Zulfiqar Mirza… Let’s see who’s who!

Zulfiqar Mirza exposed his real self and motives of the people of his School of Thought. His mega blast came after MQM decided to quit government and sit on opposition benches. Who is Zulfiqar Mirza? Nobody ever knew him! It’s just now after the demise of Ms. Bhutto that some names that were never traditionally close to Bhutto surfaced. Zardari created Bhutto euphoria and even changed the legal genealogy of his children by surnaming them Bhutto. Well, this is an old discussion that what Zardari did and what Mirza did and how much corruption Zardari gang is doing in this country. The curtain on the play of Politics of Reconciliation has fallen. Karachi has seen worst violence and gang wars. Lyari that Zulfiqar Mirza calls his home is home to dacoits and all criminals. There is no need to mention or write anything about it as world knows well and it is not even a secret. Personal guards of Mirza and their lives are open to people.

Mirza said that the province of Sindh was there even before these people (Mohajirs) came to existence. Mirza is guilty of many offenses but this is most pathetic and most awful twisting of history. Well, I don’t know where to start? Should I start from 1000 BC when Sindh and Punjab were home to Indus Valley Civilization? Mirza doesn’t know much that those original inhabitants were wiped away by Aryan invaders from North West. He too is one! Let’s not go that far. Let’s talk about if Sindh was always there or not.

Famous Fourteen Points of a Mohajir of Bombay, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, surfaced in 1929 as response of 1928 Nehru Report. Mr. Jinnah called upon Imperial Government to separate Sindh from Bombay Presidency. It was the Seventh point of the draft resolution of Fourteen Points on Constitutional Reforms. Before that this same Mohajir presented Delhi Proposals and called upon the government to separate Sindh from Bombay Presidency. How ironic! A will-be Mohajir who is living a luxurious life in Bombay and earning more than 5 Lakhs per day is calling upon government to separate Sindh from Bombay Presidency. Where were Mr. Mirza’s ancestors then?  Does anyone know? Let me tell you. They were supporting Congress and Nehru’s proposals! Where was the movement and violence that happened on the demand of separate Sindh? It happened in Bombay, Lucknow, Kanpur, Dacca, Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi, Aligarh, Agra, Shahjahanpur, Jabalpur, Meerut and other cities of Eastern Hindustan. Well, are these areas in Sindh? Who were the people who laid down their lives in worst ever communal violence (only example of which is Muslim massacre of Gujarat!)? Were those people Sindhi or from the household of Zulfiqar Mirza?

How dare you say that? You gave those Mohajirs no homeland! You should be thankful to them that they strived for this country where you are now lords! You should be ashamed of your ancestry because wasn’t it your great grant father who was called shadow of John Jacob? Now don’t brag about this that first resolution in favor of Pakistan was passed in Sindh Assembly. To your utter shame, Mirza, Sir Abdullah Haroon was also a Mohajir of Kathiawar. Who are freedom fighters? Can you speak just two names belonging from present day Pakistan? Not even two! All the names that we read in Pakistan Studies Books were indoctrinated and introduced by Zia ul Haq. Where you were then when will-be Mohajirs were addressed by Achaia of Congress in Allahabad and were told explicitly that creation of Pakistan means their mass exodus from India and extreme poverty! Where were your ancestors then, Mirza? Where were you when Viceroy imposed Section 144 of Indian Penal Code in all over India and protestors were shot dead in Patna! These protestors were convening a peaceful protest in favor of Constitutional reforms demanded by Jinnah!  Where is Patna? Is it in Sindh?

I don’t want to mention what your ancestors and people like them did to the Hindus that were in Pakistan after the partition! How come you own such huge chunk of land in Sindh? Who gave you this land? Jinnah didn’t! It was allocated to you for being loyal to British Crown! Obviously, these people who you term as outcast sacrificed for their homeland! Where were you when Aligarh Muslim University was raided and youth of Muslim Students Federation was brutally murdered? Where were you when government finally accepted the demand of separate Sindh? It was not your father or grandfather, Mirza! It was these bhookay nangay Mohajir!

You can fool illiterate people of Lyari and Rural Sindh but not those who know history! Where were your ancestors before the creation of Pakistan? What your ancestors were doing when Census report showed that literacy rate was less than 0.2% in what is now Pakistan before partition? Your ancestors were licking the boots of Gora Saab and Congress!

Those people who you now term as badmash and bhookay nangay didn’t demand to separate Agra from Awadh. To your utter shame, Awadh would have simple Muslim equivalence if not majority in case it was separated from Agra and United Provinces Ordinance of 1880 was annulled! By the way, who created Pakistan? Is Dacca in Sindh where All Indian Muslim League’s foundation was laid in 1902? Shame on you because your relatives played their role and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Well, Mohajirs are in minority here but you treated 60% of the population of Pakistan the way you want to treat these Mohajirs! Were you fighting in East Pakistan? Your Army surrendered to Indians and your Prime Minister surrendered to Indra Gandhi and gave her node to accept LoC as permanent border of two Kashmirs! What did you do about Mohajirs of Bihar in what is now Bangladesh? They are still living a pathetic life that is worse than that of stray dogs but they still call them Pakistanis.

Mohajir is not a qom like Sindhi qom or Pathan  qom. They are part of one nation that is known by the name PAKISTAN! Mohajirs are proud to be Pakistani! They are the one who left everything back in India. They are the one who paid heavily for the creation of this homeland of ours! If you were so loyal to Pakistan then why didn’t you support Bengalis when they demanded their language to be made National Language along with other provincial languages of Pakistan! Where were you during the linguistic riots of 1951? What was the role of your father or your relatives then? Mohajirs are not Urdu Speaking. They adapted Urdu according to the wishes of Quaid-e-Azam because Quaid-e-Azam thought that Urdu is the common language of whole Indian Muslim nation! All Mohajirs are not Urdu Speaking, mind you! They came from all over India! And what you have given to this nation?

Where you were when Muslim heritage of Sindh was being wiped out by Gora Saab and your own language, Sindhi’s, script was changed to Devnagari from Persio-Arabic? These Mohajirs were protesting then in what is now India for the restoration of the Sindhi script! I didn’t read the name of any Zardari or Mirza anywhere when it comes to the struggle for this homeland of ours!

You are patronizing with Afaq Ahmed who runs Mohajir Qomi Movement. Isn’t it same Mohajir Qomi Movement that demanded separate homeland for Mohajirs called Jinnah Pur? Shame on you because you are patronizing with the one whose objective is very loud and clear that he wants to breakup Pakistan!  You are cracking down on Muttahida’s activists (no doubt that MQM’s street politics are not that clean) but not on the goons and mafias of other political parties! It is even murmured in the circles close to pissed politicians like Naheed Khan that you are involved in the heinous crimes. Your brother-in-Law is accused of involvement in the murder of real Bhuttos. Fatima Bhutto wants justice! She wants to know who killed her father! You say that Governor Ishratul Ebad was a murderer. What about our president then?

Well, you say that restoration of Commissioner System in Sindh was long demand of the people! Are you sleeping? If you and your People’s Party are so popular with the people of Sindh then what are you afraid of? Why didn’t you conduct Local Government Elections?  Your people would have swept them provided that you are enjoying household popularity in Sindh! People hate you! They hate the corrupt practices of your government! They hate you and your wife! If you are that confident then why don’t you drop your guards who are actually goons of Lyari and go out and meet people in your own constituency? Your hands are red with the blood! You are guilty of extortion and keeping the people of Sindh away from civilization. Who you are kidding? Except for Karachi and Hyderabad (where you enjoy no support) Sindh looks like a mess! Well, it has not inched away from 1947! It is the same: Same roads, no water and same Vadere.

By restoring the act promulgated by British Raj to cull the people’s struggle, you think that you will control the people? British had to leave India and they had to partition it into two separate lands. They bowed down to the wishes of Mohajirs and so will you leave this country and will never return! When your Zardari will not be the president then where you will go? To London in self-exile? Decide it before it gets too late! Now you are apologizing to Mohajirs for hurting their sentiments. Why are you licking what you spat and that too after saying la ilaha illallah. No one likes what you said even your own Zardari. Mohajirs are not going anywhere. They made Pakistan and they will save it but corrupt goons like you will runaway soon. Wait with me; I am also waiting!


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