Sympathy Sex: Gay 101

Sympathy sex is the most happening thing in the town. This is a trick (which is quiet successful) by which people want to get into your pants… Sympathy Sex phenomenon occurs usually after you get bored with your boyfriend or conversely if he gets bored with you… People have been chatting about it… This is how it goes…

“Hey I am doomed… There is no happiness in my life…”

“I am dying… Help me…”

“I am not being loved ever…”

“I was a straight guy who loved a girl but she got engaged to someone else so I turned gay…”

“This gay thing was always inside me but I loved a girl but she went away… Again…”

“I need love…” etc etc

These sympathy sex maniacs are very likely to abandon you either after a One Night Stand or after sleeping and playing with you for a month or so… Well, sympathy sex is not a bad thing especially if you are bottom and want a man to caress your back while going deep into you… People says that it helps… Sex always do. So if you want to hookup with a guy who is looking for sympathy sex then beware… Give him what he wants and extract from him what you desire… This could be written under the heading of Gay 101…


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