I hate you Chinese Socialist bastards!!!

We have always heard that Chinese are our best friends and we enjoy time-tested friendship with China. Chinese have always given us money when we begged for it and invested in our dying economy without the fear of loss. Chinese are always hero-fied in Pakistan. But what does it feel when you work under Chinese and they are the masters and you are the servant? Chinese as the employer or master are the worst people. I work in a Chinese Company here in Pakistan and I have been wrecked to see the pathetic Chinese attitude towards Pakistanis.

Chinese (who are bosses) consider Pakistanis as untouchable and deprived of respect. They think that China is master over Pakistan and Pakistanis are born to serve Chinese as slaves. Please note that this attitude is only for the people who work under Chinese and are vigilant about their self-respect and rights. Chinese usually don’t shake hands with their employees. They consider employees benefits such as over-time allowance, medical allowance or Leaf Fare Assistance allowance as charity and often refuse to approve the overtimes of the employees.

This is the second month that we haven’t received any payment from our Company. Our Chinese boss straightforwardly rejects our overtime claims and travel expenses claims without giving any reason. I don’t know why our Supreme Court is quiet on that? When Chief Justice consider himself as the pioneer of Justice League then why can’t he take any stern action against our bosses who openly and shamelessly violating Pakistani Labor Law and International Labor Laws. It’s not like that I am writing this because of typical Boss-Employee rivalry but this is now over my head.

I had plans for Karachi and all of them were depending upon my pending payments from the company but today it has been revealed to us that Chinese bastard has refused to sign our claims once again. Now all eyes are at Pakistanis… Our Pakistani people are worst than dogs. They wag their tails and lick the boots of Chinese masters and are ready to do anything for them just in return of little perks and privileges. They consider it as their religious duty to lick the balls of their Chinese masters.

Here in Pakistan, people are not even aware of their rights because of these kind of people! Here any Socialist or Communist bastard can come and exploit the masses. Chinese make us work like donkeys and they don’t even pay us what is written in our contracts. With our sick economy, we don’t have much options and Chinese are capturing Pakistan with their investment and policies. Why our Chief Justice is afraid of China? He can bash Pakistan People’s Party. PML(N) can bash PPP, Imran Khan can bash everyone but none of them has any balls to say right as right and wrong as wrong. Chinese are very sweet and are ready to bribe the officials in order to win contracts such as not long ago, Chinese won a contract to supply already dying Pakistan Railways with new Engines and those were worst than what we already had from British Indian North Western Railways.

Chinese are like an inflicting wound… Please someone save us from Communist Socialist Monsters before they eat our flesh… Isn’t USA concerned about growing influence of China??? But our people are sleeping… They will keep sleeping forever!


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