And Now Women can Breast-feed their adult male drivers…

This is not what I am saying… This is the not what I say but this is the golden decree of one of the suitors of Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Suadia Arabia Mufti Shiekh Abdul Mohsin Bin Nasser Al Obaikan, member of Saudi Council of Senior Scholars and adviser to the King. According to Shiekh, women can breastfeed their adult male drivers and convert them into their sons and brothers of their daughters. This psudo-intellectual decree came when debate over the issuance of driving licences to Suadi women surfaced. Mufti Abdul Mohsin is one of the staunchest critics of women drivers and came up with the solution to “save the Islamic Law” in the Kingdom…

I salute you, Grand Mufti. The most ridiculous and  haunting aspect of this decree was that it fulfills all the requirements as envisaged by classical Islamic Scholars for a religious edict. The Fatwa is based on a Hadith of Holy Prophet narrated by Salim servent of Abu-Huzaifa (companion of Prophet). This Hadith (as said by Grand Mufti) closed all doors on un-Islamic act of women drivers in the Kingdom. Kudos to you, Grand Mufti. Now this is evident that Islamic Mullahs can goto any extent to save their own foolish Islamic principles such as ban on women drivers.

I remember that during the Lal Masjid Saga, Mullah Ghazi threatened to throw acid on the faces of women drivers in Islamabad. The grand mufti not only prescribed strict corporal punishment for women drivers but also proposed a solution so that infidel women who are trying to fight for the licences give up their fights… Now this is evident that this Fatwa is nothing but foolishness and Grand Mufti has gone out of his mind while issuing such Fatwa.

I also know certain decrees where drinking of women’s milk by an adult is called Haram. Suckling of women’s milk through artificial means or storing it into refrigerator is all Haram by another religious edict by another famous Grand Mufti. Now this new Fatwa is nothing but a cleat indication that Mullah’s mind is in his ass and he can do anything to save his ass…

And now one shouldn’t be astonished, if one finds a women suckling some stud because it would be his driver… And it is for sure that Hadith can never  be wrong so women having crushes on muscular studs, get ready… You can let them to play with your breasts and suckle during the process of making them your sons… And this is official now! =P

This takes me to another world as well… I have been debating about the Islam and Gays and certain online community and I have not only been attacked but also hacked by the Islamic Zealots (like grand mufti) who can do anything to save their Islamic asses. When their many gibberish Hadiths stopped making sense, they went out of their mind and started to give life threats… Then you cannot challenge a Hadith as it is equal to the world of God. So one shouldn’t challenge one’s mother or sister suckling his friend or neighbor or any beautiful stud in her room because she is making him her son and it is official now…

Note: that’s why the demand for the drivers and “Drivers Required” adds in newspapers have been increased tremendously and many had special condition about Driver’s age… Under 26 only…. 😀


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