Geo Exposed: Shudhi and Shanghtan of Urdu Language

Urdu hai jis ka naam!

Urdu: Our national heritage! It was once called Hindustani and served as national if not official language of India like Prakarat. India where autocracy had strict rules against everything under the sun had painful rule of keeping lower castes such as Shudaras and 5th Caste called Dravida away from the literacy. We see that proto Tamil and Dravidian languages developed without any significant contribution from Sanskrit. However, during the time of Muslim rule, the elite language remained Persian for some time but later a new language was formed that was infused grammatically with Prakarat and Persian along with Arabic and other regional languages of India. This language was called Hindustani because it was not related to one community but every ethnic group of India added color to the national flavor of Urdu. Urdu or Hindustani was once called Rekhta. It had two dialects: Northern and Southern. Northern dialect can further be divided into two distinct groups of Delhi Dialect and Lucknow Dialect.

During the Pakistan Movement, special emphases was kept on the status of Urdu in Hindustani society and several attempts to desecrate Urdu language were foiled and thwarted by veteran lingual activists such as Molvi Abdul Haq, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and many others. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari (1879-1972) was a prominent Indian nationalist leader, first Indian governor general of his country, and founder of the Swatantra party. He also wrote a popular version of the “Mahabharata.” He was known in Indian Independence History as veteran of the two infamous movements to desecrate Urdu called shaddhi  and Shanghtan.

Shaddhi or Shuddhi is a Sanskrit word that means “ritual cleansing”. The idea of Shudhi came from the edicts of Manno an ancient Sage of Old India who called upon a ritual to burn alive all those who attempted to learn Sanskrit from lower castes and to caste off all the upper caste Hindus from the communities who attempted to be polite with lower caste Hindus or had any relationship whatsoever with 5th caste (they were pre Aryan inhabitants of India)… C. Rajgopal Achariya first promulgated the idea of Shudhi in 1928 just after infamous Nehru Report on the Constitutional Reforms. The idea was to sabotage and destroy national heritage of Muslims. Urdu language bridged the gaps between elite and lower class. Communication gaps were removed and people embraced Islam. Mr. Achariya saw Urdu as biggest threat to carry one point agenda of Upper Caste Hindu dominance over India. Shuddhi of Urdu Language was proposed in two pronged phase. In the first phase language committee of Indian National Congress headed by Achariya proposed that all the words of Persio-Arabic origin must be removed from Urdu or Hindustani and the substitute words of Parakart which are also in circulation should be used officially instead of Persio-Arabic words. The words which are not present in Prakarat and are related to legal system or financial system must be borrowed from Sanskrit. In the second phase it was proposed that Devnagari Script must be used to write Hindustani and it should be renamed as Hindi (which in Sanskrit means Language of Hindus).

Sanghtan means to reunite in Sanskrit. It was proposed that all the Schools should be renamed as Vidya Mandir and all the children irrespective of their religion must be educated in Sanskrit and must be equipped with the ancient wisdom of Vedas (called Vidya). It was an attempt to reconvert Muslims into Hinduism by indoctrination of Hinduism.

Shuddhi and Shanghtan both were thwarted by our brave leaders then. The point to think here is that Jamiat-e-Ulma-e-Hind (whose Western wing became Jamiat-e-Ulma-e-Islam Pakistan (Fazalur Rehman Group)) were standing behind Shuddhi and Shanghtan idea and they remained tight lipped and continued supporting Indian National Congress and bad mouthing All India Muslim League.

Though Achariya died later in 1975 but the idea of Shuddhi and Shanghtan was always in the mind of Indian Establishment such as RAW. In 2003, it was proposed that the control of all the Guruduwaras of Pakistan should be transferred to Bharatiya Guruduwara Prabandhak Committee. These kind of attempts are being made by RAW and other elements of Indian Establishment more or less on regular basis. The biggest threat that we face is from Taliban and Islamists of AFPAK region. Though our own Spy Agency and CIA created these monsters for their own vested interests but now they are like bone in our necks. These Islamists and Jihadists were made to fight for money. CIA bought them in 80s during US-Soviet Cold War and now when they had nothing else to do, they were being bought by RAW and are used by RAW against Pakistani State.

RAW has stricken from two fronts. First through Jihadists of FATA who have now being seeped deeper into Pakistan and are attacking targets in Central Pakistan (like blast in the Sufi Shrine of Dera Ghazi Khan)… The process of Shanghta that was envisaged by Achariya is going on with full swing. RAW in collaboration with Afghanistan is attempting to create sectarian strife between Deobandi and Barelvi Schools of thoughts in Pakistan. Unfortunately our literacy rate is as low as 20% and most of the people involved with radical Islamists are illiterate and away from civilization. By pushing Pakistan into the pit of Sectarian Strife, RAW wants disbandment of Pakistan. As we know that Pakistan today as whole was never the part of United India except during the time of Ashoka. Indian Spy Agency is looking forward to push Pakistan back to Stonge Age and under the control of Taliban. This two-pronged strategy is also very effective. The Second prong is to achive control over Eastern Pakistan and KPK.

We see that majority of literate Pakistanis live in Eastern Pakistan in cities of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and many others. We also know that Taliban are not popular among the literate class of Pakistan but some percentage had soft corner for Islamists. To cater those who had soft corner for Islamists, RAW is indirectly funding Jamaat-e-Islami, Hizb-e-Tehrir, JUI, Jamiat-e-Tulba-e-Islam and Shabaab-e-Milli. All of these Islamist Religio-Political parties support all the activities of Taliban and fan sectarian strife. RAW is indirectly funding Hizb-e-Tehrir through her channels and supporters in Gulf and Arab countries. Hizb-e-Tehrir is against democracy in Pakistan and is running a paperback movement to destabilize Pakistan through distribution of Hate material after every Friday outside mosques (being run by semiliterate Mullahs).

All of the organizations mentioned above are looking forward to the Taliban Dark Age rule in Pakistan that is – obviously – not acceptable to majority of the people of Punjab and Sindh. RAW’s agenda of Shuddhi and Shanghtan doesn’t end here. After achieving the first motive RAW has envisaged and already working on her plan of Akhand Bharata. The brainwashing and indoctrination of Pakistani Youth is going on through Geo TV and Media Mullahs such as Hamid Mir. The Mission of Achariya was now being carried forward by Mittal who is business tycoon of India and holds 15% open market shares of Geo TV.  Our brave leaders foiled the attempts on our national heritage Urdu but now the Mission of Achariya has been given to Geo TV. Slow indoctrination process of Shuddhi of Urdu Language is going on through Geo TV. We see that 90% of the airtime of Geo TV Entertainment is dedicated to Indian Soaps and Programs containing Hindi words and phrases. The presenters of Geo TV Entertainment freely use and profess Hindi words in their shows and indoctrinating the minds of our youth. Many words of Urdu such as fakhar are being replaced by Hindi garav. Of course, this is what Achariya wanted. Geo TV’s natural inclination towards India reveals that RAW has been already working for the grand finale on Pakistani Stage.

After the takeover by Taliban, the people will revolt against them and International Powers will patronize India over the hearing of the voice of innocents and suppressed just like she did during 1971 East Pakistan Saga. As the natural inclination of the people (by the virtue of Geo TV and Jung Group of Newspapers) will be already towards India – just like in East Pakistan – they will naturally support Indian Forces and will naturally back accession of Punjab and Sindh into India. It was pre proposed even before 1947. That’s why India chose Jana Mana Gana over Vande Mataram. Jana Mana Gana containes a verse Punjaba Sindh Gujraat Maratha thus including Greater Punjab and Sindh into Indian Territory. It was not an accident but a plan planned by veteran Achariya and his Hindutva team.

It is a matter of concern that we are sleeping even the water is already over our heads. We have to save Jinnah’s Pakistan that he envisaged to be Secular, Tolerant and where Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims not in Religious sense but in the eyes of State! Geo News is supporting Taliban through its media mullahs such as Hamid Mir, Ansaar Abbasi and many others and Geo Entertainment is broadcasting Indian Mindset and indoctrinating Pakistani youth. We need to wake up! Wake up Young Pakistan! Jinnah is Calling!!! Pakistan Zindabaad!!!

2 thoughts on “Geo Exposed: Shudhi and Shanghtan of Urdu Language

  1. Mehreen says:

    Sindh and Punjab in the national anthem of India are clearly their states! They have Punjab and a part of Sindh themselves although the Sindh has been renamed and has formed other states. Sindh was annexed before Pakistan was made. Get your facts straight!
    Also it isn’t only Geo but other Pakistani channels too that show Indian shows.
    Not that I’m supporting Geo but let’s be honest man

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