Dying Star!

Why life shows us how small we are? Our dreams are like random rocks on the sandy shores of time… Like a forgotten pebble in the vast floor of pristine forest… Like a drop of water in the vast deep gray sea. It was a thought which wasn’t that effable. But still some thoughts are prone enough to stay in the folds of our minds. When they became restless and insomniac, they unleash and take the forms of words… Some time in rhythm, thus called poetry, and sometimes in prose… Yet they are beautiful exceedingly. Sometimes their valor is unmatched… Like random rocks on sandy shore, like beautiful crimson-pale leafs of the floor of a forest… Like stars… S T A R S!

Old dreams that haunt us every night. Do they have meaning? Sometimes their meaning is obsolete and oblique. Then why do we chase them? When you ended whatever was between us, when you told me whatever you told me then who are you to stand guard on my thoughts? Who are you to tell aloud to world that whatever I think is not right? Who are you, You-KNOW-Who, to even peek into my thoughts, my writings, my mind and my soul? You don’t have any right, You-Know-Who! You had once but now… You have been fallen from my eyes. You have been degraded by your own hands, by your dirty tongue that doesn’t abuse but inflicts immortal wounds. That sharp-edged reptile that lives between your jaws is lethal. Who are you? You are nothing… You are nothing at all.

Sometimes I regret that why I told you what I told! Why I gave you best of my mind? Why I went blind in the persuasion of mirages! Whatever you told me was all sham and lie. This is what you are best at! This is what you are master of! You are Master of Words, Lord of Deception, Duke of Fallacy and Admiral of hatred! You think that your engineered photographs will incite a storm of affection for you? Nay! You shall sunk into a black hole that eats shimmering, dying stars… Yet a new universe is created!

A Dying Star is sinking into pit
Trembling greatly to save his dying gilt

He doesn’t know what he gave was scars
He was worshiped but what he loved was dark!

Brooding over on his passing days
He  gave me venom in a bowl to taste

He abhorred my every gist that smiles
He despised my dreams, named my thoughts futile

He called my rhymes “nothing just holy crap”
He hunted my core and trapped me in his trap

Still he comes and check over my thoughts
To curtail my love he planned some awesome plots

Don’t you know my love was extreme
You threw it away and shattered all my dreams

When you did worst than what I thought
I left you now in memoirs you rot!

When I saw you hiding your real face
I despised you more, you lack your moral base

Still I need to give you what you sought
Blood and agony is what with love you bought!

Darkness shrouds your real ways
But with justice, indeed, you shall be paid

You shall be met with what your works acquired
Against Heavens will you again conspire?

Not this time! Yes, you shall be thrown
For your works! See you are so prone!

My writings ting your long forgotten  soul
Whenever you see them on your back you roll!

Still you come to clinch your quencher, right?
But here you read of what you’ve been deprived!

Just truth about your real game!
But still you come to shift the actual blame?

Who can say what you did was wrong
But why you’re here seeping for so long?

You can come I don’t tend to stop
But my boat, you can never rock!

Get away and escape to inky bliss
In my world you shall not be missed

Get away as you burnt the twine
It’s over now so don’t waste your time!


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