10 Reasons NOT to vote for Asad Umar


Yes, the bubble has busted. The dream that we saw and the empty promises that were being made with us are now lying naked on the blood-soaked roads of Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwa. Yes, Taliban achieved their might and now even the most secure prisons of Pakistan lie open to them. Yes, the doom has come now. Like many Pakistanis I voted for Imran Khan so that he will transform my country into a Welfare State. What is a welfare state? If we google the definition then we come to know that A Welfare State is a State where all of the State’s resources are bound to be utilized for the betterment of the communities living under its jurisdiction despite of their race, language, religion or origin. Well, Asad Umar who is party’s candidate for By-Polls from NA-48 is the Star Performer being quoted and mentioned everywhere by PTI Supporters and vociferously defended by PTI Trolls no matter what.


Every Evil incarnation and color in the party is brushed into the carpet with the argument that Asad Umar is the part of party. Asad Umar has become a beacon of Hope in Post-Election Politics of PTI. His preference over MS Kasuri is amadant that Asad Umar enjoys a far more favorable position with Imran Khan than disgruntled (now consolidated) Ms Fauzia Kasuri. However, like many other faces of the party, Asad Umar is just as sham as CM Khattak is and we will see if he is credible and worthy enough to be voted into the Parliament from Islamabad West (NA-48) or not.

(1) Asad Umar has no control over Party and they don’t listen to him: When a PTI MNA asked for the release of Mumtaz Qadri and Implementation of Shariah in Pakistan, all of us on whose shoulders PTI actually claimed a little bit of credibility were furious. Obviously, Asad Umar was reached as he is dubbed as most educated and forward looking figure of the party. The Response given by Asad Umar in his tweet is depicted below.

Asad Umar Confession

Now my first reservation is that why should I vote for someone who has actually no control or say in any of the party’s matters? A person who is not even worthy enough to be listened by his own party members will be able to convey our reservations to the top notch? No! Asad Umar lost his credibility right after this Tweet. I am astonished then how can Asad Umar look into our eyes and say what he said? Will he smile away the shame of failing the hopes of many along with Imran Khan? I will not vote for Asad Umar as a protest to his shameful behavior and confession that he is just a decoration piece with no control over anything in Party and Party MNA and MPAs are free to set terrorists and murderers free.

(2) The Budget Figures in Star KPK Budget were forged and there was no real increase in Educational funds: The actual increase was only 1 Billion [1] and Asad Umar who is dubbed as architect of the Budget is solely responsible for this forgery and mockery of common man’s mind. Asad Umar (if we believe that he was Architect of the Budget) has fooled the masses by adding up Development and Non-Development fiscal allocations and created a false myth of straight increase of 66 Billion. This is contrary to reality and mockery of General Public. Well, it also sheds light on our ignorance that we believed plainly in Rs 66 Billion increase without demanding any credible evidence for that.

Asad Umar

(3) Asad Umar didn’t condemn deadly Taliban bombings and defended them on Live TV along with hurting victims sentiments: Can you believe this? Yes, it was Asad Umar who responded to a soaring question that why doesn’t any PTI elected MNA or MPA doesn’t go to condole with the victims of Taliban? Asad Umar plainly replied that he doesn’t go because it will not bring back the dead to life. The response was not only pathetic but it was disgusting to the core. Asad Umar has lost his credibility because when you cannot visit the victims and condole with them the precious loss of their loved ones then you have no right to protest for the Drone Victims at all. I will not vote for Asad Umar because if, God forbids, there is a Taliban attack in Islamabad then Asad Umar will not even come to visit the victims because he cannot bring them to life! Shame!


(4) Asad Umar is confused about Terrorism: Asad Umar has actually said nothing about the issue of Terrorism. This point is, perhaps, the main reason I will never again vote for PTI in my life. Asad Umar and his party support Terrorism. Shaukat Yusufzai has many times defended terrorists and he didn’t visit any blast victim. Chief Minister of KPK, Pervez Khattak, is open supporter of Taliban and defends them vociferously on TV. In fact, whole PTI is nothing but a burlesque Fantasy and Asad Umar is just a sidekick of Imran Khan. Well, exactly like cheap old Indian and Pakistani movies where hero had a funny sidekick!

(5) Asad Umar’s past is not clean: Asad Umar who is often dubbed as clean. Well, Asad Umar has been found guilty of illegal hoarding and increasing the price of Urea the highest in 32 years [2]. Asad Umar was fired by Engro as the company was slapped with hefty fine over the illegal price increase and robbing the farmers of this poor country. So one cannot say Asad Umar is clean. He is, in fact, robber of Pakistani farmers and we demand that he should return back the looted amount and apologize for profiteering during his good old CEO days. In [2] the whole inquiry report of Competition Commission of Pakistan is provided. You can read by yourself.


(6) Asad Umar is not man of his words: Well, this is a common trait of all PTI leadership. Asad Umar along with many others in PTI have said to masses in jazbaat maybe that they would leave politics in case there will be any fake degree or corruption tantamount to any of the leaders of the party. Well, do we need to recall fake degrees of Chaudry Sarwar[3] and Ayla Malik[4].  I am waiting when Asad Umar or Imran Khan will leave politics as they promised to masses in famous Lahore Jalsa where the song Saaf Chali Shaffaf Chai was played for the first time. This is not enough KPK has become hub of embezzlement and corruption where CM Khattak’s relatives are allocated party tickets in stark violation of competition and relatives of Shaukat Yusufzai get official advertisements and contract for the distribution of Aftari without any real tender in newspapers in sheer violation of Law of Pakistan[5].


(7) Asad Umar has no real plan for Islamabad:  In his advertisement that was being distributed outside mosques of Islamabad — every Friday — Asad Umar had given no real plan for Islamabad. The plan that he gave so far is not real but just a play of words where he promised to make Islamabad an International Capital and business hub but he has not told how. This is exactly inline with the Party’s policy of making empty vows and not doing anything real. He has also promised that he will implement KPK type reforms in Islamabad[6]. Allah save me from that. In KPK all reforms are meant to benefit Taliban and Jihadist agenda of JI-PTI nexus of evil. For example JI’s Siraj ul Haq said that he allocated billion of Rupees in current fiscal year to impart militant training to the youth to infuse Spirit of Jihad. [7] Well, Allah forbids, I am sure during the tenure of Asad Umar the terrorists of Lal Masjid will once again become alive and play havoc with the lives of the people of Islamabad. Asad Umar has no real agenda. He might have not visited the middle-class and lower middle class localities of Islamabad in his whole life. For him Islamabad is only from F-5 till F-11 and maybe G-6 till G-11 are also included into it. What is beyond that? He cares a damn!


(8) Asad Umar has no say over REAL problems of Islamabad: Islamabad’s problem is shortage of water in Sector I-10, I-9, I-8, I-11, G-10, G-9 and G-13. The issue is that Islamabad doesn’t lie near any natural sustainable water resource such as major river. However, there are some small riverlets flowing through the city. Experts have long proposed that the water problems of the city can be resolved by pumping the water from Ghazi Barotha Canal. However, Asad Umar has given no plan how he will do it or general alternate water resource for the thirsty city.


Islamabad’s problem is toxic emitting Steel Re-rolling Mills in Sector I-9 and I-10. At times the pollution increases so much that a toxic artificial dense fog is produced in these sectors which are densely populated and approximately house 40% of the population of NA-48. The cause of this toxic fog is steel re rolling mills. Asad Umar has given no plan. cda-fails-to-crackdown-on-afghan-slum-area-1360272331-2785

Islamabad’s problem is land occupation by Afghans in Sector I-11. Afghans illegally live on occupied land in Sector I-11/1 and have stalled the development of the sector opened in 1989. The Kutchi Basti of I-11 is an eyesore and is hub of notorious criminals such as robbers and carjackers. The Basti opposite to Sabzi Mandi Police Station has become No-Go area like Karachi’s Sohrab Goth. The lawless Katchi Basti has become Islamabad’s Waziristan where notorious Taliban gangster and militants are openly living and giving shelter to criminals and fugitives. Asad Umar has no say how he will resolve this issue.


Islamabad problem is encroachment backed by influential Land Mafia. Encroachers have occupied Sector G-12, F-12, E-12, D-12, D-13, E-13 and many greenbelts of the Capital. The occupation of green belts is usually done by mosques and illegal mosques are sprawling all over the city. I am sure Asad Umar has nothing to resolve this issue and he is coward enough not to even mention it. The occupation of the precious Capital Land by influential Land Mafia is a serious issue that Asad Umar isn’t capable of resolving as he has given no plan.


Islamabad’s real problem is lack of proper Mass Transit System and dominance of Wagon Mafia. The Capital of Pakistan doesn’t even have a proper system to transport citizens from one place to another. Well, as ever, Asad Umar has given no plan how he will install Mass Transit System in the city to transform Islamabad into a Business Hub and International  Capital.


Islamabad’s real problem is broken roads of I-10 and I-9. North Service Road I-11, I-9, I-10 on which most heavy traffic of the Capital plies is in shambles . However, Asad Umar has given no plan how he will resolve it. Despite that Pakistan has operational Railways, Islamabad — the Capital of Pakistan — has no proper Railways Infrastructure and there is no proper Railway Station in the city. As ever Asad Umar has no plan how he solve this problem.


Islamabad’s problem is increasing Police brutalities and sharp increase in street crimes along with armed robberies and carjacking. Again Asad Umar has given no plan how he will resolve it. Asad Umar has given no plan about new sectors and how he will manage affordable housing in the Capital.

(9) There is no Government Engineering University in Islamabad and Asad Umar has no vision in this regard: The Capital of Pakistan doesn’t even have a proper Engineering University. Asad Umar has given no plan though he decried the sharp cuts in Higher Education Budget of the country.


(10) Asad Umar’s failure to influence Party’s stand over Agro Taxation, Terrorism and Taliban is enough reason for not voting for Asad Umar: Asad Umar has not made any significant contribution in shaping Party’s stance on terrorism. Asad Umar’s own brother is in PML-N. This is like a surprise. When Asad Umar cannot even curtail his own brother from going into N League then how can he influence us? Or it is that that both parties for brothers are like lucrative companies and they will go to wherever they find more attractive monetary offer. Asad Umar has failed to influence party to increase the Tax base by putting Agro Lands under Taxation. KPK Budget is a clear failure in this regard. On TV Asad Umar was seen defending the exemption of Agro Land from Taxation by blaming Punjab government and Federal government for that. Drones have become PTI’s Yahoodi Saazish where everything is blamed on drones. Starting from the Taliban’s glorious bombings to Dera Ismail Khan Jail Break: everything was blamed on Drones. Despite being modern and, well, habitual in many unconventional things Asad Umar has failed to influence party. Or maybe PTI was just a hypocritic institution where leaders can do anything but we are bound to become Good Muslims under Taliban. Even if you say Asad Umar is a die-hard fan of Educational Emergency, then I will object to it as well. Asad Umar has failed miserably to convince party leadership to revise curriculum and delete passages aimed at creating militant and fanatic mind. Asad Umar is guilty of terrorist glorification and is equally responsible for the fall of PTI.


[1] http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-7-184650-Allocation-in-budget-for-education-negates-PTI?%3F%3Fs-claim [2] BEFORE THE COMPETITION COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN IN THE MATTER OF SHOW CAUSE NOTICES ISSUED TO UREA MANUFACTURERS (F. NO: 01/UREA/C&TA/CCP/2010) [3] http://dawn.com/news/1030051/fake-degrees-case-sc-disqualifies-two-mpas-suspends-mna [4] http://dawn.com/news/1032740/ptis-ayla-malik-ineligible-to-contest-by-polls-over-fake-degree [5] http://www.thefrontierpost.com/article/29832/ [6] http://tribune.com.pk/story/580106/changing-destiny-asad-umars-plan-for-islamabad/ [7] http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2013%5C06%5C20%5Cstory_20-6-2013_pg1_5


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