Exception and Acceptance: What’s the difference?

Yesterday, my internet crashed at home and I was left stuck and I wasn’t able to do anything. But yesterday when I had nothing to do I had so many other things to think about. The question is about the difference between exception and acceptance. Now I have been speaking to an ex-colleague of mine (who I happen to know since High School) and he has been telling me about his fears regarding even writing about his queer side on an anonymous blog. This is of course a matter of great debate that why many of us are still weary of our own entity? We don’t want to know so we leave it right here.

The world is changing… But we are changing as well. I remember a movie that I saw many years ago. It was a humorous gay movie revolving around the storyline of American Pie I but with a lot more blasts of laughters. There a certain actor who was playing role of a very queen-ish guy had a girlfriend who happened to be blind… Well, a conversation with someone reminded me of that movie where a blind girlfriend wasn’t able to distinguish between a macho man and a queen. Well, it’s not enough. We here in Pakistan meet a lot of people who pretend what they aren’t. Queens pretending Macho, Twinks pretending Amateurs, bottoms pretending tops, versatile pretending pure top, Uncles pretending young men, young men pretending babies and so on…

I am astonished especially about uncles. (Here in Pakistan, an Uncle is defined as person who is above 33 {some times 27} years old and considered as despicable and untouchable by twinks or young men)… Uncles are very good and habitual about lying. It’s not like that they always speak lies. Sometimes, their lies are just lagging behind in time. For example, a certain uncle showed me a picture of someone very good and fashionable but his cloths and fashion was very early 90s. I was though cautious about the signals from my sixth sense, I still decided to meet the uncle who has been continuously saying that he dressed like 90s jut to take part in some fancy 90s day in his college. I went all the way to Chak Shahzad to see that Uncle and he turned out to be at least 40 years old. In these situations, I usually don’t get confused or scared. I stay clam and in my all senses. So I declined to sit in his car (I had my own with me!) and asked him to sit with me on the side of Rawal Lake.

Then my first question from that Uncle was “How old are you actually and whose picture did you show me?” and uncle replied very shamelessly that he is 30 (He still lied about his age!) and that picture was of him when he was 23 years old. I was disgusted and to my utter dismay, to strengthen his lame argument, he also added that though he is 30 years old but he looks 37 or 38 years old because of lot of stress he has taken due to his loveless life. I laughed at this: to me it was not only a bad joke but it was also sacrilegious! How can you look 40 years old when you are 30? And then what is the point in wasting other’s precious time? I met a guy for hookup. He wanted to see me first because he thought that I might have showed him fake picture or an old picture of mine. Well, after seeing me, he was (I would say head over heels) happy. He told me that he hates uncles and worst thing that I’ve ever heard was that he dated a certain Uncle (I am not assuming that he was same as the uncle I dated) and uncle was calling his beta (English: son) and I was disgusted and flabbergasted. This itself is very horrendous that we have made uncles such untouchable and hateful. We forget that we too will be turning 40 some day! But then I think that uncles should date uncles of their own age rather to get this kind of insult and comments from the guys who are not into uncles.

This is not enough! Many uncles who are 26 years old and look 37 or 38 are even more cunning. They try to bate men with twinks. This is very typical. You just show the pictures of some hot twink and call up the other guy and fix the date and then when the other guy is there you call him from another number telling him that there is no credit at you so you’re calling from another number then disappear for a while and turn off your first number. The irritated guy will become restless and will definitely try your second number and then here you go. You would tell him that the twink just left and he called you on the same spot too. The other guy will be disgusted and pissed. You will become his last support and chance after that and then you offer him a date and that poor chap will accept that (so that he couldn’t waste his precious time and fuel) and then you go to him and then he will call you off again! An insult!!! A pathetic, pathetic and disrespectful way! Uncles! Get yourself some life! This is not the way…

Then we have other likings too but they are secondary. Uncles don’t even pass our preliminarily criterion so the question of likings becomes out of question. But uncles are very rigid and shameless. They kept adhered to the questions like what do you like in bed? and these kind of disgusting this (which aren’t as disgusting but with uncles it makes us vomit!) Then what you do? You try to fend them off politely then you turn them down in a little fierce way by telling them that you have to go somewhere else. You have family waiting at home. Your mom needs to see doctor and when Uncles let you go, you just take a deep breath and reach back your home.

Then finally you start getting text messages or calls from these uncles. You keep on ignoring them and when they become pain in the ass, you just tell them to FUCK OFF! Duh! Life!  But there are exceptions always! For many guys who are into uncles, they reason for the exception they give is money. Many guys have these pickup lines on they g-lookup profiles citing the reasons for their interest in uncles. Lines such as money can buy everything etc. In my views, pickup lines such as the one I wrote above makes you more of a prostitute. Then there are many guys who are with uncles (not only with uncles, please mark that) because they want Sugar Daddies who could afford buying them booze whenever they need, cloths from where ever they like and can arrange and bare the expenses of their gay parties whenever they desire throwing one. I have been invited to many parties of that sort all the time! I hate going there. Uncle getting drunk with twinks and trying to seduce them and a lot of disgusting stuff which I don’t like at all.

The exceptions are few uncles who kept themselves very well-maintained and they have good figure, education and dressing sense. They are not narrow minded and though they mostly look for occasional fun (who doesn’t?), they give respect to others and don’t force others for sex or become pain in the neck! I would call these uncles not uncles but decent men. One always likes being with them (not because they are your sugar daddies but because they talk sense!)

The difference is obvious! Exception and Acceptance are two words which are philosophically related to each other. Exception becomes acceptance and acceptance can become exception within their own framework. Ironically, when acceptance become exception then the urge of self-satisfaction either by hook or crook is involved and when exception becomes acceptance then the desire of being with good people for self-grooming is fostered. So what is your point? Acceptance or Exception?



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