These days birthdays have become very significant day in our lives. Celebrating birthday that was considered as childish thing back in our childhood days is now a blooming tradition. Fiancées remember each other’s birthday, wives wish husbands, boyfriends wish boyfriends or conversely girlfriends wish boyfriends. In the Pink Lot, birthdays have occupied a very vital  position in our lives.

Usually, birthday in gay lot means a G-Party that is – in my views – not a very pleasing place to visit. A G Party is a blend of three things:

  1. wild and indecent Hindi dance music
  2. lot of Desi or Chinese booze
  3. Public Sex and dancing

These three things gives me nausea and the situation gets worst when trans-gender or gays dressed as trans do all the weird things that one can imagine. Usually, the organizers of these kind of parties have sponsors from the filthy rich yet sex-starved uncles. These uncles use these parties as bait to fish the “twinks”… Yet many of us enjoy being in these parties and think them as cool. Trust me: there are better things in life than these parties.

Another astonishing factor of these gatherings is that the Birthday Boy doesn’t know 90% of the guests and likewise guests have no idea about the birthday boy. Mostly these kind of parties have paid entrance. The ticket ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 100o and can reach as high as Rs. 5000 depending upon the location of the party. Usually, parties in the farmhouses of Islamabad are not that cheap but still 90% of the population that turns up there is weirdo types.

Most of the times, the drinkers are alcohol first-timers and because of the excessive intake of liquor, they vomit it out. People take advantage of drunk lads and twinks and indiscriminate sex on dance floor occurs. Mostly, the gatherings don’t go ugly but occasional scuffles between the rivals occur. It has been seen that most of the party crowd is idle in life and do nothing… Most of the youth brought there does nothing. Many of the professional “escorts” pay visit to these kind of birthday parties for making their contacts… Thus, in short, they serve as a social mating point for many and a source of disgust for some.

Well, anyways, who is throwing party on the birthday tonight??? Happy Birthday, my friend… =P


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