Apparels, Crossroads and Us…

Well, well, well… No, Closeted it is not like that… We don’t always find us on Crossroads always… We have many brands here and there…  But again most of the people end up finding themselves on Crossroads. Now for the starters Crossroads is a Desi fashion brand. Well, then why do we find ourselves on the Crossroads? It is a very valid question. In our Desi Pink Scene we come across many people who think that being pink is all about fashion and fashionable cloths. Of course, I am not against fashion and not suggesting our generation as Second Richest Man of the world suggested that one should lock himself in the room. I am just telling that being queer is not all about fashion.

Then most of the people who design high fashion themselves are queer or were queer at some stage of life… I just remembered about an acquaintance of mine who doesn’t even meet people when he is wearing unbranded cloths. I was shocked when I heard that. I expected him to be wearing Armani or   Roberto Cavali or something of that sort but it all ended up on Crossroads… It’s not that I wear those brands or I judge people according the brands that they wear. I too am very fond of Crossroads especially their summer collection was very nice with bright colors and a lot of Brazilian fiesta in their tees. However, I didn’t buy any due to financial constraints and I expect my friend Closeted to buy me one. Which, of course, he wont as he is still sending me the book that he bought on my birthday… And it’s almost the time of my next birthday now…

But for the sake of record: we don’t have just crossroads here in Isloo. Remember Closeted you too bought not one but 4 or 5 tees from our Isloo Brand called River Stone?? So it’s not like that we always find us on Crossroads… But again fashion scene here is not a thriving as it is in Karachi or Lahore as a matter of fact. Here we see most of the people shopping from Abroad… This is another thing. Like I read somewhere that now people  have stopped seeing the things which were once important. Same is the case here. We too don’t like to notice the things which were once important. For example, before this brand fever we had Desi Brands (not advertised and photographed with high fashion camera techniques and photoshops) telling what they actually are and trust me: they were good.

Now we get cloths of all brands in Pakistan even those which are potentially out of reach of one of the filthiest rich people but all of them are fabricated. This is true that their fabric is finest and their quality is amazing (depends upon the rate which is still much more affordable than the prices of brands!) but they don’t tell you that they have been finished in Faisalabad or in Karachi or Lahore. Why? Because we have given our identity and we die for brands…

Again if you’re assuming that I am not brand conscious then please trust me: I am a typical Islooite in this regard and I too am equally fond of our Desi Brands as any other guy but when I wasn’t able to afford them myself then I didn’t have the complex that I was wearing local cloths. Apparels are defined as high fashion cloths and we all love wearing them… But sometimes we forget that most of the fashions are not compatible with our climate. Now this is another discussion.

Moving on swiftly: whenever we see some really fashionable guy with good apparels and high fashion shoes, we just exclaim with utter joy and of course with few bits of jealousy Oh my God!!! He is GAY!. It’s not all about cloths! It’s also about mobile phones, Mobile Networks and even your hair (like from where you get your hair done) Even if you get your hair done in just Rs 35 from Sabir Gujratiya of your local market you will still say O I got them done from XYZ. And that XYZ would be some high fashion hair saloon run by some high fashion stylist such as Tariq Amin.  Oh I just remember that I need to get my hair done… And I will not go to Tariq Amin for that. I will just go to a good saloon which is not over priced at all… So Closeted are you coming?


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