of USSR and Pakistani establishment wanted a policy of strategic depth in Afghanistan and South Asia and to wound India and make it slow bleed until she dies! This is the official version of our policy that has failed like Defense of East lies in West. Imran Khan wants the reign of terror in Pakistan like Swat and Afghanistan seen. Imran Khan knows that it is very easy to rule people with stick and under the shadow of gun-totting Taliban. He is promising freehand to Taliban by pulling back from Tribal Areas and calling terrorists as true patriotic Pakistanis. I asked a question from a PTI supporter about Shariah Law that is the demand of Taliban of all folds and his answer was just that Muslims shouldn’t be afraid of Shariah. Imran Khan said so.

Sita White with Imran Khan's Bastard Child. Who should be stoned to death?

I want to know how? If Imran Khan is not afraid of Shariah then this means that he has signed an under table deal with Taliban. Otherwise his illicit sexual affair with Sita White and many unnamed women is known, his bastard girl is living in USA and testimony of 4 non-Muslim male adults is admissible in Islamic Courts.  This means that Imran Khan must be stoned to death for committing adultery back in his Captain days. The biggest proof that he is an adulterer is that his bastard girl from Sita White is living in USA. There are many women who are ready to testify that Imran Khan had sexual relations with them. Here we want to clear one thing. We are not against sexual relations that Imran Khan kept with girls during his good old days. We are just against the duplicity and hypocrisy. We know very well that PTI is composed of burger class of this country who are living themselves a westernized life. The real question is that why do you seek life of West yourself, you DJ Butt and Strings, and propagate Taliban Shariah for others? Imran Khan and PTI Trolls have not given even a single satisfactory answer of the queries raised in the article where that response was posted. There is a question from Imran Khan regarding this:
Drugs & Booze! I’m Khan and I am not a terrorist!
What is your say on your illicit sexual relation with Sita White and your bastard child living in USA? If you are not afraid of Shariah Law then will you surrender to Shariah Court ran by Taliban about your sexual union with Sita White? 
Well, who wants to be stoned to death!!! Me? Hell no! Then why should I want something that I don’t want for myself for less privileged class of this country and PTI Trolls will be out of Pakistan and will be living the life of luxuries in West! How ironic! If Imran Khan thinks that Taliban in North and South Waziristan have all rights to do everything there and it is good to educate  in the Madrassas especially those that are in North Waziristan then what the heck your own kids are doing in UK??? Why didn’t you send them to North or South Waziristan?
Sons studying in UK and Living there a Western Life! What is our fault that you want imposition of Shariah on us?
My second question from Imran Khan is that why his sons are studying in UK and living a Westernized Life there and he is seeking  Shariah Law for Pakistan to keep the 90% population of Pakistan under the shadow of guns and terror? If he likes Taliban so much then why didn’t he send them to some seminary of North Waziristan or South Waziristan? 
They might have gone through a great course of ghairat and real Islam over there. Why do you need to send your own children to study in UK whereas you want our children to remain deprived from education. If Seminaries in North and South Waziristan and other tribal areas where Taliban are in power are propagating true patriotism and Pakistaniyat then what your own two sons are doing in UK? Why didn’t u send them to any Madrassa of Mullah Faqir of TTP?
Elizabeth Hurl with Khan at booze party! Oh God! Why should we be flogged 80 times for drinking and 80 times for sexual intermixing? Why should we be kept locked for whole life for exposing our bodies and you escape, Imran? What an insaaf!!!!
My third question from Imran Khan and PTI Trolls is that why do you go to booze parties and to the gatherings where hotties turn up and support Taliban and call them good patriotic Muslims? Is this sexual intermixing and revealing clothing is allowed in Islamic Shariah that a Muslim shouldn’t be afraid of according to you? The Islamic Punishment for this sin would be for you, according to authentic Shariah Books, will be that you will be flogged 80 times for drinking, 80 times for sexual intermixing, 80 times for making Non-Muslim friends and will be exiled to a prison where there is no population for spreading faahashi.  

Police Flogging a man for violating the sanctity of Ramadan (1987); Does Imran Khan want the same and live himself life of high fashion?

If you are not ready to face this punishment yourself then why should we be faced with these punishments under gun totting and terror sponsoring Taliban?
Or it is that you want a Taliban Style Police State where people will be flogged for shaving their beards, wearing jeans or listening to Music?
And how laughable that PTI Trolls are out to protect anyone who dares to speak truth about Khan? Shame! Really Shame! On one hand you want imposition of Shariah as this is exactly what Taliban are demanding as precondition for the dialogue and you are calling those who support such acts as patriotic Pakistanis and you yourself are living the life in league with West? Shame on you, Taliban Khan, and PTI Trolls for hypocrisy and duplicity that you exhibit.
Dharna-cum-party: Bring it on Baby!!!
Good Girl Gone Bad: What is the punishment of such dressing in Taliban Shariah?
Hey Hey You You I Wanna Be your Girlfriend!
Pictures shown above say it all about ex-wife of Imran Khan… So what is his say that his own sons are living with such a woman! Again, we don’t have objections about this kind of life. Our objection is that why do you support Taliban when you are living the High Fashion and High Society Life? If Taliban Laws are not applicable on you then why should they be applicable on me? 
Will PTI Trolls answer this question? A PTI Troll wrote that no one is buying this nonsense that Imran Khan is supporting Taliban and is a Taliban apologists. He gave some names and claimed that their view that coincide with Imran Khan is view of whole world. Well, what about important senators and other members of CIA such as Admiral Mike Mullen, Ms Clinton, Leon Panetta  and other important figures in Obama administration predicting that Taliban are real threat and a punitive military operation in North Waziristan that will be surgical in nature is the only cure for this? Once the backbone of Taliban will be broken, it is fine to negotiate with them! So where is the whole world that thinks that Imran Khan has got it right? Australian Prime Minister categorically stated that Pakistan needs to rethink its link with Taliban, British PM has made it clear that there is no way to negotiate with Taliban and so on. So is whole world means people who come to listen to DJ Butt or Strings in Dharnas?
Whereas our view regarding this is that all the criminals that support terrorism or don’t support terrorism must be dealt with iron fist. Reforms should be introduced in FATA and Tribal Status of the areas after sweeping Taliban must be revoked. 
A PTI Troll wrote * Your interpretation of the laws that annex FATA into Pakistan are laughable at best, they dont pay taxes you say well the rest of Pakistan doesnt pay any either, the rest of Pakistan gets a development budget you should check the amount that is spent in FATA.*
So Imran Khan thinks that because rest of Pakistan doesn’t pay tax as well so, therefore, development budget should be scrapped for these areas too. I want to ask first of all that what is the moral credibility Imran Khan holds? Before talking about the moral credibility, I want to make one thing very clear. FATA do get a handsome amount directly by the order of president of Pakistan. In the past this amount was distributed to Taliban by Zia government to spread Wahabism and terrorism in FATA. ISI maintained links with terrorists and handsome amount of this fund was given to terrorists to slow bleed India and have strategic depth in Afghanistan. There is a question, if FATA was under mainland laws and was not scot free then the check could have been placed on the terrorists, carjackers, dacoits, drug dealers, smugglers and other criminals in FATA.
PTI Troll has accused us of justifying the murder of innocent people. Yes, we accept that innocent people were killed as well during Drone Attacks but terrorists were killed too. What Osama bin Laden was doing in Abbottabad? This is an established fact that Tribal Customs do allow patronage for terrorists and criminals. This means that if I give shelter to a criminal then it is from the whole tribe and whole tribe will fight for it.  PTI Troll has said that Imran Khan is in favor of Tribal Customs. This means that he is patronizing terrorists, criminals and drug mafia based in FATA. And, of course, Taliban has no objection over poppy cultivation and it is Islamic.
We are strongly in favor of a definitive military action backed by PAF in North Waziristan to break the backbone of Taliban and insurgency. We have made it clear that British Raj FATA act should be scrapped and mainland laws should be promulgated in FATA and it should be integrated with either KPK or made a separate province. The customs that protect criminals should be abandoned and all those who deal with such and such customs should be dealt with an iron fist.
Imran with dogs! Is it lawful in Islam to keep dogs?
A PTI Troll has quoted the survey of RAND Corporation about the conflict resolution. When we analyzed the survey and the data taken and the conflicts that were assessed, we found that all of those conflicts were backed by a strong military action and except for Vietnam War, all conflicts had one sided outcome of the negotiation.
PTI Troll has discredited the presence of Common Ground that RAND Corporation and other Think Tanks of the world call as base of all negotiations. We see that there is no common ground with Taliban. If there is common ground then that is imposition of Shariah Law in Pakistan that Molvi Faqir has explicitly demanded as preconditions of the talks that government offered after APC with the blessings of Army. Let’s suppose that Imran Khan accepts this precondition and he has not slept with Sita White and is a pious and devoted Muslim then still what about his pet dogs? According to Shariah, keeping a dog is sin and punishment of keeping a dog is 40 lashes in public. Anyone who touches a dog becomes ceremonially unclean. What about Imran Khan’s pet dogs? He is legible for 40 flogs in Public for keeping dogs and ceremonially unclean because of touching them. Close contacts tell that dogs sleep with Imran Khan and roam in and out from their living area freely, thus, according to Shariah Law all of the household items of Imran Khan are ceremonially unclean and Angels of Blessing are 100 miles away from his house according to Shariah. 
I want to ask when there are no Angels of Blessings in Imran Khan house then, according to Shariah, what about the policies that are made there? We are not against keeping pet dogs. We just want to expose the hypocrisy of Taliban Khan and his vision about Pakistan under gun-totting Taliban and he enjoying an evening walk with his pet dogs! Shame!
So what will Imran Khan negotiate with Taliban? Can PTI Trolls tell us that why Imran Khan is keeping dogs as pets when Shariah Law prohibits keeping dogs as pets and Taliban has decreed and it fulfills all requirements of an Islamic Fatwa that anyone who keeps dogs and pigeons as pets or fly kites or play chess is declaring war on Allah and Prophet (SAW) and he is liable to be lashed 40 times in public for first offense and if he doesn’t abandon his habit then he should be killed to save the Islamic Ummah from the plague of dogs, kites and chess.
I keep dog as pet too! Why should I be flogged in public and then killed when Imran Khan will not? Of course, keeping a dog as pet and not keeping a dog as pet are both opposing views; thus, negotiations can be done on this point as well as PTI Troll has said that for negotiations, we don’t need common ground but we have to be on two opposite ends.  Whereas, I want to tell to that Einstein of PTI that I have read that dialogue is a process of give and take. If you are taking peace from Taliban then what are you giving them? Shariah Law all over Pakistan? Or autonomy? I want to know.
SECTION B: Social Justice Joke of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaaf and Justice that Khan renders:

Imran Khan at High Society Party in London: Where is social Justice?

Imran Khan says that The issue of justice is the issue of the common man when a ordinary Pakistanis is cheated out of economic and social justice that is his real issue and Imran Khan and PTI have this very issue as the basis of their political movement. We agree with Khan here but actions speak louder than words. So can PTI Trolls and Imran Khan tell us that why PTI is comprised of Burger Class of this country. Most of the kids in entourage of PTI are sons of high bureaucracy and military officials and business men who live Western Life and pay no or minimal tax. These people own huge properties in West and Pakistan and think themselves morally eligible to do everything Western and want to keep the majority of the population of Pakistan away from the Western Life. Why? The Question arises here that where does that social justice go when it comes to you and your life styles? Where does social justice go when Mazari tribe has alarming child  mortality rate in Balochistan and Shiri Mazari living in a huge abode in Islamabad with plush lawns and swimming pools. Where does this social justice go when Imran Khan lives in his big and plush farm house with 500 Sq Yard occupied public land on the bank of Rawal Lake in Islamabad? So isn’t it the same hypocrisy that Two Sharifs exhibit? Shahbaz Sharif too talks about Social Justice and he declared that the farmhouses that are used for residential purposes are out of tax net just to save the huge Raiwind Estate. Similarly, Imran Khan and Shiri Mazari also talk about social justice whereas they both are living western and unislamic life themselves. They want people of Pakistan to be deprived of their freedoms and give elite class of this country a scot-free heavens where they will do everything indoors just like good old days of Zia!

Rampant Corruption eats Health and Education Budget: Imran Khan will double it! Really?

Rampant corruption in the goverment machinery takes away money from the Public Sector development budget and thus we have pitiful education and health budgets which will be doubled in the first year if PTI comes to power.
I agree with Imran Khan here. Yes, rampant corruption has thrashed our economy really hard but we are missing a real point here. How will you double health and education budget without cutting defense expenditure? Where will money come from? How will you reform the Taxation system? How will you justify the interest rate and GDP to Taliban because they deem all these things as against Islam and declare everyone who is associated with Banking Industry and Soodi Nizam as Kafir and enemy of Allah and Prophet. PTI Troll has not given any explanation that how he will double the expenditure on Healthcare and Education while keeping the current defense spending intact as PTI says that bum is our gherat so weapons need huge money for maintenance and procurement, we need the huge inflow of money. Imran Khan has not given any practicably applicable  plan  that how he will double the spending without no real cash inflow?

Imran Khan shows a journalist his huge farm hose aka Social Justice House

PTI Troll stated that The issue of circular debt is not rocket science people need to start paying bills and those who dont pay need to be cut off from the power grid and that decision enforced this can only be done via a credible goverment not theives and crooks or intellectual heavy weights such as yourselves. 
The first question arise here is that can you, please, tell that why Imran Khan has converted Agriculture Land into a Villa? Can you tell us that Imran Khan that why Imran Khan pays just a minimal property Tax of his Estate and I pay more for my 166 Sq Yard house in Islamabad? Where is social Justice? My House is located in city and costs less than Khan’s house but I pay 100 times more as income tax for my house? Why? Why I am not allowed to occupy even an inch and Imran Khan gets scot free with 500 Sq Yard of land that he occupied illegally on the bank of Rawal Lake? What about Shiri Mazari’s farmhouse? So where is social justice? I think it is sleeping in the doghouse at the Huge Farmhouse of Imran Khan!
Social Justice is not just about monetary justice that PTI Troll has mentioned. It is also about the Justice in society. I have three jackpot questions for Imran Khan and his entourage of PTI Trolls:
Question no. 1: What is your say on Blasphemy Law? Should it be kept the way it is or amended? Should the procedure of Blasphemy Prosecution be amended or not?
This is a simple question that has answer either yes or no. Social justice is not just about money; it is also about the Freedom of Religion, Speech and Movement to every Pakistani weather be Sunni, Ahmadiya, Shia, Christian, Barelvi or Hindu. I want to ask a simple question from Imran Khan and PTI Trolls:
Is case on Asiya Bibi and 8th grader Christian girl justified? Yes or No? 
Now let’s refer back to PTI Troll who said that dialogue process needs no common ground but divergence of opinion and two parties sit down to find the end to conflict. If we analyze this statement closely, we see that the core of the dialogue process is common urge to resolve the difference, thus, a common ground. Whereas we have seen that Imran Khan and PTI Trolls who are shouting a lot over the issue of social justice but have not even said a word about the Blasphemy Law that is an infamous Draconian Law promulgated by Zia ul Haq to fulfill his CIA agenda back in 80s. We have seen that Imran Khan and PTI have no say on this law. This expose their hypocrisy and malicious character.
My second question from Imran Khan and PTI Trolls is:
Is murder of Governor Taseer by Mumtaz Qadri justified? Is death stance of Mumtaz Qadri justice?
The answer to this question is also yes or no. Yet, we have seen that Imran Khan has no say on these issues as these issues irk Taliban and other Islamists. We see that Imran Khan is siding with Taliban and offering them surrender thus owning the Taliban policy of Minority Genocide as tool of state. We have seen that Lashkar e Jhangvi has openly taken the responsibility of Shia Genocide in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. Tehrik e Taliban has openly taken responsibility of all terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people in Pakistan but all our Taliban Khan has to say is that they are reaction of the drone attacks and American policies in Pakistan. PTI Troll wrote a big post but has not explained that how they are just reaction and how bloodshed is justified? PTI Troll has said that Imran Khan has time and again condemned suicide bombings. It is like saying my hair are dirty so I cannot go to wedding. It is shame that Imran Khan keeps quiet over Ahamdiya genocide in this country.
Where is the condemnation of Imran Khan about Ahmadiya Genocide in Punjab? Has Imran Khan produced a crash plan to protect minorities and deliver social justice to Christian, Ahmadiya, Hindu, Sikh and Shia Pakistanis?
The answer is NO! He hasn’t delivered any justice. Again we come to the PTI Troll assumption that dialogue needs divergence of opinion and no common ground. This puts him in difficult situation again because:
(i) Taliban have mentioned explicitly that all those who don’t adhere to their brand of Islam are infidel kafirs so they need to pay Jiziya to Taliban if they want to live in Pakistan. That means that Taliban are usurping Constitution of this Country that states explicitly and clearly that no special tax will be mounted on minorities. Taliban have time and again said that they don’t accept constitution of Pakistan unless it is replaced or amended in such a way that it confirms to Shariah Law. This means that Imran Khan and PTI are surrendering to Taliban and supporting dialogue with those who don’t adhere to Pakistani Constitution and pledge their allegiance with the Laws of Land. Imran Khan, thus, is guilty of high treason according to Constitution and should be hanged for usurping the Constitution and supporting those who want the Constitution of this country to be scrapped and replaced with their version of Shariah.
(ii) Taliban and Sunni Tehrik has mentioned clearly that there is no place of Ahmadiya in Pakistan. Imran Khan silence on this issue is deafening and shameful and it not only challenges the moral credibility of Khan but it is also the evidence that Imran Khan is equally responsible for the genocide of minorities in Pakistan as he is supporting dialogue and surrender to those who are responsible for heinous crimes against humanity.  This makes Imran Khan an international criminal that should be prosecuted in International Court of Justice for crimes against Humanity and racism.
The core of any Social System is Justice or insaaf. We see that Imran Khan has no say on Minority Genocide in Pakistan and he is practically supporting those who are promoting the culture of religious and sectarian intolerance in this country.
Imran Khan will face now another blazing question regarding Social Justice:
Question no. 2: What is your take on Hudood Law of this country? Should it be scrapped or kept intact?
We see that PTI Trolls and Taliban Khan blast with loud bang on this question as Imran Khan himself is liable to be stoned to death under Hudood Law. Taliban and Islamists have made it clear that they will not accept any procedural change in Hudood Law, thus, placing the freedom of women at stake. What is Imran Khan’s say on it? So if he wants to keep this law intact then he is showing the hypocrisy! Why should I be stoned to death for my choice of doing sex? What about if a woman is raped and she doesn’t produce 4 male eye-witnesses? Will she be stoned to death as according to Hudood Law? I want to know the answers not just lofty claims and personal attacks through PTI Trolls!
Imran Khan owns large agricultural lands in Mianwali District of Punjab. I want to know where does Social Justice go when we see large properties of Imran Khan and less tax than a man who earns 25000 per month? Where does Social Justice go? To doghouse in the Lawn of Social Justice House at Bani Gala?
PTI Troll has spoken about the Land Reforms that Imran Khan will promulgate and he has said that Pakistan is an agro-based economy and Pakistani Economy should be reformed accordingly. I agree with this. Yes, Pakistan is an agro based economy but I want to ask few questions about Land Reforms.
Will you take away Land from Big Zamindars? If yes then do you know that Federal Shariat Court in 1980s have declared that agro land is tax free / Zakat free and has no limits. A man can own as much Agro Land as he likes. Here we are again locking horns with Taliban and Islamists who are staunchly against Land Reforms as they see it as murder of Islam and Satanic. How Imran Khan will promulgate Land Reforms or he will follow the footsteps of Zia ul Haq. What is the stance of Prodigal Son of Zia ul Haq on the issue of Islam and Land Reforms?
Now there is another blazing question; PTI Troll has said that Imran Khan will divert maximum workforce towards Agriculture. I want to ask another question from Khan:
Are you supporting Mazara Culture? If I don’t want to work in Agriculture on the land of a Zamindar or Vadera then why should I be forced to work?
We have proved earlier that Islamists are staunch opponents of any Land Reforms as they deem it unislamic and they have Hadiths as evidence. So will you initiate another dialogue with Taliban for Land Reforms? I want to know!
There is  another blazing question: How will you make land useful and cultivatable in the absence of water infrastructure? I want to ask Khan and PTI Trolls that what is his say on Kalabagh Dam and Attock Gorge Project?
PTI Troll has said that Imran Khan has asked for the consensus of all stake holders on this issue and said that no dam should be constructed without the consensus of all stake holders.
There is a simple interpretation of this statement: Imran Khan is supporting the status quo thus depriving people of Southern Punjab from their lawful share in the Indus River Water and supporting Upper Class Punjabi Dominion over Pakistan. 
PTI Troll has challenged that all of the strategies have been formulated in the think tanks within PTI. One of the think tank is run by Sheereen Mazari at her Farmhouse with big swimming pool. I want to know where? Do you have any document in Black and White of the policy or it is just in mind? Who you are fooling?
SECTION C: Foreign Policy of Imran Khan: An embryo dead already!
PTI Troll has written a lot about the foreign policy and accused us of having no vision. I see that the vision of Imran Khan is just naive blubbering and reading from Pakistan Studies Books written by Zia ul Haq. We have written very detailed posts on Foreign Policy of Pakistan and asked Imran Khan to answer the questions. All we got were death threats from PTI Trolls.
Please read following:
What options do Pakistan have in this scenario and can Pakistan depend upon China and Saudi Arabia? (These two states are always propagated as best pals of Pakistan by Shireen Mazari and other PTI Trolls including Taliban Khan)
Both of the posts are self explanatory and we don’t need to answer the blubbering of PTI Troll on this as it is an established fact asserted not only by great mind all over the world but also by few dissidents of PTI.
SECTION D: Balochistan Uprising and Imran Khan:
PTI Troll has said that Imran Khan is in contact with Baloch dissidents. On investigation, it was found that Imran Khan has been shown the door by BLA because it believes firmly that Imran Khan is stooge of Establishment. Imran Khan has, again, not given even a single solution of the problems of Balochistan. He has not given the amount of the rightful share of the resources. He has not announced his plans about provincial autonomy. He has no say on Balochistan.
Yes, Imran Khan has spoken about the sprawling wealth of Balochistan. He HAS said that Balochistan has huge potential and natural wealth but he has not given any practical plan so far to address the problems of Balochistan. Baloch demand the greater provincial autonomy and right on natural resources. PTI Troll has not provided what Imran Khan has planned about it so we take the comment of PTI Troll as just mere jest and nothing more.
SECTION E: Freedom of Expression and PTI Trolls:
PTI Trolls have warned me to mend my ways and don’t introspect Taliban Khan or else they will take care of my freedom of speech once in power and they are ready to protect Khan and will make me an example.
This shows typical Taliban mentality of PTI Trolls and Imran Khan. We can see that Imran Khan is also envisaging an embargo on freedom of Expression and Right of Free Speech. Under Imran Khan, Taliban will kill all their opponents, Shrines will be raised to grounds, I will not be able to join Ashura Procession and there will be no Pakistan just in 6 months after Imran Khan will be in power. After six months Pakistan will split into many small units, some governed by Taliban, others by forces like PML (N), PPP, ANP and MQM. Where will be Khan? Answer lies below:

After Demise of Pakistan, Imran Khan has planned a smooth wife with his ex wife Jamima and Two sons in UK. Please note that Imran Khan has not divorced Jamaima Khan according to UK Law

We now merely conclude that Imran Khan has no say on real issues of Pakistan. His life is no secret. He might better than Nawaz Sharif or Zardari but his government will be a disaster for Pakistan and will be the last nail on the coffin of Pakistan.
I am waiting for the time that PTI comes to power and whole Pakistan witness the demise of Pakistan and dramatic escape of Imran Khan to UK and Shereen Mazari to France. Dharna Dudes and Chicks will not be in Pakistan then because 90% of them are already eligible full Full Bright Scholarship and hold dual nationality and others are applying for Aussie nationality and Scandinavia nationalities!

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  1. Neutral basher says:

    She was married to the retired Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan between 1995 and their divorce in 2004. source wikipedia. Stop spreading rumours about someone. Its atleast not allowed in my religion..

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    Great Article!!! Nice job! We needed this at this time because Imran Khan thinks that he is some political god. But i think revealing pictures of Jamiama shouldn’t be published.

    But writer gave real facts about Imran Khan. Why should we go under Taliban when Imran Khan himself lives Westernized life? If he would be a Mullah himself then we could have thought about it. I came to know through a friend who is doctor at Doctor’s Hospital, Johar Town, Lahore that in the month of March this year, Imran Khan was brought to Doctor’s hospital and he was totally drunk and had drunk so much that he has continuously throwing out. Is this social justice? Why should we be condemned to punishment and that loser drinks???

    Great Job!! Hats off to you!!!

    I know you will be under cont. attack from PTI Trolls. They will try to defame you and will point out even grammatical mistakes but this shouldn’t deter you, my man. This is what they do in newspaper blogs. Please keep the good work !!!

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    Hey man! Whatever you said might be true but what other option do we have? I think Imran Khan should make it clear that he will not impose Shariah Law in Pakistan and will not stone people for having sex…

  4. Faiza Shah says:

    Nice Article… Great Analysis it reveals that Imran Khan is not good than Shahbaz Sharif… Liar

    I think he is trying to become Amir ul Momineen like Nawaz Sharif in 1998!


  5. Enchant of Hope says:

    We had a PTI Troll who became so desperate that he started doing personal attacks and used abusive language. Of course, the article exposed Taliban Khan so well that he had nothing to say except for personal attacks.

    We all know that Taliban Khan and PTI have no real agenda and most of us have seen the reality of their protests and DJ BUTT! 😀

    Anyways, decent comments are always welcome. We are open to the positive and constructive criticism. 🙂

  6. Ahmed Afridi says:

    I agree with most of the points. I myself am Pakhtoon and I see Taliban no where close to the Pakhtoon Tradition. This should be emphasized a great deal that Pakhtoons paid heavy price of this conflict and most of the causalities of War Against Terrorism are Pakhtoon but I have few questions for writer of the blog:

    (1) What is the solution of conflict because we see that we are losing war and Taliban regroup when dispersed from one place? Can we just remain fighting?

    (2) Do you think America is sincere with Pakistan?

    (3) Have you read Pakhtoon-Wali? Please read it and it says that if a tribe harbors criminals then the case should be taken to Grand Loya Jirga that will decide the fate of the criminals. I think it is not justice to equate the whole Pakhtoon race with few criminals and extremists.

    Rest is all good. Imran Khan himself lives a life of liberal and wants to surrender to Taliban. This is no insaaf! Not at all!

  7. Enchant of Hope says:

    @ Ahmed Afridi

    Thanks for the response. You have raised few very important questions that I should answer right after seeing your comment.

    >>1) What is the solution of conflict because we see that we are losing war and Taliban regroup when dispersed from one place? Can we just remain fighting?>>

    We need to address the core issue here. Of course, we cannot afford a war of 100 years because we don’t have resources to fight this war. Taliban are winning the propaganda war. Our moral is all time low due to Taliban and Islamist Propaganda machinery. We need to take few fundamental steps to distance youth of this country from falling into extremists’ hands. Question is that what steps should be taken? I think below are the steps.

    (1) We need a fundamental shift from the ideology that Pakistan is savior of Islamic world. We need to divorce the concept that Pakistan is a state of fundamentalist Islam. In fact, we should propagate that Pakistan was carved out of India because Hindu majority was about to trample the rights of Muslim minority. Pakistan was never deemed to be fundamentalist state until Zia came. so we just need to divorce the concepts that Zia indoctrinated into national curriculum. There is a need of revision of the curriculum and we need to delete the concepts propagating hatred and extremism.

    (2) We should introduce Quaid-e-Azam’s concepts of the statehood. His first speech in the Pakistan Constituent Assembly is the core of the State Policy and blueprint of the future Constitution. Instead of edited Objective Resolution, we need to make Quaid’s first speech as permeable of the Constitution. We need to shift slowly towards Islamic Secularism from Islamic fundamentalism.

    (3) We need to answer propaganda with propaganda. Taliban are winning because they are using the propaganda tool such as Islam and misinterpretation of texts invented by Zia ul Haq. We need to demonize Taliban and alienate ourselves from the draconian laws.

    (4) Taliban regroup because we haven’t thwarted their monetary links. We need to become more self sufficient so that we don’t have to fear donor Arab countries if we find out their hand in Taliban funding to divert their extremists to our country.

    (5) We need to give up the outdated policy of Strategic Depth in Afghanistan because the monsters that we bred at our own backyard are now devouring our country. We need to use the propaganda tools as used by rulers in medieval times such as declaring Taliban as Hurwi or Khuwarij.

    (6) A clean sweep operation should be done not only in Army and ISI but also in the whole machinery of government and all Taliban supporters should be wiped off through covert intelligence operation.

    (7) A quick justice system should be placed to address the real issues of the people.

    (8) A national consensus should be built while keeping 1971 situation in mind and complete provincial autonomy should be given to provinces and all provincial natural resources should be handed over to provinces on American Model.

    (9) Kashmir should be resolved with India while keeping the ground realities in mind. A free trade with all neighboring countries should be promoted so that the population currently deprived gets benefits and economic prosperity.

    (10) Supporters of Taliban should be dealt like them.

    >>(2) Do you think America is sincere with Pakistan?>>

    We don’t think so. We think that not even America but also Saudi Arabia, China, Iran or UAE is not sincere with us. Every country is following and taking care of her national interest and we should take care of ours. If we think that Saudi Arabia or Americans are insincere with us then we should distance ourselves from them in such a way that it shouldn’t alienate us internationally. We should need to put our house in order before playing international games.

    >> (3) Have you read Pakhtoon-Wali? Please read it and it says that if a tribe harbors criminals then the case should be taken to Grand Loya Jirga that will decide the fate of the criminals. I think it is not justice to equate the whole Pakhtoon race with few criminals and extremists.>>

    I don’t intend to equate the whole Pathan race with extremists and neither I am against the Pakhtoon Traditions. Pakistan is a beautiful garden of diverse ethnic and social traditions. My point was that we needed to make the tribes that are ready to adhere to social equality more powerful so that they are ready to take action against the miscreants. This is a simplistic approach.

    We need to support the tribes that are with us (such as Toories) militarily. We need to have an indiscriminate action against Taliban that are demanding the implementation of draconian Taliban Shariah Law in this country. Those who want to practice their fundamental belief in personal capacity shouldn’t be equated with Taliban. After powerful military action, those who want to have peace will talk themselves. But offering olive branch at this point will be a disaster as Taliban are willing the psychological warfare. We need to have a very very stern action against Taliban supporters in our own house then we should negotiate with those who want social equality.

    I think it answers your queries.

    • ghaleezguftar says:

      great asnwers! Congratulations! you were the first Pakistani to think of these solutions. Our ex-leaders like Musharraf and Zardari couldn’t imagine this in these long 11 years while they hadn’t have the power to just it! This is thinking at its best! I congratulate you for opening my eyes and making me see real face of Monster Taliban Imran Khan. I think the solutions that you proposed are the best and they should be adapted by everyone who wants Pakistan to Change. Once again congratulations.

  8. Dude says:

    Great analysis…. Very realistic views about khan… I dont know why khan supports taliban when he lives such dirty life himself?
    Qayamat ki nishani hai k log zaniyon ko apna amir banayen ge

  9. Ali Siddiqui says:

    I think you are utterly confused and confusing things with your low far as supporting Taliban is concerned ,what US is doing negotiating with those maniacs after wasting 10 long years so much money and losing thousands of their soldiers ,they have realized that they cannot win war like that.That is what Imran was saying that distance yourself from this war otherwise Pakistan army and pakistan .Secondly he is a divorcee and children are living with their mother.It is a will of their mother where she lives with their children.None of your and mine business !!!!!!

    • Sadaf Siddiqui says:

      What a shame! A fool with no balls and just personal attacks! Isn’t it common trait of all PTI Trolls that all they can do are personal attacks? Shame Shame Shame because this is what that bloody fool Imran teaches them! When you don’t have answers then just utter bullshit and personal attacks.

      Last part of your post, Ahmed, exposes you and strip you naked from your lies. Ammara Gul was the woman who chose to go out without her Mehram to buy milk for her baby. She was abducted by Taliban Virtue and Vice Police and lashed 40 times for breaking the sanctity of her house and spreading Fahashi! Why????

      When Taliban Khan’s wife can chose to keep her children with her and raise them in UK way then why should Ammara Gul be lashed in public for going out to buy milk? A matter of shame!!! This is what writer has said in the post! We don’t have any problem in westernized life of Taliban Khan and his ex wife but we want to know that why bloody Taliban Shariah for us when not for you????

      You haven’t answered any of these but just did personal attacks! Shame on you! Shame on Taliban Khan and all PTI Trolls!

    • Mahira Hussain says:

      Why it is none of our business when Imran Khan wants to impose Shariah on us by surrendering to Taliban? Why are you doing personal attacks, man? When you don’t have enough guts to respond to the facts, you burger kids just end up doing personal attacks!

      I have been to PTI Dharnas in Islamabad and all I can see are fashionable and burger people who come to these dharnas to party around! This is no way! So where will we go for parties when Taliban will lash us 40 times each as Qazaf of sexual intermixing?

    • True Pakistani says:

      Hey dude! I am a true patriotic Pakistani! I want to do something for our country! I am seeing that Imran Khan is a great chap, yo! and he is talking to end this war n shit! But I have a question for, ya, my man and that is that my family wants me to go to USA and study but I see them enemies of Pak and Islam as Imran says! So why shouldn’t I go to North Waziristan and study in Mir Ali in Madrassa of Molvi Faqir? Imran says that they are true and patriotic Pakistanis and they are doing bombings and killings in love. Then why shouldn’t I go to North Waziristan and learn this great patriotism and real Islam!!!

      Wanna join in, you are dharna guys?

  10. RK says:

    I see you a person of clear low intellect and no integrity and a typical PTI Troll with no answers just personal attacks. I think you are a person of a mind made up of cow’s dung so all you can understand is shit!

    America is not negotiating. She is following the policy of carrot and stick. Giving a little relief to militants while keeping her social principals intact. Where Taliban Khan is taking us?

    Admin should ban this man for personal attacks. These PTI Trolls have this habit!

  11. Michael K says:

    I see that Pakistanis are divided into two groups. One is supporting promulgation of black laws to rule over the masses and a splinter group is promoting freedom of belief and free speech….

    They are under threat from Taliban! We need to save them… Imran Khan lives high social life and whenever he comes to UK, one can see him in high social gatherings but I have heard that drinking alcohol in Pakistan is a crime that leads to 5 years imprisonment and heavy fine; is it true?

    If it is true then can anyone especially those who are supporting Khan tell that why he drinks alcohol when an average Pakistani cannot?

    • Enchant of Hope says:

      Yes, Michael, it is a criminal offense in Pakistan and will lead u into a real problem if Police ends up finding Alcohol or it’s smell on you so beware 😛 unless, of course, you are guest of Imran Khan or anyone from Establishment! LOL!

  12. Raja Raja says:

    I will not disclose my name and the name of my employer but I want to inform readers that when Imran Khan came to India, I myself served him alcohol because I work in services! I know Muslims don’t drink alcohol but Imran Khan and our SRK and Amir Khan and Saif Ali Khan and others love them…. Imran’s personal favourite is red wine and whiskey!

    In Pakistan things are so bad! I think Pakistan will dissolve soon! HAHA

    • Enchant of Hope says:

      Let me correct you, friend, that Pakistan will not dissolve and we will come out from this trash. By the way, do I need to tell you that RAW is funding Taliban through her Gulf facilitators? Sorry, dear, but your dream of Pakistan dissolving will remain a dream.

      Regarding drinking habits of Khan. Well, our point is that we don’t object his drinking habits or drinking habits of anybody. All we have to say is that we are against double standards! That;s it.

  13. Dude says:

    @ Raja

    If imran would come too power then u will laugh less and cry more because unrest in Pakistan and Taliban Shariah will not spare you too. It is a matter of shame that Taliban are supported by ur RAW.
    There is no problem in drinking alcohol. We are just saying that eliminate black laws. We heard that your 4 early prime ministers and one drank his own urine along with cow’s!

  14. faisal says:

    after reading all the comments n dis article i have few questions 2 ask from the writer of this article:
    1. if imran is hypocrite n of such low character…name me any other politician who is fair one…coz from the bottom to the top every single person in politics is involved in some kind of corruption n hypocrisy.
    2. Mr zulfiqar butto was an alcoholic…yet i think he was a gr8 leader(note here dat i dnt belong 2 any political party wat so ever)…so personal life shud b left to a person’s own self…coz no one is God 2 judge anyone
    3. while most of the statements u made r true…n da case of balochistan indeed needs 2 b resolved…but to be fair enough in saying…dat part of Pakistan is out of our hands now…so much wrong has been done by ignoring them dat it seems dey (the balochs dont trust any of other Pakistanis anymore).
    4. imposing shariah in Pakistan is almost an impossible task…bcoz of the judicial system running in the country…the two systems wont work wid eachother…so even if imran says he will, i havnt heard him saying dat he will impose anything,but just incase i have missed it…its an impossible task
    5. now the matter of taliban comes in…ppl shud really understand one thing 1st…how is it possible that in remote caves n mountains…dese ppl gets so much ammunition and gun powder 2 get all these suicide jackets prepared…get all the latest weapons??? what do u think they run on their own…let me remind u of dis fact that in FATA n tribal areas even if a single thing moves…the FATA’s tribal administrator knows abt that…my point is: its either pakistani establishment doing all these things 2 beg for money from USA…or the other way round…its actually USA who is giving them fundings just to make sure there is anarchy in Pakistan of which they can take advantage in future…
    6. did force worked on taliban??? no they grew…when USA agrees in afghanistan 2 talk wid dem and negotiate wid dem…so if imran wants 2 get them to the table talks..wats the big deal…unless if u have any other idea in ur mind about solving this…dat will be beneficial.
    7. if we have tried out ppl like zardari, benazir n nawaz sharif…why dnt give imran a chance??
    8. last but not the least….one thing for every one…who is commenting on this article n to u too mr writer….dis country came into being wid the sole purpose of being an islamic state…so, in my view…1stly, i m modrenized to an extent dat i cant accpt the whole shariah…n neither its acceptable to any one of u…dat all of u r speaking vile of why shariah shud not b imposed…here is one question?? if islamic law cant b imposed…in a country which was created in the name of islam…den there is no such thing as “two-state theory”…so why not accpt it as a faliure state…n join hands wid india n become one big gr8 nation on this planet!!! after all no body wants islamic law here in pakistan rite??? nd MOST IMPORTANTLY…NO MATTER HOW MUCH IMRAN SHOUTS, YOU SHOUT OR ANY BODY ELSE SHOUT…FACT REMAINS…PAKISTAN IS SOLD OUT BY OUR POLITICIANS…WE ARE A BEGGAR NATION…SLAVES OF USA…ADMIT IT OR NOT…BUT THATS A FACT…AND AS PER RULES GO…BEGGARS DONT ASK FOR RIGHTS…SO EITHER CHANGE THE BEGGAR STATUS OF THE COUNTRY….OR SHUT UP AND BE A SLAVE….

  15. Imran khan admits his past mistake but no matter how hard you anti pakistan agent try change is on its way and imran khan would bring it so all anti imran should put sock in their mouths

  16. John says:

    This is a bullshit article. First of all, Imran Khan has ALWAYS condemned terrorists. He has argued for DIPLOMACY and SURGICAL STRIKES against those elements who are unwilling to abandon violence.

  17. Noman says:


    Don’t believe at the author of this article. I am smelling some Indian curry, aaloo ghosht, phone conversation and 10%.

    Everybody know that without accepting Sharia Law one can’t be a Muslim.

    What if he was a bad guy in the past, but he is now MashAllah a pious person. Islam don’t teach us to scratch someone’s past. He has now got hidayah. Allah Hu Akbar!

    And nobody knows about his past, So, stop being fooled y idiots. It’s now or never.

    Please for the sake of Allah, have a fear of Allah and support that Muslim.

    We have to answer for our homeland on the judgment day.

    Walaikum Assalam!

  18. Imran Rasheed Ahmed says:

    My Dear Author you are puting fuel on fire with your articals. People are sensible enough to understand what your aims and objectives are. This i thing is the most ugliest way to defaming the only hope in current circumstances in Pakistan. Keep on doing this and our love for Mr Khan will rise sky high

    Imran Rasheed

    Islamabad, Pakistan

  19. Faz says:

    There are PTI supporters who support blindly yet they are sincere and want to see their country progress and earn some international reputation like all other political party follower. At the same time, all PTI supporters are not blind, still you sample “apparently the worst” from the group to make an opinion or pass judgements, how inaccurate of you ?
    What if someone forms an opinion on MQM based on its worst face of violence and gun wielding politics?

    The inaccuracies don’t end here; IK never supported Talibans, he considers them a cause of the war on terror effect in the region. Its his a perspective, it may be wrong, but how does it make you believe that he supports Taliban?
    I would go further, but its too long and venomous article to put counter-arguments.

  20. Furqan says:

    Who is the author of the article? He should not shy to hide his name? Is he afraid? Afraid of what or who?
    Imran Khan will bring the change in Pakistan and Pakistan will be the Super Power InshAllah in the coming future. Americans (Read as PML-N, PPP) and Indians dont want to see prospering Pakistan, so all this propaganda is being done by them.

    • Tania says:

      as long as pakistan, lives in stone age supporting talibans, fueling terrorist attacks in other coutries from their soil, and suppressing other religions and living in fanaticism it will never achieve anything other than super power for terrorism. India has a roman catholic leader of a big poltiical party, and a muslim vice president and ex president , will this happen in pakistan???? No way i can bet you in a millions years will muslims allow a non muslim to rise to such a high rank. .

  21. rabia nadeem says:

    from the looks of it u seem to be a desperate PML-N supporter.u know what we all need a revolution in pakistan.i have absolutely no political affiliations.neither am i PTI member.but im not the only one who thinks imran khan shud be given a his rally were people from all parts of the country specifically the youth and its the youth who drive a nation…if ppl had problems wid his stance then they wud have never supported him.definitely the youth dont want an extremist attitude,they want peace,a corruption free society.n dats what imran khanx manifestox all about.we have foolishly voted for the same corrupt leaders over n over whats the big deal if we give imran a chance.i think it wud be a much better choice since at least hex givin us a ray of hope in our seemingly bleak future!!!!!! so just shutup at least we wiil have a leader with some social work 2 his name.among beasts in pakistan imran is no short of an angel for the deprived masses.Go IMU!!!!!

  22. RK says:

    The stupid comments of all the PTI Trolls are so laughable that I am laughing my wits off! As writer proclaimed PTI has no real solutions. PTI Trolls here have saying just Immu rocks and what leader do we have! Shame on Imran Khan and all PTI Trolls!

  23. sana says:

    tehreek insaf zindabad love you imran khan

    tell me those who say imran is not good then tell me who is good those who r abusing us

    tehreek insaf zindabad love you imran khan

  24. Tania says:

    Imran is old now he has had his good play boy days and his sons are living a tycoon life style in the west, its high time he reforms himself into a pious devout muslim, hes enjoyed it all to the fullest

  25. amir says:

    this is not an article. it is a paid site for propaganda against imran khan. this is a work done at job in the offices of the opponents of imran khan. when they noticed that people are not listening to them, they have created this propanda. and i suppose to reply is useless, as all the comments against this article will be deleted before any body else can see them.

    imran khan zindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  26. Malik says:

    Dear Author,

    You have opened my eyes and I can see the real face of Imran Khan! He should get life! We hate TALIBAN KHAN!


  27. Sana Ali Khan says:

    Dear Author !
    Your are really great and thanks for making us aware of Islamic principles we were unaware about Islam before; According to Islam if person do tuwba and Allah SWT forgives his sins which he did in past. But the real thing is that a person shouldn’t point fingers on others. If Imran was so pious than he should have been a saint but he is just a Madari! One important question you made your judegemnt by looking on these pics and hope you got these pics too? I think pictographic evidence is enough to see that Imran Khan is not so pious or, as a matter of fact, leader. So I request him to please be honest with people rather to lie. Like for example he was calling Altaf a target killer and goon and than he didn’t dare to speak a word about him! Shame on Imran Khan! NO TO LOTAS! PTI MURDABAD!

  28. asim says:

    Imran khan is a not hero. world know him , he has not given anything to Pakistan. His children are even in UK and are being raised by Jewish mother who herself is such a b*tc*….

    Imran YOu dont Worry Haq or Such ka sath dena bht takleef de hota hai jaisay PTI Trolls yahan is blog pe writer ko tumhaiin expose karnay ki waja se takleef de rhay haiin. But you should know we will expose you and will make the world see your real dirty face.

    Writer keep it up and expose that Zani Khan.

  29. Rizwan says:

    Anti Imran Khan Propaganda – Quaid-e- Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was very western too.. Sadly many Pakistani who live in western nations are more true Muslims than the one in Pakistan . Its a fact.

    • AQEEL AHMED says:

      and i pray for your death , InshAllah, you are an idiot and nothing else. every one do mistakes and every one have rights to be good read quran even if your last breath still there you can ask forgiveness. you better be happy with current politician may be you have your cake in it ..

  30. no buddy is doing good for Islam , all want to make people fool and they don’t know that in the end we have to die ,and there is a justice day and we have answer all of these to Allah ,if some one post these all against imran khan ,exactly he is must be in other party ,and i think there is no leader that will work for his country and Islam,all is son of beach ,

  31. Ahsan says:

    Okay there are a few things i would like to say here:

    1. Yes, Imran Khan’s policy on the future of Pakistan are a bit foggy. He claims that he will do many great things when he comes to power but he himself is not sure how he is going to materialise them when the time comes.

    2. But than again, do we want Pakistan in the hands of the people who are already on the screens? i mean tell me, do the people of Pakistan still want the like’s of, Zardari, Nawaz, Altaf, Maulana F. Rahman, Shujaat and so on, to keep on ruining this country of ours? Imran claims many things, many good things too, how do we know for sure that he would bring nothing but misery for us; at least i know this for sure that the names i mentioned earlier are definitely going to further destroy Pakistan.

    3. Why is it that most of the people on this blog are so obsessed with this concept that shariah is a bad thing? i mean what exactly do you guys define shariah to be; every rule and law that the Taliban imposed during their era or is it that the teachings of Quran and Propeht Muhammad (P.B.O.H) depicts what shariah is?
    Most of the people here i noticed are muslims, at least that’s what i deduced by their names, so all of these “muslims” will presumably agree with me when i say that for us (muslims) life revolves around the teachings of Quran and Prophet Muhammad (P.B.O.H), right? so what if i tell you that shariah, the ideal shariah i might add, is everything that is written in Quran and has been taught by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.O.H)?
    So, my point being, that let’s not name “Taliban-ish Law” as “Shariah Law”, there’s a huge difference between these two. The Tliban used the word Shariah to veil their acts of terror and evil, why are we, in a sense, following their steps by using the word Shariah Law to define such acts?

  32. Sarah Fazal says:

    This article got too interesting and truly informative and exposed mundane character of Taliban Khan very well! I salute writer for being bold and informative! Please don’t stop writing!

  33. Qasim Nayeem says:

    Queation to the author: did you gather all this information out of your free time OR you got paid by the Sharif brothers?

  34. You (author of this article) are a low life peace of shit! Its bastards like you who give Pakistan and Islam a bad name all over the world. Hope you burn in the fires of hell with your owner and ass lovers like the Sharifs, Gilanis, Zardaris and many more!

  35. khan ke abu says:

    true story of a mother fucker . nice work boss he should b hanged till death and we will never allow him to take our county and we will through him in israel from where he belongs !

  36. sahir says:

    I think the writer of this articles is itself is not a Muslim a good person, coz you don’t have to write like this…
    Imran khan is only the person who can do for Pakistan, He left his Home, he improved his whole life, You should think about it,

  37. Anwar Hayat says:

    This article makes every sense. You haven’t relied on rumors but, instead, showed pictures of Imran Khan being a party boy. What’s wrong with being a party boy? There is nothing wrong but when you impose it on others and continue being party boy and supporting Taliban you are one MOTHER FUCKING LOSER!

    I think Imran Khan should be killed with his brothers Taliban!

    I Got back to reading your Express Tribune (ie Pentagon Times) and it was great.

    I feel sorry for trash like PTI Trolls and abusing bastards abusing you so I abused them as tit for tat.
    Keep doing good work! We LOVE YOU

  38. saad says:

    just a thinking if imran cant control a wife and his 2 sons and make compromise to his family how will he be controlling a huge country with 18 crore population… a matter to think..
    and even if he divorced his wife why his kids are in uk? and when his kids will grow they will return to rule us again with jewish thoughts and propaganda……
    if u see his cricket career he was famed for aggressive captaincy but ruling a country doesnt needs aggression its not a kids game. ruling a country needs lots and lots of thought process

  39. Eman Omar says:

    Half the words in this article are spelt wrong.. and you assume youre fit enough to write such a biased passage about someone who im sure is educated enough to rule.

  40. sohaila says:

    guys who are against imran khan are the ones with narrow minds yeah he might of done stuff when he was younger but who say people cant change should he always be questioned about his past why.. im sure most of u out there have done worse.the main reason for his seperation was his wife couldnt ajust to pakistani life…i know many pakistani british girls who get married to guys in pakistan but wouldnt dream of living there….so atleast she tried…his kids r british born obviously they r gonna live there and wouldnt it be wrong for anyone to seperate the kids from the mother…if u losers out the had a chance to go live in england of america u would the first ones out…get a grip guys u knw wht the problem with us pakistani is we dont practice what we preach …we might have many faults ourselves but we love to point the finger at others….why dont we give him a try…if a man like zardari can rule the country why not imran khan…think about it!!!!!

  41. Arqam says:

    Dear Author,
    It’s a good read, but being a critic you shouldn’t use such language for which you blame PTI supporters. Before I comment let me be very clear that I’m not a member of PTI, and below are my personal opinions and observations.

    Your whole article is based on “your” opinion that Imran supports Taliban. If one disagrees with your basic assumption keeping in mind his recent interviews and his past life; than this whole article, pictures and so called “facts” are baseless.

    During separation it was agreed upon that if local tribes of FATA announce to accept Pakistan, the government won’t interfere with their local culture and justice system.
    Imran khan in his latest interview said that if American gov can sit along with Talban, than why not Pakistan; being a major stake holder. Imran does not support Taliban, He prefers peaceful sustainable solution over military operation, as Taliban use the rage of locals who have lost their families in this imposed war for suicide bombing.

    Secondly your opinion to change the ideology of Pakistan as a solution for the issue will only bring chaos, anarchy and talibanisation all over Pakistan; it may also unite all the religious parties. As seen in the past in the form of MMA. One should find a political peaceful solution to the problem remaining in the ideological boundaries of the country whether we like it or not.
    Take the example of M.Morsi (Egypt) & Tayab Urdagan(Turkey). Both being pro-islamist elected in a secular country. Comparing both; Tayab Urdagan focuses on economic & foreign policies rather than secular ideological of the country is proving himself as a reformer, in a region where almost all the countries are hit by economic recession. On the other hand Egypt will soon ignite as Morsi focuses on changing ideology.

  42. Addy says:

    Great work to organize everything in a fabulous, literary, well researched Masterpiece of the year 2013 (if you know what I mean)…
    I would not like to comment of whatever you have the answer lies in your work…after putting so much efforts to dig even a pin and nail it to imran khan you are not able to find a financial corruption, and I seriously hope if you could understand why your fellow pakistanis (as you would say Burger Class and PTI trolls) voted for imran khan? we do not expect him to be the Khalifa like character we need a man who do not use poor people’s money for making his already massive empire (which is also created by blood of poor pakistanis) even bigger.
    Just to make sure if you know, for last 66 years imran khan has never been in power, so what bad he did to the country? are we really that blind to our little interests that we cannot see the poors doing suicide? hunger? corruption? name me one thing which went in Pakistan’s way for last 66 years? and is it really imran khan we should hate?
    I wish nawaz shareef, altaf hussain, asfand ya wali, asif zardari, or any bhutto would have worked to the benefits of common people of pakistan, if that would have happened no body would have voted for imran khan…
    Everything we write, say is accountable on the day of judgment…lets pray we should not say a single word (for any reason) which we could not defend on the day of judgment…ALLAH knows what’s in heart.
    Love for all Pakistani Brothers and Sisters…

  43. Furqan says:

    Imran is the greatest person born on this planet earth. Whatever he did in past is absolutely halal. Pakistani people should be ruled under Shriah. Imran does not need Shriah for his own life. He is not ‘Awam’, he is King

  44. this article is totally fail the pics you uploaded were editted and if anyone has eyes can see this because every children after mother and father’s divorce lives with their mom’s so likewise ik’s children are living with thier mom…..also they are fully islamic b/c the influence of dad is on children’s these fake scandels will not be enough to say that ik is wrong is tarhaan toh hamare quaid par bhi scandels hue this doesn’t makes him wrong…….. so hello mister who wrote this article plz dnt misguide people about our legend ik and he has no affairs type things with anyone before today and not in future also that’s the dirty dust in your mind dnt ever make such type of things wrond articles fake things otherwise GOD will not forgive you……………….got it

  45. Bilal Anwar says:

    I can’t believe the amount of ad hominem in this post. Honestly, I haven’t read the entire article because it’s absolute bullshit spewing out of the author’s mouth.

    Imran Khan does NOT support Taliban. You ought to ask the same of Sharif mian? Afterall, the Taliban were trained and armed during his time as PM in the 90s.

    And what’s wrong with his sons studying in the UK. They are half English, aren’t they? Can’t say the same for Sharif’s mongrel children, now can we?

  46. hina hadi says:

    well I don’t think so that every person is perfect having no past. every person has their pasts some pasts are good and some are not good through which one can bring better change in their lives. same is here many many times imran khan has said about his past that it was not good. he also said that he didn’t spend a good life a that time as he is also a human being and being a human no one is complete and perfect and those ppl who accept that their past was not good and realize their mistakes I think they become a perfect in this century. so what ever he did in his past was past not his present we will judge his present time and his future,and I am damn sure he will prove that he is a legend inshaaAllah a great leader will always support him

  47. z says:

    author or article, is not a muslim by (Faith) does not understand the real values of concept of life thru Islam, you are exploiting someone’s past and are mocking on some maybe called mistakes in his life, im am 200% sure and confident that it isnt allowed in Islam.

    so id like to boycott such black sheeps of muslim community, extremists and attention seeking cows.

    Keep up the good work Imran Khan.

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