Pakistan losing war: is country going to disintegrate?

We can hate it as much as we like but the facts are facts. Recent attacks in Karachi have exposed the vulnerability of Pakistani state in addressing the core issue of security. Karachi that was already gripped by political turmoil faced this new blow: an attack on the residence of Senior Superintendent Police of Crime Investigation Department called CID. This department was supposed to be investigating Taliban and Al-Qaeda cells within the cosmopolis. The attack was well coordinated and death toll has been eight. Officials fear rise in the death toll.

As ever the frenzied anchors and Moral-Brigade is doing as much as it can to divert the mind of the general public from the real issues. Conspiracy theories are cooking up and and it is very much expected that real information will be hidden under the pile of these nonsense conspiracy theories  coming out from the Moral Brigade and Taliban Apologists. “Taliban are on the run”. This is the official version of the War Against Terrorism. We all know that Pakistani Establishments does keep good terms with Haqqani Network operating from North Waziristan and Pakistani Army is reluctant to carry out the full-scale operation to hit the sanctuaries of Taliban in North Waziristan region.

We need to realize that where it is going to take Pakistan. As further events regarding Afghanistan endgame unfold, we see greater uncertainty about the future of Pakistani state. Well, to be frank, Pakistan is almost a failed state despite the lofty claims of establishment and Moral Brigade. We need to look at the root cause of this failure and the methods that we can imply to save our dying beloved country. It is useless to recall how the cancer of Talibanization and extremism spread in our country but now it is like stupid to cry over spilt milk. We just need to cure the cancer that is about to engulf our vital organs: the bureaucracy, the judiciary and state itself.

Let’s talk about the events surrounding this awful suicide blast. The best point will be to converge our attention to Mehran Base Attack where Pakistani state assets were targeted and State faced heavy losses. The attack was well coordinated and it was certain that the militants had support of some insiders from the navy or agency responsible for the security of the Naval Base. The arrests of some low ranking Navy personals were made in connection with the attack and Army also arrested a serving Brigadier posted in GHQ along with his accomplices who were decorated officials of Pakistani Army. They were arrested for their alleged ties with Hizbut Tahrir: a neo-terrorist organization envisaging to oust Pakistani elected government through a coup d’etat by recruiting the officials from Top Brass of Army and luring them into the autocratic system of Caliphate.

After that Hizbut Tahrir disappeared for a little while but now it is back again with its stickers in Federal Capital asking people to oust government and Army to takeover Pakistan and attack USA with nuclear weapons. It might come as surprise to meany readers of us that many officials of now outlawed HuT belong to sensitive government departments including Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, NESCOM and Defense Establishment itself. That is why they always got clean bill whenever any official tried to thwart them. It is not possible to ascertain about  the influence of HuT in Pakistan Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority that is solely responsible for protecting the nuclear arsenal to falling into the hands of terrorists and Nuclear proliferation.

We need to talk about the methodology that we need to adopt in order to eliminate the threat posed by terrorists and to ensure integration of our country. The most alarming factor is that yesterday a report came from USA and India jointly manned think tank about the possible disintegration and fall of Pakistan. The study group asked India and USA to maintain all possible channels of communication to protect the Pakistani arsenal falling into the hands of Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Let’s analyze what Pakistan should do in order to protect the State from falling down and to ensure internal as well as external security of the country.

(1) It is noted that a section of Pakistani Security establishment and ISI is still enjoying good terms and protecting the left over of Taliban and Al-Qaeda and providing them with safe sanctuaries all over Pakistan. We need to exterminate those officials who are protecting or patronizing Taliban and Al-Qaeda of any section (Good or Bad). Recent split in the ranks of militants based in North Waziristan shows that Taliban cannot be kept for long from their principled stand of occupying Pakistan and establishing a theocratic Taliban State with Taliban Shariah as its law. The Ittihad-e-Mujahideen-e-Khurasaan (IMK) is called an “unruly and young” section of the Shura of Taliban based in North Waziristan by the elders of Haqqani Network. IMK wants to end the role of Pakistani Army and ISI in North Waziristan and wants to kill the spies of ISI. One part of name of IMK is very interesting: “Khurasan” was the province of Islamic Caliphate during the time of Omayyads and Abbasids. It was comprised of Nishapur (presently Mashhad Province of Iran), Khurasan (a province of Iran), Sistan (a province of Iran), parts of Afghanistan and some part of KPK. However, present day Pakistan was never the part of Khurasan. This misinformation was invented by Zia ul Haq with the help of CIA money to lure Pakistani and Pashtun youth to CIA-sponsored Afghan Jihad with the help of misinterpretation of Holy testaments. The name shows a definitive conclusion that IMK enjoyed the support of ISI at some point and their breakup from the mainstream Haqqani network is due to the realization that only a faction of ISI and Security establishment is on the same page as Taliban. Whereas, it is best to think that the greater section of ISI and Security Establishment is weary of Taliban so Taliban realized that they are just used as tools to ensure the control of Pakistan over Afghanistan. On the other hand, Taliban have one single defined motive that is occupation of Pakistan and implementation of Taliban Shariah in the country. If we look into the mind of Haqqanis, they are playing another game of deceive and achieve with ISI. It is an established fact that Haqqanis like their accomplices are of the view and on the same page when it comes to theology and implementation of Taliban Shariah in Pakistan. They are probably seeking a golden opportunity to cease control of Pakistan or at least a part of it as return payment of their services to ISI. Which is very much possible and examples of which are as bright as sun itself. We can give the example of the control of Taliban on Afghanistan, Pakistani Tribal Areas and Swat. Red Mosque Clerics were also closely affiliated with Haqqanis as well as other militants and their motives and activities in Islamabad need no introduction.

The conclusion is very clear that all Taliban (good or bad) are on the same page when it comes to occupation of Pakistan and implementation of Taliban Shariah but the only difference is their realization of suitable time to cease control of this country and its nuclear weapons in order to bomb the whole world. Our agencies are trying to use the old outdated trick of late 80s and early 90s to ensure the hegemony of Pakistan in Afghanistan in order to get undistributed Western Frontiers. This is, I am afraid, bound to be failed despicably as Taliban are not under control and their motives are well defined and the channels of their funds are no more through ISI or Pakistani Establishment.

All we need to do is a simple full-scale operation in North Waziristan to get rid of all types of Taliban. Taliban is threat to Pakistan and World Peace in general. Pakistani Establishment is playing with fire. The best argument we can put up when it comes to our support of Taliban is that we have nuclear  bum. But this   bum  made us more vulnerable and weak instead of providing the promised protection. What do we need to do? Exterminate agents of ISI or any Sensitive Agency providing protection and support to Taliban. Do internal audit and eliminate officials working on their own agenda of mystical Islamic Empire.

(2) We see that the terrorist attacks are well coordinated and militants had full information of their target including the order of the deployment of men and entry and exit points within their target (for example in case of PNS Mehran). This shows that the officials of ISI or others are passing inside information to militants that is helping them to organize attacks of such large scale all over the country. These same officials of ISI and other sensitive departments are running a paper-back campaign to demoralize the country and to prepare parched ground for their motive of Taliban State. HuT associates in Army and Atomic Energy Commission clearly indicate that this cancer is about to devour our vital organs of State. First conclusion is valid for this second point too. We need a definitive internal cleanup operation to sweep all the bugs of Taliban within our agencies and sensitive departments.

(3) The other point is about outside intelligence and about the movement of officials from their homes. This is obvious that personal routine of officials is very less likely to be given to the militants by infected officials of Agencies. Taliban are running their own information-gathering and surveillance network. The workforce is provided to them by Hizbut Tahrir with activists and workers from middle and upper class of this country. How? Usually Police and Intelligence Agents let go of the boys clad in jeans or wearing trendy cloths. HuT is doing surveillance of high officials through its activists and passing important information to militants.

We need to have a crackdown on all accomplices of HuT and we need to exterminate HuT in order to protect our country.

(4) Along with HuT, Religio-political parties and Imran Khan are supporting Taliban and their activities. We need to place a check on them if we are really sincere. It has been mentioned in previous posts about the bound-to-be-failure policy of Imran Khan regarding Taliban.

If we will not mend our ways and stop the growing influence of Taliban then our country will fall into hands of militants and will be disintegrated into small independent units. It is very likely that with this present support of ISI, Taliban will reconquer Afghanistan and expand their Talibani Empire to Pakistan’s North West. Balochistan will become independent and Pakistan would eventually be left with smaller Punjab and Sindh. We need to act before its get too late….

A full scale operation in North Waziristan is the call of the day!


9 thoughts on “Pakistan losing war: is country going to disintegrate?

  1. Barekzai says:

    For your information, the Haqqanis are part and parcel of the ISI….your military and cowardly politicians are responsible for dragging your further and further into a war what will destroy you.

  2. vjaiswal35 says:

    The Achilles Heel of Pakistan’s national security strategy is the notion that India wants to “destabilize and destroy” Pakistan. Nothing could be further from the truth. Doing so could sow the seeds of India’s own destruction. And to believe that India wants to absorb another 170 million Muslims is pure nonsense.So we all Indians request that Pakistan should realize this truth.
    The next thing is to fight terror Pakistan must fix it’s education system right and proper. If we teach hatred then only voilance will be the outcome. As it is from the time of Bhutto and then Zia the education system in Pakistan twisted the history of the world and brought the biggest disaster to Pakistan by brainwashing young mind and bringing jihad center stage. Are you aware that Pevez Hoodbhoy, chairman of physics department at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, wrote that extremism is breeding at ferocious rate in public and private schools because the of official curriculum is promoting a blue print for a religious fascist state. Militant Jihad has become part of the culture on college and university campuses. To day the effects are in field. Every child of yester year and youth of present day is blowing fellow Muslims and the World apart with bombs and hate. We must teach harmony, peace and coexistence as taught in holly Quran.

  3. M Ali Khan says:

    looks like the Pak Army has successfully bullied the PPP govt into a corner and made it tow its line (as it has been doing since the Ayub era) to NEVER question the Pak Fauj and its “honour”


    khuda hafiz Pakistan.

  4. Until you Pakistani’s separate your concept of what you think God is, or is not, from the necessary governance of your citizens, the Pakistani nation will continue to fail. Unless you correct this mind-set, what you now call “Pakistan” will completely fail and return to the fold of India. The real problem is, India really has no interest in Pakistan at all and you will become second class citizens of India. That’s the horrible truth! Please wake up and fix your mess before it’s too late.

  5. Zahir Khan says:

    Pakistan will live forever. If anything, India will be invaded from its west and from its east, the hindu masses converted, and the whole subcontinent will become one again.

  6. Zahir Khan says:

    By the way, by the time that happens, USA will cease to exist. They will go down the road of Atlantis and will be no more.

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