Dr. Afia Siddiqui: Innocent or Guilty?

Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb-e-Tehrir and other supporters of Taliban (such as Imran Khan and other religious parties) have got a new “Go Amreeka Go” slogan under the pretext of Dr. Afia Siddiqui who has been proven guilty and now sentenced to 86 years imprisonment. Many people have been deploring the sentence and suggesting that America should have returned her back to Pakistan. I would say why should US had done that?

Dr. Siddiqui was a Taliban and terrorist. If we look at the shady story of her past, we see many question marks. It is not clear that why she chose to separate from her husband (who is still living a peaceful life in USA) and decided to go to Kabul (when women-prosecution was at it’s peak in Afghanistan).  The first question is that how and why did she went to Afghanistan during the Taliban regime? Who took her to Afghanistan as Taliban’s Law prohibits women’s movement outside their houses without the adult and male close-relative called Mehrum. Now the second question is that where are her brothers? The only member of family that we see is her sister Fouzia Siddiqui. Ms Siddiqui’s sister also declined to present her children in front of media. Along with that Ms Siddiqui has not produced any other member of the family in front of media which shows that there is something fishy about the whole story.

Now Jamaat-e-Islami and Hizb-e-Tehrir both argue that CIA or ISI kidnapped Dr. Siddiqui from Karachi. Many people present half-baked story of the kidnap of Dr. Siddiqui. Her sister Ms Siddiqui too says the same that she was an innocent lady who was picked up by agencies on one balmy evening from Karachi. This is very hard to believe. Another question that surfaces here is that why did CIA or ISI or any other elite agency choose to pick Dr. Siddiqui from 14 crore population of Pakistan? Or if we narrow our approach then why should any agency pick Dr. Siddiqui out of 8 crore Pakistani women? Or further why should any agency apprehend Dr. Siddiqui out of 1.3 crore women of Karachi? Ms Siddiqui, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb-e-Tehrir, Imran Khan and other Taliban Supporters have no answer to this question.

It is also very hard to believe that FBI and CIA just named Dr. Siddiqui as terrorist and apprehended her from Karachi and exported her to Afghanistan. Here we aren’t challenging the credibility of USA justice system as it is one of the best and ideal in the world. The matter of concern to us is that US court has found Dr. Siddiqui as guilty and sentenced her to prison. Let’s have a look on the trial of Dr. Siddiqui. The Lawyer representing Dr. Siddiqui has been selected on the consent of her sister Ms Fouzia Siddiqui. Ms Siddiqui has been constantly in touch with the Lawyer of Dr. Siddiqui. During the initial course of trial, Dr. Siddiqui’s Lawyer cofined himself to a point that Dr. Siddiqui is suffering from mental illness and has history of mental disorders. Though we don’t know the precise details but it was told to the honorable court that Dr. Siddiqui’s marriage fell due to her mental condition. The Court ordered through medical investigation and it was found that Dr. Siddiqui was perfectly normal and had no mental condition.

The situation in Pakistan took another turn when her sister Ms. Siddiqui accused CIA of torturing her and making her mentally ill. This statement of Ms Siddiqui was in response of the court’s initial verdict over the mental health of Dr. Siddiqui. Then the trial went on in USA and Ms. Siddiqui went into hiding for a while. Court also regretted that Dr. Siddiqui was subjected to torture in Afghanistan by the hands of Afghan investigators. She was alleged with seven charges and all were proved to be correct.

Out of many questions, Ms. Siddiqui holds no answer to any. She just argues that Dr. Siddiqui was a Pakistani so her trial should have taken place in Pakistan. Ms Siddiqui forgets that Dr. Siddiqui became American citizen long ago. She holds American nationality and her children are also American National by birth. Ms Siddiqui intentionally keeps that back as anyone who is Pakistani by origin but is citizen of another country ceases to be a Pakistani national and it becomes duty of Pakistan to hand the miscreant back to the country of his / her nationality in the presence of an extradition treaty.

Dr. Siddiqui would be a really bright and peaceful American during her course of stay in USA. She would be a really great help to the world of Medicine but she was recruited by Taliban just like they recruited Mr. Shahzad who was plotting to bomb NYC Time Square. She would have been brainwashed by Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb-e-Tehrir, Tablighi Jamaat or by any other Talibani organization.

The last stance taken by Dr. Siddiqui’s Lawyer was that she killed the American soldiers in self defense. Which was itself rejected on the account of the witnesses and security camera footage. She was implanted there by Taliban as there was no point for her in visiting Afghanistan unless she was required by Taliban and it was so… So her sentence might be very large but not unjust…

She also asked “her people” to forgive the judge who pronounced the verdict on her and told the judge that she would take her case to God’s divine court. She also shouted at her lawyers that they don’t represent her. This shows a very clear Taliban mentality. Her statements in the courtroom were nothing but clear representation of Taliban mentality. The resembled the statements of Mullah Ghazi of Lal Masjid. So Dr Siddiqui is not innocent as Ms Siddiqui and Taliban Supporters claim…

She should have done something good for her country of origin…!


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