Golden Principles to eat at Weddings :)



Ever wondered why people eat so much at weddings? Well, here are some principles that can also help you to be a successful Dinner Crasher.

  1. Always sit at the table near food.
  2. NEVER sit with whose who are shy to eat more and fear reprisal from people
  3. Always try to keep a child with you so that if someone gives you dog-eyes over the excessive amount of food on the table, you scold the child that why did he bring so much food and advise him to take what he can chew.
  4. Waiters take their position 5 minutes before the commencement of dinner so lookout for that, in fact, get up for drinking water so that you become the first one to reach table.
  5. Always rotate colander within your trusted friend circle so that you always get it back whenever you like.
  6. Always divide the tasks. For example ask one friend to bring the Curry, other to bring Biryani, third one to bring BBQ and child to bring cold drinks.
  7. Of course, you would be having many cold drinks so taste each and every bottle of them by sipping from it so that no one could take them from you.
  8. For the first time, fill up your plate like you just arrived from a country where there is a drought for 100 years and fill up your plate the second time like you were not given chance to taste anything before. I suggest to eat like it is the last meal of your life and you will never taste food again!
  9. Always start with expensive and rare delicacies such as finger fish, roast, Siekh Kabab or prawns.
  10. Throw empty bottles and bones under the table.
  11. If there is a lot of plates on table then immediately change your place.
  12. Always remember you need to multiply the amount that you are giving in Salami to the newly wed couple by the constant of 500 and try to eat more than you could and remember your salami is important and you have to do the justice.
  13. Never eat your lunch or breakfast on the day when you have to go on wedding. I suggest that you should fast for that day to make your Deen and Dunya both good!


Wishing Everyone a Happy Wedding Season 🙂




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