Shameless Mullah and Opportunist’s Islam

We have been seen great Hullabaloo over the issue of Acting Director of CIA Pakistan Chapter Raymond Davis in Pakistan. Mullahs of Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Tulba-e-Islam, Hizb-e-Tehrir and other Talibani supporters had been talking about Islamic Law of “Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth, Nose for Nose and Life for Life”. There have been many who claimed to be the heirs of two deceased persons, which had been shot dead by Davis with his Glim-mock in Lahore.  Well, little of us know that the conspiracy theory that the two slain men were employees of ISI or some other sensitive agency and things like they have been after Davis to monitor his on-ground activities are nothing but sheer stupidity. This was invented by none other than Geo TV’s Media Mullahs such as Hamid Mir and  Kamran Khan and it was later fed to other channels mainly through another Media Mullah who is on Dunya TV these days. I forgot the name but he is the one who envisaged the murder of an important ISI operative who went to negotiate with Taliban in North Waziristan.

The self proclaimed lawyer of the deceased is none other than lawyer of Jamaat-e-Islami. Well, the point that should be emphasized here is that if those two men were actually employees of a sensitive agency then why didn’t government arrange for some good lawyer? We know that ISI has history of using lawyers to face several lawsuits. News kept on changing. First day we heard that those two were mobile snatchers because they had snatched mobile phones of two people and then they came to Davis who was stuck in traffic jam on Lahore’s Lower Mall. However, this news was later replaced by the one that those two were innocent men who had nothing to do with mobile-snatching-Davis-killing thing so Jamaat-e-Islami /JTI / Shabab-e-Milli and other Taliban supporters came into the scene with their own lawyers and protest after every Juma Prayer. We heard Mullahs shouting from the pulpits of mosques that Muslims should avenge the blood of two slain men. “Eye for eye! Nose for nose! Tooth for tooth and Life for life!” One can hear every mosque quelling with the hollow promises of heavens for those who shall avenge the blood of those two martyrs from AMRIKA.

Political opportunists such as Imran Khan and infamous Nawaz League gave statements that added fuel to the fire. Little our people know that our country is running on American money. If it will shut down then our country will crumble and torn down like Afghanistan! And, of course, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Rana Sana Ullah, Hanif Abbassi, CJ & Justice League, Generals, Imran Khan, Mullah Fazalul Rehman, Mullah Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Mullah Munawar Hassan and all Mullahs of JI/JTI/Hizb-e-Tehrir, Media Mullahs such as Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan etc will not be affected by demise of our country. Geo TV will still run and air shows and shift its business to India or anywhere in Gulf. All the opportunists will go and settle down abroad as we all know that they have laundered trillions of Rupees from national exchequer to foreign banks. Pakistan will fall down into the hands of Taliban and they will push us 2000 years back to the stone age. Of course, that will be for the ordinary masses who have already been living in medieval era  virtually. Mullah’s own money and Taliban’s Bait ul Maal is safely deposited in Gulf Banks which are paying 15 to 20% of interest on it (and it is only Haram for ordinary people they are doing work of Allah!)

If Mullahs were that Islamic and they claimed in their rallies that they just want Islamic settlement of issues then why are they protesting now? Don’t they know that Quran envisaged Diyat or Blood Money Law? Don’t they know that it is exclusively mentioned in Quran? Now Mullahs are talking about national integrity! So Allah has withdrawn his ordinance of Diyat?

The funny thing is that when real heirs were paid Blood Money and were given Blue American Passports that made them above all, the fake heirs along with Jamaat-e-Islami and other Mullahs started to protest for national integrity and begheriti of the families of victims. So it is a shame that the families of victims availed the option placed their by Allah Himself in His Book? They don’t talk about it! Let’s talk about protesting relatives of Fauzia who killed herself on self-perception that she would not be dealt justly. Well, Islamic Law envisaged in four Sunni Schools of thoughts envisage one thing very clearly. When husband is killed and wife dies too and they have no children then parents, brothers and sisters of the husband are his heirs and parents, brothers and sisters of the wife are her’s. Now where is Shariah Law and Mullah’s oft-quoted slogan of “Allah ka Qanoon”?

No one is talking about it! No one is accepting that whatever settlement happened, it was totally under Islamic Law envisaged in Quran and the real heirs according to Shariah have received blood money already. The relatives which have been protesting are breaching Islamic Law! So are Mullahs.

Shame on Mullahs and their opportunist Islam! When it goes against them, they just go dump and talk about national interests! Shame on Geo TV’s media Mullahs. Please open your eyes!


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