The War Within (Financial Sponsors of Taliban in Arab World)

The war within… This is the exact situation of our country where many other countries are fighting proxy wars with each other. Our security apparatus is so weak that we aren’t even able to deter these elements that are covertly supporting militants and terrorists in Pakistan.

A recent Wiki Leaks report broke that a certain cleric in Faisalabad whose name has been kept secret due to security reasons informed Principal Officer of US Consulate that Sipah-e-Sahaba, a terrorist outfit operating in Urban Punjab, is receiving heavy funding from Saudi Arabia, Libya and another Arab country that I assume is probably Kuwait or Bahrain to cull infidel Shia community in Pakistan. Conversely, Shia terror outfits are receiving hefty payments from predominately Iran to equate Sunni militants.

I have elaborated earlier that these elements are fighting their own wars on Pakistani soil and are getting material support such as sophisticated weaponry through Petro-Dollars by the virtue of many RAW Support Centers across Durand Line in Afghanistan. Well, India is not supporting Taliban directly; she is doing it through her Gulf Facilitators located in North African and Arabian Arab countries.

The ISI and Army are two elements that are facing rebellion like situation within their own apparatus. I am seeing that ISI has turned into two distinct factions. One faction has embraced the realities of present day and is emphasizing to desert all Taliban and to work for the betterment of this country whereas other faction is still living in illusions of Pre Cold War era and first Post-Cold War Decade. They are still thinking that Taliban could be their catalyst in Afghanistan scenario and would curtail largely Anti-Pakistan Northern Alliance from sticking to the corridors of Power.

But world is not bi-polar anymore. West has realized that Islamic militancy and extremism is the biggest threat to the security of world. There are reports that Taliban with the help of certain rogue elements of ISI are trying to access Nuclear Technology. We are seeing a greater division within ISI. I am very much sure these Arab countries are also involved in bribing these rogue elements of ISI to maintain their own nexus of power. The report that came to light recently shows that Arab Countries are planning a demise of Iran through Pakistan. Of course, that is not through the direct involvement of Pakistani government or Military but through funding rouge elements of agencies and security forces and Taliban and their accomplices.

It is in the mind of Arabs that Pakistan will fall apart very soon. Due to emerging differences with Al-Qaeda, Arabs especially Aal-e-Saud does not want the Nuclear Power to slip into militants’ hands. But – on the other hand – Saudi Arabia is looking forward to destabilize Iran through funding Jihadi elements within the borders of Pakistan. With these new facts coming to light, our security forces and establishment are surprised.

It is the right time to cleanse ourselves from these rogue elements and stooges of Arab Masters. It is the right time to declare full-fledge war on Taliban and their accomplices both vocal and covert. And most saddening part is that India our declared arch enemy is taking full advantage of this opportunity and helping Taliban with stolen NATO weaponry that they have been using freely against Pakistani State. Again this should be emphasized that RAW is not supporting Taliban directly but it is supporting them through its Gulf Facilitators. It is the time to wake up! Jaago Pakistan! It is getting late!


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