The Buds

The Gates of Heavens were opened
And flood gushed to towns
Those who knew said it is a great wonder

Have you heard about the broken arrow
The one whose head is detached from it’s tail
Thus shall be the condition of one who frowns

I swear by the seed in darkness
Isn’t it Him who swells the belly
Then it busts and buds sprout

Their eyes are closed they see no nothing
They repent not from what they call good
Soon they will perish

Do you comprehend what their minds make?
They say we do reformation in land
Aren’t their hands are red with blood?

So soon a plague shall consume them all
When earth shall be split to two
And Lord shall turn his face from them

They shook hands, they laughed, they ate
They drank and then they slept
Soon a sleep shall consume you all

Wait with me
Behold with us
We are waiting…


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