The Curtain

Trust shall be leashed and curtains shall be drawn
Lest you know that He decided to fold it up

Have you seen the scintillating rays of sun?
And moon in her elegant beauty?

Nay they are just signs for you to understand
That soon the doors will be closed

I swear by the fire of Sun
And what is burning inside the navel of the  earth

You shall see it soon when redness of sky will be haunting
Then they will shout and announce the commencement of Doom

Do you think that your hearts cannot turn right or left?
Nay but they have been turned away

When the curtain of the Qodesh Ha Qodesh shall be removed
When rain shall be poured, when moon shall be blood

Those who see what they see will exclaim with wonder
It wasn’t what they told us; isn’t it?

So I swear by the Dome of Rock and by the House of Respect
That truth shall be awaken in the lights of Aeon

Do they think that we just descended the Thought on few?
No but it is the Mercy that ascends up and goes down

So believe not that there is a hole in the heavens
From where these visions come to heart

Is it not what so many would call demonic and condemn you?
Yes, but what are angels and what are demons? You know naught

The One is perfect and will ever be yet the Thought created all in perfection
Haven’t you seen the beauty of emanations? And those what he created in pairs?

Indeed there are pairs of everything that was brought forth
Yes, the good’s opposite is bad so will you adhere to bad?

It is just the temptation of mind which you bring forth
No but every soul is responsible for what he has done

Do you think that your bloods, wealth or alums would benefit Us?
No but what is good in heart shall be rewarded

So let not lashing of their tongues sadden you
They speak what they were taught without any knowledge

Bear their burden and your burden shall unload
So wait with us, we are waiting!


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