English Translation of Punjabi Songs…

Punjabi Songs, especially those sung by Naseebo Lal, gives me nausea. I wonder how can people listen to this crap! But again, they are not as bad… If you envisage in their meanings, you can get a very jolly well idea about what poet was trying to say…  Below is the translation of few famous Punjabi songs…

(1) Kundi na kharka Sohnaya Siddha Andar Aa Sohnaya

Don’t knock the door, Handsome… Come Straight in, Handsome..

(2) Jiddo Sohna Mahi Deve Nehre Hawawaan Manji De wich dang pherda

When I sleep with my handsome boyfriend, he rotates stick in the bed…

(3) Sanoo Neher wale pul te bula ke hun khud mahi kithay reh gaya

He called me on the bridge of the Canal and now where is that son of bitch himself?

(4) Kurti vi gilli gilli Lacha v gilla gilla, pinde te paya mahiya hath tera dhila dhila
aj baglo tu pani cho gaya ve, meri ik uthay qatra khalo gaya
babloo pa pa pa baloo pa pa ve babloo paaa

Shirt is wet and so is the long skirt. On my thigh his loose hand fell; then water flew from my underarms and one drop stayed on my breast.  Babloo insert, insert insert… Babloo insert, inser… Oh Please Babloo Insert!!!

(5) thund paway gi kaleje wich yaar piyaar di ganderi choop le

My heart shall cool down, pal, so suck the sugarcane of love

(6) Jeddo holai jai laynda mera naam mai thaan mar janiyaan ve

When he calls my name in low voice, I just die!!!

(7) note rakh k maij te hajaar da maza laynde ne aashaq pyaar da

By putting the banknote of Rs. 1000 on table, the lovers experience the joy of love

=p and so many more… So these translations are self explanatory that what is Sugarcane of love and what does the poet mean when he spoke about the wet shirt and skirt… I hope you too enjoy Punjabi songs… ;D


6 thoughts on “English Translation of Punjabi Songs…

  1. meme says:

    Haha. .Hey its not son of a bitch in that song. .sanu nehar walay pul te bula k is translated right. .Te horay mahi kithay reh gya means I WONDER WHERE IS MY LOVE 🙂 otherwise its all cool

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