For How Long???

For how long??? This is a question that I have been asking myself from past many days. The situation of my country is crumbling and looks like we are going back to Stone Age where theocracy will rule and Taliban will hang their ideological and political opponents from the light poles on every prominent place in Islamabad. The time looks creeping nearer and nearer! I am seeing the signs… Taliban are attacking even most heavily guarded areas and destroying the assets of state worth 72 Million US Dollars. That too during the time when governing is steering through worst financial crisis and people are suffering from multiple ill. But haven’t we noticed that the bud, the root of all ills is Taliban and Islamic extremism?

Yesterday I saw interview of JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed on a certain TV Channel and I was astonished to see that Saeed was though condemning suicide attacks but he was very skeptical about America and India. Being skeptical about India looks sane but what about America? There is no point to offer the funeral prayers of Osama bin Laden if you really denounce terrorism! Osama bin Laden has always lauded and patronized all the brutal act of Islamic extremists and terrorists. The issue of suicide bombings, terrorist attacks and other brutal acts are now like a debate on some petty religious issue such as how to cut your nails! Mullahs and different groups (that we classify as Good Taliban and Bad Taliban) are talking to each other about these things as if they have been cracking mere jokes!

It is not important to them that how many lives are lost! Jamaat-e-Islami and other vocal allies of Taliban are openly conducting “Go AMREEKA GO” rallies but they have no real solution to the problem of masses in Pakistan. They want Pakistan to be taken over by religious fanatics. Well, the worst case of hypocrisy that can be seen is Nawaz Sharif and his brother. Both cunning hypocrites are now exposed by Wiki Leaks. Their cunningness and lies are in front of public. However, PML (N) that was very fond of these leaks before is now fuming with anger and denying fanatically the realities that came to light. Such a Shame! Imran Khan (ex-playboy) is no different! Well, these days people are saying that ISI is backing him and pitching him against Nawaz Sharif in Punjab because of the differences emerged between Shahbaz Sharif and Army Chief during their secret meetings.

No one is seeing that Pakistan is dying a slow death! No one is taking notice of that! For elite class, well, it is not even an issue! They will flee to Europe, USA and Australia with the help of their money. Media Mullahs will find Safe Heavens in India or elsewhere and our middle class will suffer a hard blow of extortion and ideological genocide from Taliban. Taliban are coming! There are signs of Pakistan’s failures but we have become like pigeons closing our eyes and thinking that when we cannot see the cat, cat can’t see us! We are burying ourselves in Conspiracy Theories of Zaid Hamid! I don’t understand that why do we have to live in a Fairytale world where Pakistan is the precious jewel and whole world is at war to bag it! These thoughts are coming from Conspiracy Theorists who are misleading the nation!

Why don’t I see any sincerity in the actions of ISI? Because she too is confused, battling between two ideologies! I don’t know if ISI is harboring and supporting Taliban then why our highest echelons can’t realize that patronizing Jihadi and Suicide Bomber factories would put us on the fast track of eternal destruction! World cannot tolerate Jihadi export from Pakistan! World cannot tolerate! And we are not seeing that those who are our enemies are trashing their own filth in our homeland! Arab Kingdoms are exporting their terrorists to Pakistan! Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is throwing the terrorists that are against Royal Family to Pakistani tribal areas and providing money and diverting their minds to a greater good and saving their interests!

Our awful and opportunist echelons are taking bribes from these exporters of terrorists and Wahabi ideology! They are destroying their country.  However, our conspiracy theories are cooking up. I don’t understand that why do we have every other lobby. Saudi Arabian lobby, American Lobby, Islamist Lobby but we don’t have Pakistani Lobby. Because we don’t want to have a patriotic Pakistani Lobby! Patriotism has become synonymous to fanaticism introduced by Zia ul Haq. We need to draw line between self-mortification and life! Time is running out! It’s getting late…


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