McBurqa Guys: I’M Loving it…..!

Pious Sluts

Pity, innit? This new synonym can not be called as my sole invention. I credit Jahanzeb Haque – a renound  cartoonist from young Urban Pakistan – as it’s inventor but I want to take on as a mentor to explain the ideology behind McBurqa. We all have come across this type actually but we don’t get the name that actually suits them. McBurqa guys are very common sight now. I have been observing a McBurqa since last 7 years and I think this is the high time to let the world know about my sheer observations.

McBurqa guys can be distinctly divided into two types. Both types are interdependent on each other some way. We are going to discuss the common Pakistani breed of McBurqa guys (conversely McPurdah girls). First signs that a typical McBurqa would exhibit are of becoming a pet of boys belonging to the Burger Class of…

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