The War Within (Financial Sponsors of Taliban in Arab World)

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Pious Sluts

The war within… This is the exact situation of our country where many other countries are fighting proxy wars with each other. Our security apparatus is so weak that we aren’t even able to deter these elements that are covertly supporting militants and terrorists in Pakistan.

A recent Wiki Leaks report broke that a certain cleric in Faisalabad whose name has been kept secret due to security reasons informed Principal Officer of US Consulate that Sipah-e-Sahaba, a terrorist outfit operating in Urban Punjab, is receiving heavy funding from Saudi Arabia, Libya and another Arab country that I assume is probably Kuwait or Bahrain to cull infidel Shia community in Pakistan. Conversely, Shia terror outfits are receiving hefty payments from predominately Iran to equate Sunni militants.

I have elaborated earlier that these elements are fighting their own wars on Pakistani soil and are getting material support such as sophisticated weaponry through…

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