Fazal, you have not changed… But we have!

It was no other than the government of MMA (JI, JUI-F and other extremists) in KPK that gave birth to first Pakistani Taliban State in Swat. It was no other than JUI-F Mullah Diesel and his entourage of corrupt and greedy Mullahs who has given freehand to Taliban of Swat and helped them in establishment of a State within State. It was no other than Durrani (former CM of KPK) who along with Fazal appointed Soil Traitor Syed Muhammad Javed as Commissioner of Malakand Division. What S. M. Javed did is no secret and how did he let loose Taliban and forced people to take their cases to Taliban Courts is nothing secret.

Although, now, Taliban have been swept to Afghanistan and bordering Bajaur Agency but patrons of Taliban such as Mullah Fazal ur Rehman who is chief of JUI-F and Jamaat-e-Islami are mourning on the restoration of normalcy in the region. Comments came yesterday and they disgusted so many to the core.

Those who have taken up arms have been declared terrorists and those who dance are [considered] peace-loving. Western culture is being imposed on innocent [people] of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, especially those living in Swat and Malakand Division, in the name of culture,” Fazl said.

If you just look at the comments, it will be pretty obvious that Fazal has been patronizing those who have taken up arms. Isn’t it clear breach of our laws? Of course, we all know that Fazal is a greedy person so he always joins league with any government and accepts money earning ministries as payment. Former tourism minister hailing from JUI-F said in a gathering that Taliban were true Muslims and USA and its supporters are biggest terrorists. How silly! Silly doesn’t even know that if Taliban are true Muslims then rest of the world will not tolerate these barbarians ruining the peace of the world.

Jamiat-e-Ulma-e-Islam is famous for its stances in the past. During Mutiny of 1857 the Ulema of this faction of Islamic religion sided with British and even harbored them inside the mosques of their dominion. Then it was no other than JUI-F that vehemently supported United India. There is an on-the-record decree of these so-called Ulema of JUI (now JUI-F) that founder of this country, Mr M.A. Jinnah, is kafir. Their blubbering is same about rest of the people and world. JUI-F’s mullahs are shameless like hogs. Wikileaks had a lot to say about Fazal-ur-Rehman, for example. This Fazal-ur-Rehman was begging American Ambassador Ms Patterson that Pentagon should consider making him premier and he will do everything for American interests. 

What’s wrong with us? Our security establishment, as it is rumored, has been breeding a certain unrest in Tribal Areas to make sure that hefty payments in the name of American Homeland Security and Aid keeps on coming in National Exchequer. Well, we all know that our security establishment is drawing 80% of national exchequer… So why Fazal’s comments came at such a crucial time? Country is inching towards another head-to-head collision between judiciary and executive. Nation’s bar associations are again threatening to take on streets and Fazal’s comments that he will not tolerate the culture of tolerance and equality in this country.

I and many like me have been shouting that Pakistan needs to put on cork over the mouths of those who are patronizing Taliban. JUI-F has history of supporting terrorists. Let it not surprise us that Mullah Shah Abdul Aziz who is card-bearing member of JUI-F is suspected of planning at least 5 acts of terrorism and bombings. This includes attack on Danish Embassy in Islamabad. However, due to ineffective laws of our country, he got acquitted every time.

Our courts have history of acquitting terrorists by sighting Lack-of-Evidence as reason for their acquittal. We don’t have laws that can deal justly with terror suspects. Courts become extra swift in acquittal of terror suspects but they care a damn when juveniles’ lives are wasted in jails on petty accusations or on the account of barbarism of Police. We don’t want to take care of them…

It is now clear that JUI-F’s agenda is Talibanization of Pakistan. Their motives are loud and clear. But I want to thank Goodness that PTI and Imran Khan didn’t condemn the promotion of Culture in Swat and called it demonic. Let’s hope our people wake up. If they cannot come up with a revolution then I sincerely hope that they evolve into sanity… We have changed, at least, a faction of this country has changed and we will not give you chance to Talibanize this country and impose your Talibani Shariah over us…


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