The legal’s illegal!

How can we talk about gay rights in Pakistan when our Tourism Minister is a hardcore Taliban Supporter. Mullah Ahmed of JUI-F has been reported saying that Clerics (ulema) and Taliban are the “true” followers of Islam and America is the biggest terrorist. Mullah’s small and pea-sized brain is unable to comprehend anything that is beyond his Talibani well. However, if Ulema and Taliban are the real followers of Islam then I don’t want to be a Muslim. If this is true then Islam is a barbaric and outdated religion.

The biggest alarming factor in Mullah’s whole fiasco is Mullah’s portfolio. PM Gillani’s cabinet has assigned him the portfolio of Tourism Minister. This is not only shameful but also disastrous.  With his views as those which are quoted above, Mullah can only promote tourism of one kind: Terrorism. He is more than happy to extend his ministry’s services to Wanna-be-Suicide bombers who come to Pakistan on one-way ticket from West or to Al-Qaeda’s operatives who are operating in Pakistani Tribal Belt and Afghanistan. Tourism Mullah can only facilitate them. Real tourists are sinners in the eyes of Mullah. Well, how can Mullah explain the Hadith that traveling towards any mosque is a sin and crime other than three sacred mosques (Mecca, Medina & Jerusalem).

With these kind of stupid Hadiths and parables what can Mullah do other than forcing women to be sex-slaves and torturing everyone who is not a Talibani Muslim. Now let’s talk about a Fatwa (religious decree) of Lal Masjid’s Mullah Pussy Ghazi. He had decreed in 2005 that any Army soldier who is fighting Taliban militants become Kafir and, therefore, his Islamic Burial should be denied. With this kind of Decrees one can jolly well understand what does mullah want in this society.

Americans are though pumping trillions of dollars in Pakistan but Obama administration and Congress should also question the credibility of Pakistan’s government’s resolve to fight real Taliban and Al-Qaeda. With Mullah Tourism sitting as Tourism Minister in the cabinet of People’s Party government – which claims to be the biggest ally of America in War Against Terrorism – I don’t see any sincerity in the government’s resolve to fight and gag the real menace of terrorism. Why didn’t any government’s spokesman deny this statement? Mullah Tourism should be sacked. There is no point to keep a Mullah of dirty Talibani mindset in Federal Cabinet.

How will you explain this? President Zardari has appointed another hardcore Taliban Supporter Mullah of JUI-F as the Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology (which was enforced undemocratically and illegally by worst dictator and Father of All Terrorists Gen. Zia ul Haq during Soviet Jihad when Americans and Taliban were best pals)… This Council’s role in the Constitution is ambiguous but it can declare any move by Parliament as attempt to sabotage Islamic ideology thus enabling itself to anull any law passed by the elected Parliament.

What’s more? Blasphemy Law’s new victim is innocent Asiya Bibi who was fixed by her fellow villagers to settle some personal score with her. Now presidential pardon is an option but Mullah Tourism’s religio-political party JUI-F, Jamaat-e-Islami, Jamiat-e-Tulba-e-Islam, Tekrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and all other right-wing Taliban supporter and Taliban are threatening of dire consequences. Mullahs were shouting on the pulpits of mosques last Friday and their illiterate followers were promising to give their lives if any attempt was made to change the blasphemy Law (which was enforced undemocratically by Father of Terrorists Gen Zia ul Haq during the time when Americans and Islamic extremists were best pals).

How can we think about any humanity where expressing one’s opinion takes one to death stance! Where courts cannot judge on the basis of right and wrong. It is evident that Lower Courts (such as session and district courts) didn’t take Asiya’s case seriously and pronounced her death stance under the pressure of Taliban supporter and extremist Mullahs. Our Honorable Supreme Court and its Justice League (which is very famous for taking Suo-Motto actions of petty things such as Traffic jams, enacted barricades on the main roads, selling of rice & fish etc etc) is sleeping and they will not wakeup.  Of course,  Honorable Chief Justice is also a Taliban supporter and his Justice League has its own reputation of setting Taliban Terrorist free under the pretext of “lack of evidence”. Justice League cannot take risk of inviting Taliban’s wrath on them as they have braced themselves against Musharraf.

In these circumstances one cannot think about rights for sexual minorities when religious minorities face worst of the challenges and whole nomenclature of Pakistan’s Justice System remains standstill. Well, what should we expect from our Chief Justice and his Justice League where masses are dying for a kilogram of Sugar and  he is merrily busy in listening to the cases of Political nature and issuing statements that he has improved the Justice System. Obviously, why should he take suo motto action of Sugar and Flour crisis in the country? The biggest sugar and flour barons are Sharif Brothers and Chief Justice cannot forget his friends who helped him to grab the post of CJ again and yes CJ is also expecting another extension in his tenure in the next Sharif Government. Well, CJ will make sure that the next government IS Sharif’s government.

There was only one word of sanity from Governor Salman Taseer who promised Asiya’s family of doing his best to secure Presidential pardon from Zardari (a provision under constitution). But our Federal Law Minister Babar Awan said that no one should even think that in his wildest dreams. Now PML-N and Sharif brothers cannot speak a word as they have their own good terms with Taliban and extremists. How will the cope with the wrath of Sipah-e-Sahaba – a banned terrorist outfit operating in Punjab with the consent of Sharif Brothers – and their own provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah. Yes, Rana Sanaullah himself is an active member of Sipah-e-Sahaba and holds an important portfolio of Law in Punjab’s Provincial Cabinet.

So in these circumstances we cannot think of anything as many of us are waiting for a celestial figure to come and rescue us from the hands of tyrants. AS far as I know, there will never be any celestial being to solve our problems… The only solution of the problem is extermination of Taliban and confinement of Mullahs into their traditional roles of leading Prayers! Well, shutting down seminaries is another important step. So America should do more to curb real causes of terrorism. But here we go: our beloved CIA and MI5 have been negotiating with a fake Taliban Master (Mullah Mansur) and laundering him millions of dollars on the expense of public exchequer!!!


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