Why Rohingiya Muslim Community suddenly came to limelight in Pakistan?



From past many days, we are seeing pictures — mostly by Islamists — about the violence against Rohingya Muslim Community. Well, it is rather surprising that this prosecuted minority never came into spotlight before and there was no mention whatsoever of the plights of Rohingya Muslims in Pakistan. So is this the case that the communal violence has erupted against Rohingya especially when Myanmar is making transition from dictatorship to democracy or there are some other reasons? Well, this article will take a closer look upon the reasons behind the propaganda regarding Rohingya. 

Well, the issue of Rohingya Muslims is complex. Antiquities state that (and this view is held by nearly every Rohingya) that Rohingya are the descendants of Arab Traders. They trace the term back to a shipwreck in the 8th century CE. According to them, after the ship wrecked near Ramree Island, Arab Traders were ordered to be executed by the Arakanese king. Then, they shouted in their language, ‘Rahma’. Hence, these people were called ‘Raham’. Gradually it changed from Raham to Rhohang and finally to Rohingyas. Another historian links them to Afghanistan that us very unlikely. 

Communal violence between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhists date back to Post British Era. However, in 1939 British made commission to investigate and propose steps to protect the British subjects from violence and to defuse tensions between the two communities. The commission presented a report calling for securing border between Rakhine State of Burma and Arkan Region of British India. (After occupying Arkan Region of Burma, British integrated it into Greater Bengal and it was governed by principle seat in Calcutta)… History speaks tremendously about the ping-pong of mass exodus from and to Arkan. It should also be noted as during World War II, Japan occupied Burma and Arkan Region of British India and committed horrible acts of violence against Rohingya Muslim Community. To escape violence, many Rohingya migrated to East Bengal’s Chittagong and Cox Bazaar area.

During 1947, a Mujahid Party was formed by Rohingya to carve out autonomous Arkan for Rohingya Muslims. The important thing here is that in Pakistan movement and in political history of India (1916 – 1948) there was no mention of Rohingya Muslims. Rohingya Muslims speak a close relative of Chittagong dialect of Bengali. During 1962 there was Coup d’etat in Burma and a massive operation was launched against Rohingya Community in 1978 and there has been violence against them during the period of 1965 – 1971. Well, the noteworthy point here is that during that period, Pakistani Junta somehow supported the culling of Rohingya by Burmese Army as they themselves were culling Bengali national movement. The plight of Rohingya is somewhat similar to plight of former East Pakistanis. Rohingya Muslims were never patronized by then Pakistan government and they never surfaced on any local paper (despite being mentioned occasionally in International Press). East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971 after Pakistan lost war to India. Many refugees fled to Bangladesh during the period of 1978 – 1985 before Pakistan was taken over by monster Zia ul Haq. 

There was another wave of violence against Rohingya during the period of 1990 – 1993 when Taliban and Terrorism was officially sponsored by Pakistani Establishment and Saudi Royal Family and Mullah Omar was Amir-ul-Momineen in Afghanistan. However, there was no mention ever of Rohingya Muslim prosecution even by so-called Amir-ul-Momineen. The why all of the sudden Rohingya became issue of ghairat and beghairati of Islamic and PTI Trolls? What is going on? Before investigating the issue, I want to make somethings clear. 

Violence against Rohingya Muslims is unacceptable and we condemn the gruesome violence against Rohingya Muslim Community!

Well, let’s steer back in time when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly said that the renewed focus of US Foreign Policy is South East Asia. The story was published by Express Tribune and other major national and international newspapers. We should also see that Myanmar Junta caved in to the International Pressure and country is making a transition towards democracy. The transition is fully backed by US who is staunch supporter of Aung Sui, a Nobel laureate close to US. This automatically brings Myanmar closer to US and directly under the shadow of USA. Now we must also see China has been supporting Myanmar Junta by financial and military aid continuously and was strong supporter of the Generals. However, the transition of Burma to democracy has placed China in troubled waters. We should also consider about the Chinese territorial claims in the region. 

China’s official claim on South China Sea and all oil and gas rich islands in the sea is a flash-point in South East Asia. There has been exchange of hot words between China and her neighbors over these islands and Chinese were condemned regionally for their closed-minded stance over South China Sea. However, we must focus on Chinese loss in Burma where it lost a strategic position in Bay of Bengal. China is very weary of this loss and wanted to hurt US interests at her best. So here came our Intelligent Wizards who offered help to Pakistan by diverting anger and anti-Americanism in Pakistan towards Burma and Buddhists. Well, easy? For this purpose a very lethal propaganda was launched by Pakistani Intelligence Mouthpieces on Facebook and Twitter. 

Well, to our sudden dismay, most of the pictures used to describe Rohingya Community were basically Pictures of Self Immolation of Tibet Buddhists over Chinese Oppression. The point here is that Rohingya Genocide was conducted during 1990 – 1993 was most despicable but why there was no mention of it by any Ghairatmand Pakistani? The issue came into limelight only after Burma made transition to democracy and came into American camp! The only reason was China and our Establishment that are playing Islamist Card again and this time to secure Chinese Interests in the region (like during Cold War our country did self immolation by creating Taliban). Chinese territorial claims and international shift of focus from South and Central Asia to South East Asia is mainly due to resources. US and West is interested in development and opening up of these vast energy resources for the world whereas China is also looking forward to ensure her hegemony in the region. 

Why we haven’t seen any news and pictures of Maoist Communists and Chinese Army over innocent Muslims of Chinese Xingiang (East Turkmanistan) province? Chinese government is supporting a massive genocide of Chinese Muslim population and working at her best to make Muslim belief extinct in China. Muslims were not allowed to offer Eid Prayers and perform sacrifice in China but that never made to Facebook and largely overlooked by Ghairatmand Brigades active on Facebook and Twitter.  

The issue of Rohingya Community is real but it should also be mentioned here that Rohingya are denied citizenship by Bangladeshi Government as well. Many of the Rohingya migrated to Pakistan illegally and Pakistani Alien Registration Authority (NARA) accepts that and plans to deport immigrants from Karachi. Pakistan itself is engulfed with war where Taliban are attacking innocent girls like Malala and issuing edicts by misquoting Quran and Hadith. Rather to indulge in a new cold war between China and USA, Pakistan needs to set her own house in order.

The terrorist organizations patronized by Pakistani Establishment such as Jamaat ud Dawa etc have raised banners and posters in National Capital, Islamabad, protesting violence against Rohingya and with calls for Jihad against USA and Myanmar State. This should be an eye opener for those who are being mislead by the Facecbook and Twitter Propaganda. This is nothing but a proxy war against US by China. Pakistan should never become partner in that. Because this time, we cannot survive and will disintegrate and die ourselves.  

Here is the summary of the article:

  1. Rohingya is a prosecuted ethnic minority in Myanmar that is being prosecuted by Myanmar State and others since 1962.
  2. They never came into limelight and Pakistani Establishment supported the cleansing of Rohingya by Burmese State as Pakistan herself was doing operation against Bengali population of Former East Pakistan. 
  3. Rohingya violence never came into limelight during the period of 1990 – 1993 when it was the worst and can be termed as genocide. 
  4. Pakistani President Gen. Musharraf went to Myanmar on an official visit and met with Burmese Junta and expressed solidarity with them. The visit was prompted by China. 
  5. During his visit former President Musharraf didn’t mention anything about Rohingya Muslims so this is pretty evident that Rohingya Muslim issue was never on his or ISI’s mind during that time.
  6. When Myanmar started to make transition to democracy Rohingya issue came into spotlight before that China and Pakistan were staunch supporters of Myanmar Martial Law and Junta. 
  7. Chinese were the biggest and sole donor to Myanmar during Military Rule days and fully supported ethnic cleansing of Muslims (Rohingya and Chinese) in Arkan and Rakhine provinces of Myanmar. 
  8. When Myanmar came to embrace democracy and Ms Sui was elected and Myanmar came close to US, China started to feel threatened.
  9. The propaganda of Rohingya violence was choreographed by Pakistani Establishment Mouth Pieces to appease Chinese lords and most of the propaganda is based on trash and lies. 
  10. Pakistan is now indulging into a new cold war between China and USA. Pakistan should not do that as it will be devastating and will lead to annihilation of Pakistan.



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