Catch me if you can…

Finally it is not the end of the world if you have broken up (no matter whose fault it was) with your love.  You can really do better things in your life (even if you are not ready to get into another relationship)… So what you can do possibly? Of course, no one breaks up just for the fun. This is true that breakups are painful and one needs time to get over it (but not the whole life)…  Then again one learns from experience and no matter how many words I write here many of us will learn it from experience and it is very rightly said that the Time is not only the best healer but it is also the best teacher.

But still if you have broken up and you really don’t want to ruin your life then you can try trying one the following:

(i) Meet people and UNLEASH what is inside you…
It Actually helps…  When you unleash what is burdening your heart then you definitely gets a little comfort but here one needs to be careful. You need to share your burden with the trusted friends who understand you. Please be careful that you don’t talk about your pains with everyone who happen to come across. This could make others believe that you are a psychopath and lovelorn.

(ii) Read Books, get busy:
Reading books is not just a nerd’s thing. By not reading books, you are disconnecting yourself from getting wise. Then if you are not too fond of reading then try getting busy in movies or some sport. Please abstain from movies which deal with love or else they could make you even more sad.  Try seeing humorous flicks.

(iii) It’s not the end of world and there’s nothing wrong with you:
It is not that you cannot breath or something without your love so don’t think that you are dying. It is just due to hormones and you will be fine in a month or so (if not in a month then in 6 months at most) but it depends upon you that if you really want to get fine or you want to be the same lovelorn.

If you won’t try the above then…
In that case you will become a lovelorn with no goals in your life. You can do better things in your life rather than remaining sticked to the person who you loved once. Trust me: we all say things like I can’t live without you, you are my oxygen, you are my life, you are my senses etc etc but most of the time we just say them because we want to say them and we don’t mean them. So if you are holding on to someone just because you said those things to him then there is no point. Even if you have swore in God then still you should move on. There is no point in remaining static. You can hookup with better people in and out. You can try better things in your life rather to remain adherent to your past love.

In case, you still choose to remain a lovelorn then you will be eventually doing stalking over your ex. This is true that letting go those whom you love is very hard but again stalking them will not do any good. It will rather make you undesirable and  psychopath. And being a cynic psychopath is not a matter of prestige it is rather shameful. If you haven’t moved on yet and you are stalking on your ex then trust me: he will loose the remaining bits of respect for you and will eventually hate you.

By blackmailing your ex, you are just wasting your time. People have grown up and the only thing that you have in your canon is that you will tell people that he is queer. Trust me: people give a damn to this kind of gossip now and even if someone is people don’t have time to remain indulged in these kind of discussions. And here in queer world, most of the people have overcame their fears.  So by giving their numbers to your friends to check or by talking to them with fake profiles etc etc will be of no use.

You can try avenging your tormentor by getting happy. Once you are happy then contact him and tell him that that was not the end of the road for you… This is far,far, far better than all the cynic crap, stalking and staying lovelorn… But again experience is the best teacher…


One thought on “Catch me if you can…

  1. I’ve been sad about someone for much longer than 6 months. Life goes on, but it still hurts how much I miss this one person. This was nice to read though, and very inspiring. Thanks!

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