Ancient traces!

I have been reading a book “Deciphering of Indus Script” by Dr. Asko Propola. The book was dedicated to the decipherment of the Indus riddle… The book itself is pretty remarkable but it is less objective in achieving decipherment of the script. The important point that why did I choose to write about the book is a poem in Ancient Sumerian Language, written good 2500 years ago by an ancient priest of Sumerian god Enki. The poem described the blessings of Enki to different lands of the world and is related to creation cult of Ancient Sumerian Religion. It goes on like this:

Bless be you O land of Melluha
You will be the land of all good things
Bison Bulls will endeavour your grasslands
And beautiful fowls your skyline

You shall be bestowed with best of things
That earth brings forth
You shall be abode of mighty men
Your men shall go after each other like bulls on heat!!!

How interesting… Ancient god Enki is blessing the people of Melluha (ancient name of Indus Valley) with homosexuality. Well, the blessing in ancient Sumerian Language is very clear. It says that the men will go after each other like bulls on heat. Of course, it can have different meaning too as bulls on heat are very dangerous! It is also seen that certain HS behaviour prevalent in this species. But the most important factor is that (though clandestinely ) mentions an important aspect of Ancient Indus Life: HS…

There are no concrete deciphered texts (that are mostly seals) from Mohenjodaro and Harappa but this could be taken as a point in further efforts of decipherments.


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