Gay Pride Prade in Pakistan… A reality!

Looks like a remote idea to you? Well, same is the case here… But my whole prospect about the Gay Pride Prade Changed after having a maiden trip to Murree Hills along with my boyfriend…

The story begins when my boyfriend and I decided to goto Murree Hills to mark the second month aniversary of our relationship… It was a cloudy day with Islamabad washed by the fresh spells of Moon-soon Rains. We decided that our Rendezvous point would be the General Bus Stand, located at Faizabad, Islamabad… Then we met but it is not important what we did…

The first encounter with the thriving gay scene was when we came across two guys who met for the first time. Their looks were very paindooishly gay… One guy came from Faisalabad and other one came from Lahore. Well, their smiles and the way they were talking to each other made me laugh… It has been a fashion that if you are gay then you have to hold the pack of expensive fags like Marlboro Lights (imported one) in your hand… So was the case with these two young gay men… With expensive Cigarette in their hands, they were talking pretty loudly about what they had planned…

This is  just one part of this story. In the evening we decided to stroll towards Mall Road, which is one of the most famous points of Murree.  The surprise came when I saw whole road jam-packed with the gays… They were hands in hands… Strolling, talking happily. Then there came two Bajis with their handbags tagged with the baggage tag of Emirates. The way they spoke… It is very pathetic… I don’t know how should I put it…

In the end… I just want to conclude that… well, we had a Gay Pride Prade in Pakistan that too in the heart of Himalayas just 50 KM away from Federal Capital… =)

We are men, so happy and gay
Who the hell cares what people say!!!


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