Zaid Hamid: Saint or Satan?

Zaid Hamid saying "My inspiration is you" to Yusuf Kazzab

Everyone is on someone’s payroll. Israel and Americans have only one thing to discuss. India is planning to attack Pakistan. People are dying due to a divinely intervened plan made in Jerusalem and an Islamic Army will be raised to defeat the forces of evil in Armageddon from Pakistan so Pakistani youth should join in and get enrolled as soon as possible & so on…

We all know that such kind of baseless allegations and delusional claims come from one person that is Zaid Zaman Hamid who is commonly known as Zaid Hamid and his mission as Takmeel-e-Pakistan. But our naïve youth has very little or very misleading knowledge about his past. It is a pitiful situation that we have been groomed in a way to blame others for our ills. In eighties, this national mentality has been cashed by Zia ul Haq and a breed of neo-militancy youth was bred. Some of it went to die a despicable death in CIA sponsored Afghan Jihad while others symphonize the rants of the leftovers of Zia’s bash with CIA & Americans. It is very alarming that scores of youth are being attracted to dual-faced monsters such as Zaid Hamid who has been propagating a false doctrine and making grounds for a “Holy war” called Ghazwatul Hind. This is a very sorry state of affairs for all of us as our misguided youth is following and supporting Zaid Hamid blindly.

Zaid Hamid with AK-47 assault rifle; asking youth to kill people in scores so that the prophecy of his false prophet becomes true

With very little or no knowledge, our youth is mesmerized by the false promises and baseless doctrine of Zaid Hamid. First of all there is a need to look into word ghazwa. It has been used explicitly for the battles in which Prophet (SAW) participated in person. These battles are Ghazwa-e-Badar, Uhad, Ahzaab, Khyber and Mecca. The battles in which Prophet (SAW) didn’t participate but sent forces for battles are called Sarya. The battles of today of that happened after the holy demise of Prophet (SAW) is called Al-harb or simply al-malhama in Arabic. The word ghazwatul hind is baseless as Prophet (SAW) is no more in this earth but is residing in his holy abode in Heavens. Then doesn’t it become very clear that Zaid Hamid is intentionally misusing the word ghazwa for the battle that he predicts will happen in the coming days? How can this battle be called ghazwa when Prophet (SAW) is not in this world?

This is very crystal clear that Zaid Hamid is believer of a false belief surfaced in Second Century After Hegira called aqeeda-e-Rijj’at. Believers of this aqeeda believe that Prophet (SAW) will come back to this earth because ‘he is more deserving than Jesus to return and lead the last battle of Armageddon.’ It is not a secret to those who have a little knowledge about the heretic sects of Islam that Zaid Hamid is a firm believer of many haphazard baseless beliefs and misquotes verses and Hadiths of Prophet (SAW) to support his dubious claims that are basically beliefs of someone else!

Zaid Hamid a saint or Satan? You decide yourself!

‘This is to bring into the notice of all those who admire Zaid Hamid as Savior of Islam that he was closely associated with Yusuf Ali Nadeem Al-Kazzaab, the false prophet of Lahore who claimed to be the living incarnation of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and called himself as mard-e-Kamil and Khalifatul Azam both words having no association with them and associated with Islamic religious cult. It is very alarming that Zaid Hamid was the right hand of this False Prophet and, even, supported him throughout the proceedings of Blasphemy Case and after the verdict gave his predisposition that judiciary was biased and it “murdered the principals of justice”. I am not saying this. He wrote a letter to Daily Dawn about the proceedings in 2000. The letter is widely condemned and is attached below.People know very well that when he wrote the letter he was certainly not confused. Zaid Hamid was one of the most aggressive defenders of his False Prophet throughout the trial of Yusuf Kazab. He was present in all the court hearings, took letters from one place to other asking people to withdraw the case, tried to threaten and blackmail the people involved in the case against Yusuf Kazab. Even after Yusuf was sentenced to death by hanging, Zaid Hamid didnt rested and wrote a splendid piece of defense in favor of his False Prophet in DAILY DAWN. The article was published on 13th Aug 2000. Zaid Hamid himself re-published it on Chowk.  The article is being re-published here: FATWA-FOBIA:

Just another fake conspiracy theorist and nothing else!

There are a lot of allegedly moderates pakistanis on the chowk, who believe in human rights, who have woRn out their fingers posting about kashmir, the jinnah speach, the tolerant islam in pakistan, the 2% extremists. In supporting the killing of kashmir in the guise of human rights, selfdetermination etc. they are in tune with the mullahs, who prefer the word jihad. In the following story, if the alleged moderates criticise the blasphemy laws they will be in conflict with the mullah. No, the moderates cannot afford to do that because of the fatwafobia. The human rights blah blah does not apply to pakistani nationals. Convicted for blasphemy A kind, benevolent and honourable Muslim Sufi of a small order has been sentenced to death on blasphemy charges by a court in Lahore. I am an eyewitness to what happened in the court and how the prosecution murdered justice, human dignity, Islamic and contemporary law and all norms of humanity in the name of Islam. Mohammad Yusuf Ali is a staunch Muslim and a scholar of the Holy Quran. He has rendered meritorious services to Islam, Pakistan and humanity in his career. It was only a difference of interpretation which was exploited by extremist mullahs and some Urdu newspapers. Yusuf Ali had already spent two years in jail and now he has been convicted. I was present in the courtroom to assist the defence lawyers. It was barred to the outside world. I am witness to what happened inside and how he has been convicted. The prosecution had based their case on four items: audio cassette of Juma Khutba, video cassettes of Juma Khutba, Yousuf Ali`s purported diary, and one Pir and his few followers, who claimed that he had claimed to be “Muhammad“ in front of them many years ago! There was nothing objectionable in the cassettes, and even according to Qanoon-i-Shahadat, they were inadmissible, as the one who had made these was not known. They were highly edited, doctored and manipulated. The diary was not of Yusuf Ali`s at all, and even the prosecution admitted that they were not sure of its origin. It had no name, no handwriting match, no owner. It was simply alleged on Yusuf Ali and was torn to shreds in its originality and credibility. The Pir and his followers were again torn to shreds, as none of them was the complainant. They never reported the alleged blasphemy to the police or any other authority, which supposedly happened many years ago. Their credibility did not exist at all in terms of contradictions in cross examinations. One of them was on bail on fraud charges. The complainant had all the info on hearsay. He had never met the accused in his life. All his info was through Urdu newspapers. He accused Yusuf Ali of adultery, but even in the FIR, the relevant section was not mentioned for lack of evidence, making the complainant liable to “Qazaf“. His testimony was not admissible at all. Yusuf Ali had categorically, even before the registration of the FIR, made it clear through paid ads that he had not claimed to be a prophet and he was a staunch Muslim. Top religious scholars like Maulana Abdul Sattar Niazi had declared him a true Muslim and asked the charges to be dropped. According to all legal and Shariat requirements he had proved himself to be a true Muslim. Still the prosecution insisted that he called himself a prophet. How can anyone be the judge of someone`s faith? The prosecution lawyers went so overboard that even the judge had to stop them from committing blasphemy in trying to prove Yusuf Ali wrong. Even though Yusuf Ali was on bail, he was arrested one day earlier against all rules, laws and norms. It is extraordinary how the bail given by a High Court was cancelled by the Sessions Court and the accused was arrested. The whole trial was in camera and the media was not allowed in to hear Yusuf Ali`s explanations, his speeches and comments. The media was also barred from seeing the hopelessness of the prosecution witnesses and their lawyers. It was on this quality of evidence that a great living sufi has been condemned to death on so many counts that we have lost count. Now Yusuf Ali is in the line for gallows. Will we wait and let the evil win or raise our voices for our own survival?

Z.Z. HAMID Rawalpindi’

Zaid Hamid: Beautiful Liar!

It disgusts me to the core to see the real face of this hero. He has been calling a false prophet who has been fleecing people and depriving them of their wealth as “great sufi”. Well, if blasphemy law is right or wrong, it is a totally different matter but as a Muslim, you cannot accept a false prophet and someone supporting him head-to-toe. This is no secret that false prophet Yusuf Ali Kazzab declared Zaid Zaman Hamid (at that time just Zaid Zaman) as his Khalifatul Awal (First Caliph) and entrusted the mission of his false ministry into his hands. The very core of the false ministry of Yusuf Ali Kazzab is Ghazwatul Hind. He predicted and claimed in many proceedings of his organization and in private conversations with his followers about a war that Prophet (SAW) will command while in purdah or absence. He called himself Mard-e-Kamil and living incarnation of Prophet (SAW).

Screenshot of Yusuf Kazab's speech about Ghazwatul Hind: See the resemblance with Zaid Hamid's views

A Computer typed Certificate declaring Yusuf as Khalifatul Azam

This was not enough, he went on and produced a certificate sent to him by Prophet (SAW) through computer and attested by Abdullah Shah Ghazi, a 7th century saint buried in Karachi, and Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jilani, another Muslim saint of 5th century buried in Bagdad. This kind of illusions is only expected from a mentally unstable person who has been suffering from multiple psychological disorders. His knowledge about Islam and Islamic history was minimal and he didn’t even know all the names of six authentic books of Hadith called Sihah Sitta. However, he has been handpicking from many pamphlets and other propaganda material invented by Zia ul Haq and his CIA sponsored Islamist Squad and proposed his own interpretations. Yusuf Kazzab’s worst claim was that Prophet (SAW) attained the perfection in compliance and now he (Allah Forgive me for saying this) will attain the perfection of beauty and will command the Battle of Hind while in Ghaiyubat that means while not present on the scene. Yusuf Ali Nadeem Kazzab’s mission is now being carried on by Zaid Zaman Hamid (now Zaid Hamid) and he is parching the ground with the seeds of this war by indoctrinating youth. Zaid Hamid remained undercover and secrecy for many years after the murder of Yusuf Ali Kazzab and then came back to the scene with his organization and emo-blasts. Well, reliable sources tell that he went to a country 2000 miles away from Pakistan and applied for the Asylum on the grounds that he was not safe in Pakistan due to prosecution by Islamic Mullahs here.

Ghazwatul Hind? Who thought about it?

He has no real say on any issue at all. Our youth is stupid enough to believe him because they don’t know Islamic History and they are intentionally kept delusional by Zia ul Haq through his infested books of Pakistan Studies and Islamic History. No, there is not even a single Hadith about this so called Battle of Hind in any authentic Hadith books. There is no mention of whatsoever ZH blubbers in Quran and no one is stupid to waste all his time to think how to harm us. People are weary of our extremist tendencies and our empty claims. Zaid Hamid who himself claims to be the part of Jihad in Afghanistan says that Americans, Israel and India are preparing for the last war called Armageddon. Can we just think a little more rationally? This man is just carrying on with the mission of his false prophet and preparing the climate for this war. Suppose that we continue our global jihadist agenda and don’t end our suicide bomber factories then what will world do? They had no option but to attack our bumto make this world safer! This is exactly what Zaid Zaman Hamid, First Caliph of False Prophet Yusuf Ali Nadeem Al-Kazzab, wants and propagating.

Invitation of Yusuf Kazzab in which he wrote his name as Mohammad and used a symbol that is written on Prophet's (SAW) name to remind Muslims to recite blessings of Allah on him.

His blind mission is just to prove that his false prophet didn’t lie but spoke truth. He repeatedly uses the same verses or interpretations as implied by his false Prophet Yusuf Ali Al-Kazzab but clandestinely. How can we fool ourselves? Well, the simple answer and explanation that I can give you guys is this: suppose you tell someone that he will eat biryani tomorrow and you make it happen either by providing him with biryani or arranging it for him via some means but you are clever enough and you want people to believe that you have some divine counsel regarding biryani  so you arrange biryani for that person in such a way that he doesn’t come to know that you dud it. You happen to do such things over and over again. After a certain period of time, the person will get the predisposition that you actually foretell the future or have an eye over the events of past. Many so-called sorcerers have this ability. The come to know about your past or extract them from you and then they will just reproduce it in front of you in carefully selected words. Zaid Hamid is doing the same with youth. He doesn’t answer any question openly; especially those that question his faith about many issues and false prophet Yusuf Ali Naeem Al-Kazzab. He calls him a Sufi still and doesn’t condemn him and doesn’t say “Yusuf Ali is Kazzaab”. Zaid Hamid uses internet, youtube, facebook, twitter and television as a weapon to hunt down youth just to fulfill the words of his false prophet about so-called battle of Hind. Yusuf Ali Al-Kazzab said that Caliph is spiritual incarnation of his lord that is Prophet (SAW) in case of Abu Bakar.

Yusuf Kazzab declares Zaid Hamid as his First Caliph

If we use the same logic and see about Zaid Zaman Hamid then he is nothing but a living incarnation of Yusuf Ali Nadeed Al-Kazzab. Yusuf Ali said that the war against Jews, Christians and Hindus would be commanded by him from a secret place. Zaid Zaman Hamid is propagating ideas about an Islamic Army under his command. Can we see the similarity? False Prophet Yusuf Ali Al-Kazzab commanding the army through Zaid Hamid while sitting (read: spiritually alive) in his heart! We need to wake up and stop blaming America, Israel and India for all our mistakes. It is not America’s problem that we are not making Kalabagh Dam or Bhasha Dam. It is not America’s problem that we are not utilizing Thar Coal Reserves. Woe to us for living in dillusions! Do we want solution of these issues? There is one: bring in Secular Pakistan and divorce these Mullahs and neo-Mullahs…

Zaid Hamid: Shut up and Drive!

No one wants to attack you until you provoke them as wars are expensive and world cannot afford them. World hates you because you are mischievous bustard of British Raj and then abandoned wife of CIA. Your love-child, Taliban, and his friends are slitting people’s throat. We need to wake up! How can we check if Zaid Hamid is right or not? Get him through litmus test: Ask him about the references of the Hadiths he quotes and the verses of Quran and their Tafsir. He will tell you to come to his office and meet him in person. Beware! Don’t go! He will mislead you by giving you wrong quotes and references. He will be bound to give correct references in the public that he doesn’t do normally. If you have fell prey to him already then cross-examine the references and read the full article. For example if he talks about verse 1 of Surah Tauba or line 3 on page 88 of Tareekh at-Tabari then don’t just read the line 3. Read the full article to see the correct context. Similarly for Quran, don’t just read a verse or part of verse, read multiple verses before the mentioned verse and after the mentioned verse and try to know their historical context. By this you will definitely know the difference. Please think before you act blindly… God Bless

Below are the points that I want to emphasize on Zaid Hamid’s agenda:

1. Zaid Hamid’s agenda is not Pakistan, in fact, it is to prove his false prophet right.

2. Zaid Hamid is predicting Ghazwatul Hind that is not present in any authentic Hadith manuals such as Bukhari and Muslim. Zaid Hamid misquote Hadith from Bukhari or Muslim and then insert it into the gibberish invented by Zia ul Haq and his team to make grounds for CIA sponsored Afghan Jihad and to divert the Jihadists towards India. To achieve this mission, Zia with the help of CIA money bought Jamaat-e-Islami Mullahs and tribal warlords. These Mullahs mislead the uneducated youth by inventing false testimonies about this battle of Badar. Imam Muslim states in his prologue of Sahi Muslim that people invent strange Hadiths and lie about their chain of narrators and let it not mislead you, O my beloved pupil, the crowd and number of people in their gatherings; (it is) because people love strange things to be told to them.

3. It is not clear that there is no such thing as Ghazwatul Hind (and even if there is provided that we want to trust unauthentic evidence) then it can never be called ghazwa as the word is reserved for Prophet’s (SAW) wars not for every other war.

4. Pakistan Army’s role as Defender of Ideology of Pakistan was invented by Zia ul Haq; all his efforts were directed towards ensuring hegemony of  Armed Forces and uninterrupted flow of cash into Army’s hand. Therefore, he created an environment of fear where Pakistan was the lamb and whole world was pack of wolves after it. This is not true at all. Independent Analysis of Pakistan Army’s operations in East Pakistan and policies of West Pakistan towards East Pakistan clearly show that Pakistan made huge mistakes. The worst of it was to mingle religion with politics. It reached its peak during the time of Zia.

5. Zaid Hamid is a threat to Pakistan. He has been praising Taliban but abandoning TTP and confessing his links with Al-Qaeeda on national television. Recent attacks on Pakistani border towns in Bajur Agency and ,now very recently, Chitral clearly show that TTP and Afghan Taliban are two branches of the same tree. Zaid Hamid has no real answer of the problems of Pakistan. In fact, he talks about a compulsory military service for every Pakistani; that means he wants part time militants that can be used for his global terrorist agenda and his false prophet’s wars. In fact, in his many interviews he is not even sure about the divide of Islamist terrorists and claims in Point Blank with Lucman that he was associated with Al-Qaeeda as well. Nothing adds up at all… All factions have different origin and they came close to each other pretty late and Zaid Hamid’s views and dates don’t add up with the facts.

6. Zaid Hamid is not sincere with Muslims as his agenda is about militancy and this is just to take revenge on them. Zaid Hamid has been propagating false doctrine of his false prophet just to prove him right and misquoting verses of Quran like those who he calls illiterate Mullahs.

7. Islamic Caliphate was never an ideal affair. Zaid Hamid and Hizb ut Tahrir are propagating false ideas to the youth that never came in contact with Islamic History. In fact, Muslim youth is discouraged to read Islamic History Authentic Books without a trained teacher. Zaid Hamid stops Muslim youth in believing in Islamic History because it just splits open all of his myths.

8. Youth of Pakistan having very less opportunities of leisure, thinks these protests and other rendezvous as thrilling and entertaining. In fact, that’s why Imran Khan has hired two professionals to mimic politicians and DJ Butt to keep people entertained and their presence ensured. Zaid Hamid has been using Ali Azmat and super designer Maria B for the same purpose. Well, one thing doesn’t add up that is that on one hand, you talk about the 1st century Caliphate of Omar and on other hand you have top rock artists and fashion designers along with metrosexual boys and sexy girls in your league???

9. It is very evident that Zaid Hamid’s mission is to oppress one section of Pakistani society but he will never touch the elite class who can afford Maria B. During the time of Zia, people were lashed in public on the accounts of fahashi (moral mutilation)   and Generals enjoyed toasts of whiskey in their homes… Zaid Hamid wants the same so his followers beat innocent student who asks questions and come out on those who dare speaking truth.

10. Zaid Hamid’s mentor, Yusuf Ali Nadeem Al-Kazzab, has been inciting people towards his congregation. But the invitation was not for everybody! Only those who could afford Rs. 250000 were able to see ‘the Prophet with their own eyes’. Well, those who collected black money could turn it white by simply giving 2.5% Zakat tax and 5th of it to false prophet Yusuf. Zaid Hamid has been doing the same. The difference that we see between him and Mullahs is that he just doesn’t order strict Purdah but he orders other things like Mullah Omar. The difference? No difference at all!

I think it is high time for us to call spade a spade and Media should start acting more responsibly.

Some Useful Links about Reality of Zaid Hamid

Speech of Yusuf Kazzab in which he introduced his followers as Sahaba (a title of the companions of Prophet (SAW)) and introduced Abdul Wahid and Syed Zaid Zaman (Old and official name in documents of Zaid Hamid) as Sahabi and said that when Yusuf Kazzab received the divine counsel, he went to Karachi to give blessings and good news to Zaid Hamid. Zaid Hamid thanks Yusuf Al-Kazzab and says that he received the gift if wilaya for which people strive for centuries just in days because of Yusuf Al-Kazzab.

All Evidence about Zaid Hamid


In the video Zaid Hamid is defending Yusuf Kazzab. The video has been recorded secretly. It consists of 6 parts. This link is of second part where he accuses one sect of Islam for setting up Yusuf Kazzab.!-a-Real-Kazab-or-a-Bait-for-War-Between-Two-Ahl-e-Sunnat-Sects-(DeoBandi-Brailvy)-What-Do-You-Feel-Honestly/page4

Zaid Hamid defending Yusuf Kazzab: many useful links and videos.

Many useful links and refutes of Zaid Hamid’s fictitious claims and ideas.

A US based psychiatrist suggests that Zaid Hamid is suffering from Bipolar disorder, Split Personality Syndrome and Messiah Disorder.

Press Release by Zaid Hamid claiming that he has no links with Yusuf but he said that its been years that he is dead and now his matter is in hands of Allah. Note that he didn’t call him Kazzab or false prophet.

Zaid Hamid speechless and misquoting Quran exposed by Lucman. Watch whole video axed into parts.

All Evidence about Zaid Hamid


One thought on “Zaid Hamid: Saint or Satan?

  1. Mohammed Ahmed Imran says:

    what an informative and a great article, i know Zaid hamid personally, everything he says is totally against the Quran and the Sunnat, i do not follow him, i follow Nabi Muhammed (S) and therefore i don’t support Zaid hamid because he says what Kazzab Yusuf say! and we all want say what Nabi Muhammed (S) has said that Zaid Kazzab doesn’t say. Most importantly he says the Kalmah and it looks like that he puts Yusuf Kazzab above everyone except ALLAH the most high. i would conclude with the following,

    “They plan and ALLAH also plans. And ALLAH is the best of planners.” (Surah Imraan, verse 54)

    May Zaid Hamid perish with enemies of Islam like ABU LAHAB (AAMEEN)

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