Who has been exposed? Geo TV or Aamir Liaqat Hussain?

The video says it all… There is no need to elaborate this but I have all rights to know that what that guy was doing on GEO TV for so long if he was such a jerk and crap? The reality is reality though. The question that arises here is that why did someone chose that particular time to unleash the tremors through this video when TRP of Geo TV’s religious programs are running all time low and Aamir Liaqat Hussain’s programs on ARY Digital are peaking the TRP ratings? The answer is simple… Media Blackmailing has now taken its new toll: Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain. It has been heard through confidential sources and circles that Geo TV had offered Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain to return back but he declined because of his personal differences with few people over there and less payments. Someone (I am not taking name because I don’t want some You Tube or Facebook video showing me having sex in black and blue!) told Aamir Liaqat Hussain that Geo TV is all capable or ruining his TV career. He took it lightly and just after 12 hours from this brawl Pakistan witnessed a horrible crime committed, yes again, in the name of religion.

This poses a big question mark on the credibility of ALL NEWS and TV Channels. Geo TV has started this and now reputation of many so-called TV Anchors are at stake! Well, this was neither secret for those who had been associated with Geo TV or have known Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain in person. It was 2 years ago when a cousin of mine (who worked for Geo TV and witnessed the recording of Aalim Online) told me that after great performance of crying in front of Camera Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain laughs a horrible laughter and says, “daykha aaj mai ne logo ko kaisa rulaya”. The question is not that why he was singing the Hindi Song or asking some neo-media Mullah about the Hindi Flick Ghalib but the real question is that why after knowing all the bullshit he does during the program or after that Geo TV kept on running his program and increasing its TRP through him? People have been saying a lot and he has been giving out his pathetic defense against the video by calling it “engineered” and worst is that people are calling him up and saying that it had been dubbed but no one is saying anything about the channel that is self-styled Master of the Truth that why he heck it kept running his program for so long?

It disgusts me to the core that Aamir Liaqat Hussain has written two books that are best-selling in Pakistan about the Signs of Qayamat. I went to Urdu Bazaar in Rawalpindi and Famous Delhi Book Depot’s owner told me that his books are high in demand and you have to book the copy before… Well, I was never inspired from this guy! His laughter was Satanic and his actions have proven to be vile too… I am short of words to express my remorse over this pathetic incident but my anger is not directed towards Aamir Liaqat only! The real culprit is Geo TV. Now can we assume that other media mullahs of Geo TV such as Hamid Mir and Ansar Abbasi are like ALH? Do you know that certain people are pretty sure that they have been on foreign payroll since long? Does anyone of us know about the personal life of Hamid Mir? Yes, this media mullah is fond of all the things that he term as against Islam and throws private parties in his farmhouse situated in Chak Shahzad.

I remember a Hadith of Holy Prophet about the signs of Qayamat that when Qayamat will draw near, the preacher will be worst than the one to whom he has  been preaching… Does anyone remember how did he react to the murder of Salman Taseer and blasphemy law victims issue? I recall it exactly! Horrendous is the fact that he had been using fowl language during the break when he was explaining the benefits and blessings of a famous poem written by a Companion of Prophet (SAW) who had been declared as absconder and his murder was authenticated because he had written many poems against Abu Bakar and Prophet (SAW). Prophet (SAW) forgave that man but Hazrat Abu Bakar didn’t so his murder was authenticated on the wish of Abu Bakar. But he accepted Islam before that and came to Prophet (SAW) in the presence of Abu Bakar and recited the poem that he wrote for them. He changed the words of the contempt into the words of praise. Abu Bakar forgave him and Prophet (SAW) gave him the woolen coat or sheet he had been wearing. This sheet is called Burda and the poem is known as Qaseeda-e-Burda.  The verse that hurt Abu Bakar the most was this:

Abu Bakar had made you drink a worst drink
That I will not even prefer to death
He was mislead by a madman
Yes, the one who says that angels speak to him

Aamir Liaqat himself has committed blasphemy by using fowl language when he had been referring to  3rd stanza of this poem… No one explained that Prophet (SAW) forgave the man who had been writing this crap against him and made an example. ALH would have completely forgotten the real message behind Qaseeda-e-Burda. What should I write more??? His comeback against the video is pathetic! No one can dare the authenticity of this video. His stance that it has been dubbed is laughable! It was real!! Oh yes, it was real BIG TIME!

It shows one thing very clearly and sane should learn from this that Media is no toolof truth! Geo TV has been promoting people who are creating artificial hype just to increase their TRP. Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain himself is misguided and is guilty of dividing Muslims on sectarian lines along with committing blasphemy. Alas, poor Asia Bibi was sentenced to death and Geo TV NEVER CONDEMNED IT and the mole was working and increasing TRP of Geo TV from last many years!!! Yes, Geo TV should be treated under Section 295 B & C of PPC and if government and other people including Mullahs of all sects are not able to fight Geo TV then all blasphemy victims should be freed!

What should I say more? I am feeling pity for many mothers and sisters (including mine) who were used to cry while ALH was used to plead Allah! They didn’t know that this pathetic monster laughed when camera was switched off and commercials were played! I am feeling sorry for my many sisters who had confined their worst secrets to this monster and his crony: GEO TV! Allah knows that all they sought was some guidance that Mullahs took away from them by locking Quran into the locker of many Hadiths / Tafasir / Fiqh and what not???

Why doesn’t sky fall? Why I am not seeing any portent of the wrath of Allah on him? I never trash someone by cursing them but I want to curse ALH for playing with the sentiments of many mothers, sisters and brothers! I curse ALH for playing with the holy Islam and making mockery of it! I curse Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain for further dividing Muslims! Alas, if he was mislead then he lead many astray! People don’t know that Islam is just so simple! It has nothing to do with what these media mullahs of all types (Barelvi / Deobandi / Wahabi  / Talibani / neo-Army) have been preaching and enforcing!

Why can’t anyone see the folly of these TV Channels showing Indian Soaps and the society that is hardly visible anywhere and running religious programs to rub their backs with balm? Geo TV is real culprit. The list is very long: Aalia ne Pakistan Chhor Diya, Capital Talk and now this Aalim Online too! Please people wake up! When you will wake up from your slumber? Can’t you see hypocrisy of Geo TV? Oh damn it!


4 thoughts on “Who has been exposed? Geo TV or Aamir Liaqat Hussain?

  1. ubaidnaeem says:

    Gentleman who r u??????????????????????
    c’mon be a man and tell us wht is real truth.come infront of the nation

  2. Sheherzad says:

    geo tv is a shit channel .They portray western propaganda and blackmail politicians and all anchors own big houses in Isl becoz of black mailing.They are definitely gold diggers not even their sports channel is good which shows more commercials than sports and then want people to pledge for the channel. They leaked this video at such a time cause he is no longer associated with him and he may even return tomorrow to that channel. I can’t believe why he is such a famous man almost as devious as he can be in his path to righteousness.I always found him making everything up but I am not a fool to believe him Thank God for his mercy on me that I can understand when someone is a fake. And my bro/sis whoever wrote this article isn’t its Allah’s wrath on him and we don’t know what else is wrong with his life but this is very demeaning nonetheless.
    Believe me or not I was planning to call him this ramzan and say onto his face that i am always reminded one hadith when he tells something about religion that ” Qayamat will draw near, the preacher will be worst than the one to whom he has been preaching”and I think he is that preacher who knows nothing and despite that people ask him it is very much a sign of qayamat. And you will understand everything about Pakistani politics if you hear a 2002 lecture by Imran Nazar Hosein on 9/11 and what the future holds for muslims.(its an eye opener and his prophesies almost stand true to this date)

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