Conspiracy Theories: ISI no ISI! Real FACTS Based POST!

Conspiracy theories are cooking up. Americans are trying to cover up in their public for the huge burden on their exchequer because of the hefty payments to ISI as head money for terrorists such as Osama. In this post, it will be summarized and elaborated that how Americans are covering up for the payment and what is the reality behind the statement of Pakistani Army Chief in the wake of mostly Indian and Afghan criticism over the covert operation headed by US Naval SEALs and facilitated by Army and ISI in Pakistan.

(1)    American president mentions role of Pakistan in nabbing terrorists. He, however, maintained that this operation was solely lead by US Naval SEALS and almost 80 soldiers took part in it.

(2)    Pakistani officials kept quiet for almost 32 hours and Gillani, foolishly, congratulated the world for the demise of Osama.

(3)    Dr. Firdos Ashiq Awan, Information Minister, tried to cover up for the Americans by giving US operation the cover of UNSC resolution that has been passed long ago.

(4)    Foreign Office Spokeswoman the next day emphasized that operation was solely lead by US SEALs, however, it was bilateral and intelligence had been shared with Americans and other friendly intelligence agencies prior to the operation since June last year. She contradicted her own statement later in the same press conference by saying that Americans didn’t inform about the operation before this time and it was because of the announced policy of USA that US Armed Forces will take action unilaterally wherever they would get the confirmed intelligence about Osama’s presence.

(5)    CIA Chief Leon Panetta declared to Time Magazine that Pakistan was not informed prior to the operation because they feared that Pakistanis will aware the targets.

(6)    Leon Panetta said the next day that CIA is trying to get to the bottom of the situation that why Pakistanis were not aware of the presence of Osama that too next to a prestigious Military Academy. He said, “Both they were accomplices or incompetent and both positions are dangerous to be in.”

(7)    Indian Media along with Indian sponsored media (such as Geo TV in Pakistan) started the debate that India should also conduct surgical strikes in Pakistan and take direct action against Hafiz Saeed of JUD that has been blamed for terrorist activities in India and believed to be an accomplice of Al-Qaeda.

(8)    Indian Army Chief told newsmen that India is all capable of carrying out US type of operation in Pakistan. Indians also blamed Pakistani government and Army of being aide of Al-Qaeda. A full-fledged Pakistan Bashing Campaign has been launched by India with the aid of RAW sponsored media such as Geo TV in Pakistan.

(9)    Pakistani Army Chief issued a rare statement yesterday threatening of dire consequences and tit-for-tat retaliation to anyone who would dare to cross into Pakistan illegally to carry out any mission. It was a direct message to India that Pakistan will not hesitate to defend its boundaries whenever it is required.

(10) Army Chief also ordered a probe into the presence of Osama in Abbotabad just next to PMA. He said that actions will be taken against the culprits.

Let’s analyze the situation in the light of above facts. First of all the operation that eliminated Osama cannot be a unilateral one because of common sense. Abbotabad is located very far away from Afghanistan and close to Capital city of Islamabad that is also close to Indian held Kashmir. Location of Abbotabad, geographically, is more close to India than to Afghanistan. We know that CIA has been continuously saying that the three choppers that took part in the operation flew from Jalalabad Airbase in Afghanistan and covered 120 KM aerial distance without being noticed by Radars of Pakistan. This is ridiculous itself. Any Engineer would tell you that once Radars are jammed by a signal that in technical language is called noise it doesn’t go unnoticed. Whenever a Radar or as a matter of fact any electronic equipment is jammed for a while, it is felt and detected afterwards i-e when the jamming device goes away from the target (it is as in Doppler’s Law). So if the choppers flew from Afghanistan they could never cross border unnoticed because of the route.

(a)    There is Radar in Peshawar Cantt.  If choppers flew over Peshawar and jammed the Radars, they could have been easily detected after their departure through Doppler’s Law if Pakistanis on duty were not sleeping (that is very unlikely!).

(b)   There is Radar in Nowshehra Cantt.

(c)    There is Radar in Kamra Cantt. Kamra is home to Pakistan Air Force jet fighters and has Pakistan’s biggest Air Craft rebuild factories.

(d)   There is Radar in Wah Cantt that houses Pakistan Ordinance Factory.

(e)   There is Radar in Tarbela Ghazi Cantt that is home to Pakistani SSG Commandos.

(f)     There is Radar in Havelian Cantt that houses Pakistan’s biggest tank rebuild factory.

(g)    There is Radar in Abbotabad Cantt that is an important Army Cantonment and home to Pakistan Military Academy Kakool.

How it is possible that those three choppers jammed the half Pakistan for 60 minutes? It is not possible according to Doppler’s Law of Physics. It is against the natural physics! If choppers jammed one Radar, they could have been identified by others and if they were so sophisticated that they jammed say Radars within the rage of 200 KM still it is obnoxious as the same Radars are also controlling Civilian Aviation Traffic and all the No Fly Zones are identified already so any intrusion into these Zones cannot go unnoticed even if Radars were jammed for a while. They cannot be jammed for whole 60 minutes because all these cantonments are at considerable distance from each other.

Now the second scenario would be that these choppers flew from some airbase within the territory of Pakistan. Still they cannot fly unchecked and someone would have noticed them and it would be in the knowledge of authorities. Of course if ISI would not be sleeping then.

Both scenarios show clearly that the flight of the choppers carrying USNAVY SEALs was in full knowledge of Pakistani authorities and operation was carried out with their support and help though it is possible that US SEALs took the lead. Then we also know that when choppers were airborne, Police went to the scene but the whole area was already cordoned off by Military Police and Army men.

The whole story of American unilateral action was cooked up to control the backlash in Pakistan as all torchbearers of Osama’s ideology are religio-political and religio-terrorist parties such as Jamaat-e-Islami, JTI, Hizb-e-Tehrir, JUI and JUD etc. These religio-political parties are master in stirring public sentiments over the religious issues. In past they had put on enormous shows over the desecration of Quran by Florida’s Pastor, Caricatures of Prophet and many others. Of course, with people on roads it would be very difficult for the Pakistani State to control the backlash. So it was best in the interest of ISI and Pakistan that the operation would be spear-headed by Americans.

In other post, I have described that ISI and other players got their key demands and Americans got their graceful exit from Afghanistan. Now let’s analyze Army Chief’s statement. We know that CIA and ISI created Taliban and Al-Qaeda. We know that ISI was foster mother of Taliban. We also know to a certain degree of accuracy that ex-ISI officials and few serving ones (that Army Chief called black sheep) are still supporting Taliban. Important example is Gen Hameed Gul who is ex-chief of ISI. But we also know that Taliban have been orphaned by ISI during the war against terrorism. Army is of the view that integration of Pakistan demands the sacrifice of this bastard child of CIA (that is Taliban). So to get rid of Taliban, Army needs a cleanup operation in its own Spy Agency. Spy Master and Army Chief saw this as a great opportunity to cleanse the Spy Agency from Pro-Taliban elements. Army Chief ordered the probe and indicated that stern action will be taken against the responsible people. This is clear indication that ISI and Army would create one or two scape-goats and will take on the mission of grand cleansing of ISI and will get rid of Pro-Taliban elements.

With elimination of Pro-Taliban elements, Army will launch a full-scale operation in North Waziristan in selected areas only and will eliminate all the extremists and militant that are drawing monetary support from India through RAW’s Gulf facilitators. It will cease the ongoing terrorism in Pakistan as all the threads of terrorist activities go back to Miramshah or Mir Ali town of North Waziristan. Afterwards, a Gilgit-Baltistan type package will be introduced for the Tribal Areas to meet the political deprivation of the tribal people. It will be carried on with American money. With the elimination of Anti-Pakistan Taliban, ISI and Army will have an edge in its own territory. Pakistani Establishment will reconcile Pro-Pakistan Afghan Taliban with Afghan National Government and spurn the Indian hopes to have greater role in Afghanistan. It should be noted that USA has already indicated mediocre role of India in Afghan Arena and is looking for a greater reconciliation with Taliban with the help of Saudi Arab and Pakistan.

It is very probable that these events would unfold in the near future but the conspiracy theories that Osama is alive or Americans will attack Pakistan or most ridiculous that India will carry on surgical strikes in Pakistan are sheer stupidity and against the established facts. Spy world is different from ours! Think about it!


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