Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain Exposed: The other angle!

Obviously it is the hottest topic of this holy month and everyone is talking about it. Poor brat has been exposed and public attention has been drawn to his real face that is very contrary to what we have perceived through the media frenzy of age… But we are missing some really important questions here and keeping our full attention on ALH-bashing. Even Molana Hazraat of mosques are discussing this deep conspiracy hatched by no other than CIA as I have heard through neo-HuT people that he was funded by CIA to sabotage Muslim Faith… Well, many of us are making him another scapegoat to divert our attention from the real issues…

Nearly all of us have watched the full video. His defense against the video is not laudable – rather it is pathetic! But we are missing the core point here: Aamir Liaqat Hussain was not an angel! He was a mere human-being like all of us and he was prone to make these mistakes. Obviously, he had been associated with a TV Channel from years so you cannot expect that he would smash his television set, burn all the DVDs of Hindi Flicks and make huge bonfires of the posters with Models and Actors. I had never been fan of ALH since the day I watched the video that has been inserted in the last part of the clip. Well, I am not stating my verdict over the issues on which he spoke in that particular gathering here; but I am rather saying that none of those issues were a secret that was revealed by ALH.

All of the students of Islamic History know very well that whatever he stated was not his personal idea about those holy personalities but facts that were written in authentic books of Islamic History such as Tabari, Ibn-e-Ishaq, Ibn-e-Husham and many more. We need to dig down before actually stripping ALH naked. The important point is the response videos that surfaced after the revelation of the true face of ALH. Most of them are targeting a certain community in our country and asking people of Pakistan to decide what will they do to those who disrespect those personalities that ALH mentioned. We all know that ALH touched redlines of the sectarian issues and nearly all of us stand on right or left of these redlines. Well, the real issue here is that why should we let our sensitive communal harmony disrupted by someone and give chance to terrorists to propagate their one-point agenda of Taliban Rule in Pakistan?

I think there is a dire need of some top-level action in this case. It is the responsibility of government to find the facts behind the release of this video especially on the eve of Independence Day. Well, the responses and apologies of certain group that is blamed for the release of this video shows very well that the real culprit is not ALH but the group that had been promoting him from last many years despite of what he was doing when camera was turned off. I smell a rat here, actually! Is it another stunt did by certain media group to blackmail ALH? Well, it is an established fact that ALH was no-one before he received the blessings of certain media group and baptized by the media frenzy that this media group created.

Personal life and Camera Life of media people and celebs is totally different – sometimes poles apart. It is not only true for ALH but it holds true for every media celeb. I remember a program on certain TV channel, back when I was a kid, making practical jokes with celebs. Well, my experience of watching Ali Azmat’s dealing with the team of that program was not good but it didn’t make me hate Ali Azmat because he has been doing good things as well. He has been producing great music… I think that it is very naïve to treat Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain differently than Sahir Lodhi or Shaista Wahidi.

I want to share an experience of my friend when he met Ashweria Rai in London. She was very rude to her fans and even shooed away some and used strong words. This doesn’t expose her, I think! This was her personal life! So many of us who are counter-abusing ALH should look into their own collars first! How many of us refrain absolutely from the absurd language that he was using? Most of us have this habit of using one or two words during the single sentence that we speak… ALH was no different than us! How can we expect that he invited guests to his program on the basis of what some of us are terming as fair merit? Of course he invited those with whom he was close personally. So what if he was being over frank with a guest of his, having public face that doesn’t allow him to speak such words?

It elaborates another important point too that our media really needs some ethics. Doesn’t it put many people associated with media at stake? It has opened a new door of media-blackmailing so if someone is switching job and joining the rival channel then he should be afraid because his real face can be exposed as well! The other thing is TRP of religious programs of ex-employer of ALH. It is no secret that they were all time low after the departure of ALH from there and ratings of the other channel that he joined were high. Aamir says it loud and clear in his tweets that he was targeted by that media group because they were angry over the low ratings and blamed him for the decline in their TRP. I don’t know if it is true or not but I am rather relieved that true face of many masked faces have been revealed.  God bless us!


One thought on “Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain Exposed: The other angle!

  1. amir liaqat hussain is a bastard and an asshole, why dont u think like this that by punishing few chaps like him in the open public and making them examples for other, would be much better than getting on with intelectual thoughts this n that issue…

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