Perceptions are not always right…

Not sometimes but all the times we make perceptions about people. People who might look a bit weired in their first impression. Who might have cracked the wrong jokes at wrong points. So that’s why we just trash their images in our minds… But have we really thought that if this is right? First impression sure does make long lasting impact but it is not the last impression… We have many examples of people having stunningly excellent first impression but very haunting aspects when you go on with them…

Is it right that we just make our first impression and presume it to be the last impression? Till today, I was a staunch believer of this First Impression is the Last Impression Theory but it collapsed today. So I don’t know that why do we believe in first impressions when we always, in the end, confess that first impressions aren’t everything… But still people whose chemistry doesn’t match with us should at least pretend to be nicer when we interact with them!

What I wrote just ahead itself is very mean and unrealistic. I just invited people to be some hypocrite and act what they aren’t. It is so against the slogan of so-called monogamous gays. However, perceptions are not always right but they are made on some solid grounds… This is so true that every g man has habit of bitching and gossiping. We love to gossip… And we gossip about everyone and everything that is under the sun of gay world. Every man comes to our discussion one time or other.

I just wrote, in my previous post, that we need to respect other people’s discretion but here in our Desi gay scene, the only thing that could make you a real socialite is the gossip. Not little but loads of it with a lot of spice just like our Desi food. Someone wrote somewhere that Chili Pepper  (that is one of the SOLE ingredient of Desi food) gives us the exact feeling as one puts his tongue on the burning stove… This gossip makes us spicy. It gives us topic of discussion. Well, topics for idle and useless discussions.

Why do we gossip? Why do have this gossiping spirit? Stalkers who habitually stalk on their friend’s boyfriends or their exes would answer that. They just want to know that what is being happening with their exes. Maybe they want to assure that if they still need them back. Then Gossip Girls want to know you. I am disgusted to the core… I just remembered a gossip girl with whom I did couple of hookups and he fell in love with me in the first sight. I don’t know why did it happen? It is all about the vibes. I didn’t give him the positive vibes! We just met for a hookup. However, when that gossip girl came over my nerves then I did what we do in these situations: I ignored him…

Then as ever he gossiped about me and rest of the story is about perceptions…

Let’s think twice before making any perceptions about first impressions…


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